Friday, May 05, 2006

The way to any girl's heart. . .

My brother, the romantic. He laughs about our mathematical obsessions, but really he's just as weird as the rest of us :). I was searching through my e-mail files today and came across these clever pick-up lines that he came up with. Isn't he nice to allow me to post them? :-D Can anyone can come up with the "standard English" translations for them?

(1) For every pair of nodes in my graph, you make sure that there is an edge between them.

(2) I want you to wear my set R, where R has two binary operators, + and *, s.t . (R, +) is an abelian group with identity element 0, (R, *) is a monoid with identity element 1, and multiplication distributes over addition.

(3) You make me feel like I've been multiplied by my complex conjugate.


Adrian C. Keister said...

Do I get to answer, or will Agent 00144 suppress (sp?) my efforts as being too "eager beaver?"

In Christ.

Susan said...

No, no, go ahead. Agent 00144 gives the okay to answer ;).

Lydia said...


My heart must be in another galaxy.

helen said...

my *head* is in another galaxy... can't think of any of those things right now!

Adrian C. Keister said...

I don't know exactly what 1. and 3. are, so I'm going to guess.

1. You make me feel connected??

2. "I want you to wear my ring." Rather a strong pick-up line, don't you think? Maybe I should add that to my list of courtship questions. ;-)]

3. You make me feel real??

In Christ.

Susan said...

You two are amusing me, Lydia and Helen :). Perhaps I need to change the title of the blog post, taking out "any" or changing it to "any geeky" ;). Math humor is so much fun!

Adrian, you were very close on number one, and nailed numbers two and three. Number one should be "You complete me." Good job on the other two :).

Yes, I suppose number two is a rather strong pick-up line. . . I guess numbers one and three could be classified as pick-up lines, and number two as a proposal? Or yes, number two would work well as an addition to your "list." Perhaps you could combine it with number ten, which is also a rather strong preliminary question ;).

Adrian C. Keister said...

Right. I was thinking, "There exists a path from any vertext to another," which is the definition of connected. An edge from any vertext to another is completeness, a much stronger condition.

Say, I have a request: is there any way you could see yourself publishing more blog entries on each page? You have the option of publishing as many as 50 posts or so, it seems. To change these options, go to settings, then formatting. It's the top option there. The reason I like this better is because then I don't have to remember what month it was when going back to old entries. But, naturally, this is a favor I'm asking, not a command! Please?

In Christ.

Susan said...

You made that request so nicely! Was that to make me feel bad? I guess you decided you didn't want to start a debate on whether the "7 days" option or the "50 post" option was best? I could launch into the justification for my previous setting, using the Biblical pattern of the 7-day week, but I won't ;). I changed it to 25 posts. Do you want more (or less)? It doesn't matter to me, so let me know if you prefer another number.

Adrian C. Keister said...

I'm glad you thought I requested it nicely. What puzzles me, though, is why you would think that a nice request was done in order to make the other person feel bad. I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!!! Oh. Sorry. Could you enlighten me as to this point, pretty please with sugar on top? I would be much obliged.

Oh, and the more the merrier, in my opinion, as to posts. I only wish I could post positively all my posts on one page. 51 is the limit, seemingly. A pity, because I'm not sure but what my very first post was my best one. Ah, well. It's no use crying over spilled posts. ;-)]

In Christ.

Susan said...

It's called a guilt trip, Adrian. I used the ask-by-debate method with your P&P color scheme, but all you did was very sweetly ask me to change the number of posts displayed. You know, the idea of the antithesis. The best way to accentuate something is contrast. Actually *thinks to self*, you are the one who invited the debate after Sister Dear's clever comment. So never mind, you two instigated it :).

I'm not having trouble setting a limit. I just tried 150, and that worked fine. So now all my posts show, since I have about 110. Ah, have you been playing around with the setting on your blog? I ask because your first 5 posts appeared in Omea Reader yesterday, to my confusement. I thought, Hmmm, didn't he already write posts with those titles? And I agree that your first one was among your top. I liked it very much.

Adrian C. Keister said...

Reply to Susan.

Ah, I see. I'm vaguely beginning to understand what in tarnation you were talking about. Actually, *laughs*, your method of attempting to get me to change my color scheme was not in my mind at all when I phrased my question. Hmm. Methinks you've been studying deconstructive literary techniques too much. You read into my statement more than was there! *ahem: twinkles eyes*

Funny. Yesterday, those first posts weren't showing up. Today they are. Maybe I just needed to clear my cache. Clear my mind, more like.

Thank you for posting all your posts. It's better, I think. Don't you?

Susan said...

I think that's extremely amusing that you didn't know what I meant.

I guess you decided you didn't want to start a debate on whether the "7 days" option or the "50 post" option was best? I could launch into the justification for my previous setting, using the Biblical pattern of the 7-day week, but I won't ;).

The above didn't give you a clue? You really are blond. . .

You're welcome for the changes. They didn't effect me negatively, so I'm happy to oblige. It is helpful to be able to scroll down for more than a week, actually.