Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to Mother Dear!!!!

That's right. Yesterday was Sister Dear's birthday, and today is Mother Dear's. It's always a busy few days for birthdays in our house :). Hannah and I just did a Mother's Day post on Mom on Sunday, so we won't sport with her intelligence by making her endure another round of *ahem* poetry :-D. I just wanted to say happy birthday to her, though!

Happy Birthday, Mother Dear!!!!

(She's turning 25, for anyone wondering.)

. . . Okay, not really, but people do mistake the three of us for sisters on occasion. Mother Dear loves that ;).


Samara said...

Happy Birthday your mom too!

I remember when my own mom turned thirty-ten... then thirty-eleven, and on from there :)

zan said...

Hey, I jusst turned 25 and I was told that I have a 21 yr old.

Yes, Someone thought that my sister was my daughter. Life isn't fair.

Anna Naomi said...

Happy birthday Mrs. Garrison! You've raised a wonderful daughter! :-)