Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sister Dear is 20!!!!

Happy Birthday, Sister Dear!!!!!!!!!

That's right. . . today is Hannah's 20th birthday! My baby sister is getting so old! Mother Dear was lamenting yesterday that she now has no teenagers. She says she's too young for that :). It is weird that we're all 20+ now.

Hannah and I have always been best friends and worst enemies :). We spent over 13 years sharing the same room, which had its benefits and drawbacks - poor Sister Dear had to endure being a roommate with Miss Psycho-Organized. For years we dressed alike very often, well-supplied with matching outfits by our grandmother. We always wanted to be identical twins, and though I was a full head taller for years, we still regularly got asked if we were twins, even when we weren't dressed alike. Even today, we occasionally get asked that. Of course, there was also the time at Hannah's graduation when someone asked me if I was her mother, but we won't go there!

In honor of your birthday, Sister Dear, I give you a very special treat - a poem! (Aren't you proud?) Note to others: there really is a story behind almost every line of the following poem :).

A Poem for Sister Dear

Now that you're twenty, you're really, really old.
In fact, you're approaching old-maid status!
But that's dandy, because as yet you bear no mold.
Nor do you have need of a breathing apparatus.

Oh, Sister Dear. Oh, Sister Dear.
How lovely are thy branches.
Or - how lovely are thy arms, or ear?
Anyway, may you be void of romances.

May your life be filled with wide open space.
And a hollowed-out tree to keep you warm.
Of course, I wish you clothing without lace.
And a shed to sleep in, but only in a storm.

May you never ever have to marry,
Because of course you'd get bored.
Maybe I could find you a linguist named Tim or Jerry?
Someone else, perhaps? (If he'd make sure you'd be ignored?)

May you see lots of points of exclamation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And lampposts, 144, Spanish, and French.
And may you never recover from your Narnia fixation!!!!!!!!!!
But may you sit on many a park bench.

Okay, okay, I'm almost done with this rhyme.
May hearts always float on the wind as you walk.
And while I'd like to wish you children in your prime,
Instead I'll wish you a nephew named Samuel Enoch.

Happy Birthday, Sister Dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mother Dear said...

Bon anniversaire, ma chere Hannah!! Je t'aime!!!!

Lydia said...

That was so cute! I liked your poem, Susan. It was almost as good as Hannah's. ;) Ironically, I could actually get most of it and I don't even know Hannah, but I have been reading your blog for awhile so I guess that kinda' counts. I liked the reference about Hannah not growing any mold. :)

Have a very happy birthday, Hannah! May the Lord bless you in this new stage of your life--twenty-hood!

P.S. Are you sure you don't want to get married, Hannah? You may change your mind later on. I know I did. :)

Ashley said...

My baby sister graduates from high school today! It's weird when they grow up. :-p

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!! I hope you have a marvelous day! :-)

Anna Naomi said...

Happy birthday Hannah! Hope you had a wonderful day!

I know what you mean about the twin thing Susan... I have 3 older sisters, and 1 younger, and we all reach a stage where we all look about the same age! It seems like the Lofgren girls look like they're sixteen from the time they're 12 to the time they're about 26! Miriam (26) and Lydia (21) have been mistaken for twins a lot, and recently someone that that I and Jubilee (11) were twins. And I'm still a little taller... at least for a short while!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! I hope you had/are having a great day!

Susan, the poem was great...I didn't get most of it, but that's fine since I could tell it was just dripping with sister-inside-jokes...those are the best jokes to have!

And the mistaken-for-twins thing sounds like my middle sister and I since we're only about 15 months apart...but we are SO different! I'm sure that my sister can relate to poor Hannah because I verge on being Miss Psycho-Organized too! wonderful they are!

Mrs Blythe said...

Hope Hannah had a lovely day! :o)

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Thank you to everyone for the happy birthday wishes! I did have a lovely day.
Lydia, yes, I'm pretty sure I don't want to get married! :-) If it is the Lord's will, I will get married and I'm sure He knows best, but otherwise, I will contentedly stay single and be 'crazy aunt Hannah' to Susan's 12 kids and teach them French and Spanish. :-) People have been saying that I would change my mind for about 5 years or so... But not yet!

Adrian C. Keister said...

O, no, Hannah. I am positively convinced that you will never ever marry. It is quite impossible. You cannot do it; no one expects it of you, and I absolutely know it's not God's will for your life. No one even wants you to get married.

*psst, Susan: I'm trying a little reverse psychology on Hannah. Think it'll work?*

O, um, happy birthday. Since you're not getting married, it is therefore a foregone conclusion that there are no young men interested in you. Ok? So forget it.

In Christ.

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Adrian, for a split second there until I overheard your whispering to Sister Dear, I was thinking, "YES! Finally! Someone is on my side and is not laughing or encouraging me to marry." sigh And it turns out to all be a ploy. *stubborn look* 'Twill not work!

Susan said...

*Psst, Adrian. Over here.* --->

I don't think reverse psychology works very well on Sister Dear. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU WHISPER LOUD ENOUGH THAT SHE OVERHEARS YOU!!!! Brilliant. You blew any semblance of cover. *rolls eyes*

What do you mean, Hannah, that you thought someone was finally on your side?? Miriam is sympathetic. Does that count? I still say you'll end up getting married. . . just not for a while. I'll be on the lookout for someone who speaks French and Spanish. And wants to live in a shed. Or a tree. :-D. That's what sisters are for :).

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Ah, you're right, how could I forget.... Miriam is understanding and sympathetic. Rebecca, too. :-)