Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Almost Done for the School Year :)

I'm almost done for the school year! I taught my last classes for Heritage five days ago, and now I just need to proctor and grade the final exams this Wednesday. I only have four more tutoring sessions (one today, three tomorrow) for my public school students. Yay! No more tutoring until 7:00 p.m. - until maybe next year, that is. I already have a few requests for tutoring through the summer, but scheduling will be more flexible, and it will be more relaxed.

I was typing out my summer schedule last week, and it's very full! What happened to relaxing this summer? Ah well. I'll have fun. I'm planning much reading and sewing and baking in my free time :).

Just a run-down of the next few weeks:

On Wednesday I come home from proctoring finals and scramble to grade them before leaving for Toccoa for the conference that starts that evening. The conference goes from Wednesday evening until Saturday noon this week, which will keep us plenty busy, since we opted to drive the 90 minutes to and from the conference center each day. I'm looking forward to it, though :).

We're hoping to see Ashley and Paul on Sunday or on Memorial Day, since we haven't seen them since chess lessons ;), and since we really need to iron out the menu for her wedding reception. We'd really like to know what we're preparing :). My uncle also is visiting for a few days around that time.

The following weekend (the 4th) Mother Dear and I are driving up to Indiana to spend a week in Southern Indiana with her parents. I know you all must be insanely jealous, since Southern Indiana is the best place in the US :). My grandparents live in the itty-bitty town of Hanover (40 miles NE of Lousiville), that only still exists thanks to the small college of the same name. I love visiting Hanover, and it's full of family history, as both my mom's parents were raised in Hanover, and they, along with several other relatives, are Hanover alumni. I get to spend a whole week (literally) overlooking the Ohio River. It's absolutely gorgeous! While there I have the opportunity to comb through my grandfather's library, which is being cleared. He was a Presbyterian pastor for over 30 years, so I expect to find some treasures :).

We return the following Saturday (the 10th) and have a day to rest up before VBS the following week :). And the madness will continue. . .


Lydia said...

Wow! Sounds like a very full summer. Probably about as full as mine. :) When do you start back with teaching and tutoring in the fall?

Speaking of conferences, our local homeschool community is having its annual conference a week from this coming weekend. I'm very excited. I want to look over the vendors more this year. C.S. will be presenting two workshops during the afternoon on Saturday. I am eager to hear his presentations. Do you have any homeschool conventions in your area? I just love attending. For me it is a combination highschool reunion/family reunion. I see people from all over that I haven't seen in years. Hope your summer plans go well. Try to find some time to write too, if you can. :)

Anna Naomi said...

It sounds like you're going to have a busy and enjoyable time! My summer as well is really busy...

Ashley said...

Hey, I'll be in Indiana on the same weekend! Maybe we'll see each other... it HAS happened before! ;-)

You are making strawberry pizza for our reception. Among other things. I have a whole list. :-)

Susan said...


I start back in mid-August with teaching and tutoring, so I have almost three months off.

I love going to homeschool conventions too. They're so much fun, and we always see lots of people we know. Hannah and I went to the statewide GHEA conference last year to volunteer at a booth, but we aren't planning on going to any this year :(. Have you read The Book Fair, by Josh Carden. I love his homeschool humor :). He has too many funny pieces to list my favorites.

Oh, right ;). I'll try to work writing into my plans as well. Maybe I'll post part of Chapter One later this week.


I'll see you on the parking deck of Methodist Hospital on the 4th ;). Oh wait, this is June 4th, not July 4th. *Mother Dear pointing* Is that Sue Peck? Hehe.