Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weekend Visitors and a Bit More Chess

We had a busy few days last weekend, with visitors Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! It was lots of fun, though :).

Ashley and her fiance Paul came over on Sunday afternoon and evening, and we had a good time talking, eating, etc. We even watched a few Square One clips for fun :).

I helped Ashley hem her bridesmaid dress for a wedding she will be in next month. What a nice problem to have - a dress that is too long! One (of many) reasons that it worked best to make my bridesmaid dress for Lydia's wedding was the simple reason that most ready-made dresses wouldn't fall floor-length on me, especially with those heels ;). Ah well. I still think height has its advantages.

As I've mentioned a few times, I am slowly trying to improve myself a bit on chess (read "stand a fighting chance in a game against an 8 year old"). I originally learned how to play chess when I was about 8 or 9, and spent little time improving my skills with the game. Last fall, though, I started playing a bit of chess again, after many years of inactivity. Our friends had learned to play chess, and I found it slightly humiliating to be put in stalemate by the 5 year old (a smart 5 year old, mind you!). After being soundly beaten by her older sisters (I did win one game, actually. . . ), I decided it was finally time for me to at least become proficient in chess. Okay, proficiency is probably quite a while off, but it's gettting better. . . very slowly.

Anyway, it turns out that Paul is very good in chess, so Hannah and I coerced him into some lessons while he and Ashley were here. I've decided that Paul is an amazingly patient person. You picked a great guy, Ashley :). Not only did Paul manage to (almost successfully) hide his disbelief when answering some of my rather obvious questions, but he didn't seem to mind all that much when I questioned his every move with, so why did you do that? He also just shrugged off the nicknames for chess pieces that Hannah and I came up with: steeple, flower, seal, horsie, castle, and peg :-D. Hehe. It was actually no fun to play with those names since he didn't even mind :(.

Ashley, who isn't much into chess ;), decided to "help me out" during the game, and put my extra pieces back on the board, securing checkmate. Hehe. Then she did the same for Paul. That's my kind of girl. She knows how to make chess fun :).


Jessica said...

I love the names you and your sister came up with for the chess pieces...that sounds SO much like something my sisters and I would do!

And I can completely empathize with the not-being-able-to-find-floor-length-dresses thing...but, we've already discussed that so I won't go further since rantings along that line could go on for AWHILE... But what advantages do you think height has?!

Ashley said...

Your post made me laugh, Susan! Yes, Paul is very very patient, which is a good thing since I'm so impatient! And you sound suprised about him not minding cute names for the pieces... you forget what kind of person I am. ;-) (I mean, I sat there putting all the already-eaten pieces back on the board!)

I'm glad you had a good time - I did too! And I think Paul is a great guy, too. :-) I'm excited that ya'll are getting to know him.

Adrian C. Keister said...

About chess.

Three words: control the center.

In Christ.

Lydia said...

Oh, this post so reminded me of the Odyssey Episode when Bernard and Eugene played chess together. I think it is one of my favorites. I can just picture all the funny names like the names Bernard gave to the pieces: Horse=Knight, Queenie=Queen,
Castle=Rook, Guy with the pointy head= bishop. It just made me laugh. You are so creative, Susan.

I also recalled my attempts at playing chess in the past. I don't think I've ever won at chess other than with my little brother, Nate. I do remember beating C.S. in checkers once but he was rather distracted because he was watching a football game at the same time and his favored team was losing:( (Guys can't multi-task too well, ya know). I just thought it was great fun that I beat him but I don't think he appreciated it much. Of course he has beaten me every other time we played checkers together. I play checkers like I eat my food (very slowly and deliberately). I think he was annoyed with how long I took analyzing all my moves and counter moves. I just claimed that it was my strategy to win by wearing him down. We haven't played checkers or chess in so long. Maybe I will have to take it up again when my life has settled down (sometime next year).:)
Thanks for the update with what you have been doing.

Susan said...

Advantages to height, Jessica? *thinks to self* Being able to reach things in high places :). It's supposedly easier to keep slim (ask me again in 20 years. . . ). I could think of some more if I thought about it. Overall I enjoy being 5' 9", but it is definitely a mixed blessing. Of course you are even taller, so you have more authority in this matter :).

I'm glad we're getting to know Paul, too, Ashley :). I guess I should have figured he could let "cute names" roll off his back if he wants to marry you ;). Hehe.

Controlling the center is actually something I learned about on Sunday, Adrian :). Paul explained that to me, and I realized, "Oh, of course. Why didn't I think of that?" ;)

Guy with the pointy head. That is hilarious, Lydia :). Our bishop looks more like a seal with his head tilted up and a ball balancing on his nose. I can not claim a victory against my older brother (oh wait, CS is younger than you) in any real game of strategy, even at times when Ben has had one of his brain lobes tied behind his head. *sigh* But that's okay :). I play chess really slowly, and I like to think deliberately, but then I blink and my queen is gone. *scratches blond hairs in confusion* Ah well.

Anna Naomi said...

That Odyssey about chess is hilarious! I must admit though, I'm not into the game at all, but my brother is!

I can relate to height things... I'm 5'8", and compared to the rest of my family, I'm a shorty!