Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Once upon a time. . .

Once upon a time I started a blog. I had lots to talk about, and a fair amount of time to do the talking. I wrote a LOT. I commented on other blogs a LOT. I made some real, genuine friends through blogging. I even married one of them :-).

Along the way my blogging slowed down because I had the brilliant epiphany that maybe my ramblings weren't quite as important as I used to think they were. The other reason was that my priorities started changing, and my time became more important. I didn't want to miss out on the here and now while blogging about the abstract. And things like courtship, wedding planning, marriage, pregnancy, child-rearing take up a lot of time :-). And that's not a bad thing.

But I really do miss the community of blogging, I miss the camaraderie; I miss expressing my deepest thoughts through the written word. I still lurk on my favorite blogs, but I don't comment a lot, like I used to, nor do I write as much as I used to (and when I do, my posts aren't nearly as involved as they used to be!).

I'm still here. Even if I only show my face once a month or so :-). I'm busy making my 4-month old giggle from my silly faces, reading Sherlock Holmes with my Honey, discussing theology with my fellow local believers, and I'm sewing, cooking, and cleaning. I'm living the life that God has set before me, and I'm loving it :-).