Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some Pictures from Our Fun Weekend :)

Our friends from TN came down for a one-night visit yesterday, and we had plenty of fun between dress-up, a photo shoot, a tea party, SET, chess, Narnia, experiments with hairstyles, baking and cooking, etc., etc. (On the subject of chess, I've decided my new strategy for chess is stalemate :-D. While I rarely am able to win at chess, it seems easier to get the opponent to put me in stalemate. . . *sigh* Maybe some day I'll be able to have a loftier strategy.)

It was Hannah's brilliant idea to have a photo shoot in the back yard, and she got some really good shots :). I'm rather inept with a digital camera, but my siblings (especially Boy) have some real skill. Here are a few of our favorite pictures that were taken:

An India-costume-turned-tea-dress. Delightful, no?

A Southern Belle

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Having a bit too much fun :). . .

Our azaleas are in bloom :)

A Precious Moments Doll?

Or a Fairy?

Mutual Adoration

A Narnian Dryad

Ring Around the Rosy. . .


Anna Naomi said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I enjoyed the pictures!

Jessica said...

Oooh...I love photo shoots with friends...especially the kind that you can dress-up for! No girl is EVER too old for dress-up. Nice pictures!

Jessie said...

fun fun!

I love to play dress up... I just never get the chance!

Anna Naomi said...

On a side note, this is funny! I just visited the YLCF frapper map, and saw the picture you put up of yourself. I noticed that the dress you were wearing looked very familier... On a closer look I realized that you were wearing the very same style jean dress I have on today! I don't know where I got this one, I think it was passed down to me from an older sister. But, isn't that funny? :-)

Susan said...

Oh, how funny, Anna! Yes, my dress is jean as well :). I found mine at a thrift store :-D.

helen said...

Lovely, lovely...something about a group of girls in pretty dresses is just ever so pretty and worthy of photographing :-)

(BTW, I hate the little word verification thing I have to do each time - something weird with my eyesight always make those ever so difficult for me!)

Susan said...

Well, you're not alone in your hatred of the word verification, Helen :). I've had others express difficulty as well. Unfortunately it's either that or get nasty blogger spam :(. Ah well. I often have to try a few times to get the word verification to work for me.