Friday, December 19, 2008

Facebook picture links

Thanks to a helpful reader who explained how to do this, here are links to my Facebook albums (in order from oldest to newest):

Also. . .

I've been toying with the idea of moving to a new blog, not changing providers (I, contrary to almost everyone else on the planet, do still like Blogger, even if Google and Blogger together are working towards taking over the world), just a new web address and new name. I'm no longer susaneg (I'm susangk) and I'm no longer an old-fashioned girl (something about being 24, married, with a child disqualifies me). And I feel like my blogging style has changed, my interests have expanded, and my everyday life is vastly different than the original susanegk who posted as "an old-fashioned girl". I feel like I'd feel less like I've outgrown my skin if I just moved, but kept this blog for archives.

No, this doesn't mean I'd post more often, per se, but it does mean the "outgrown skin" writer's block wouldn't be there. So, I'm toying with the idea. But right now the brainblock I have is a blog title. Suggestions appreciated.


Sooooo. . . it's come to my attention that I haven't posted pictures of Hans since approximately forever. Or at least about half of his out-of-the-womb lifetime. He's cute. REALLY cute. And you can't see! Haha!

Okay, not really. But Blogger is such a pain with pictures. It is so much easier to load pictures to Facebook. But I'm not comfortable with adding random people I don't know to my Facebook account (if you do have a reasonable online acquaintance with me, please feel free to send me a friend request, though; if you lurk and I don't know you from Noah, please understand my desire for some privacy :-D). I've set any Facebook pictures I've loaded to be viewable to anyone, not just friends, but I don't know how to link to those or if they're searchable. Any help/advice/enlightenment? Thanks!