Monday, March 04, 2019

This is about parental rights, not vaccines

This is a fight for parental choice and a recognition of who ultimately has a say in your child's care. This is NOT a debate on the benefits or drawbacks of vaccination. This is a war on religious freedom and parental rights, make no mistake. Kudos to Arizona.

Perhaps you have researched vaccines and found the argument against using aborted fetal cell line vaccines to be weak. That's your choice and I respect it. Truly. But please hear me out.

What if your friend's conscience decides differently? Can we honestly support a law that does not give a parent the right to object to vaccines that are derived this way? Do we honestly think that forcing a parent to inject a substance into their child's body that truly violates their religious beliefs is medical progress? Who has authority over a child's body? How is this religious freedom to not offer a religious exemption?

Who decides a "legitimate" moral conscientious objection when it comes to vaccines? What if your friend objects to vaccinating their child for an STD? Some Christians are comfortable with this and others are not. Can we recognize that our consciences vary in this, and that it is for the parent to seek out treatment, not for the State to mandate? Can we honor their choice and not mock it as a "lame excuse"?

Can we recognize that when we lose the choice to make that decision as parents, we have lost a right, even if we would choose the CDC-suggested path?

Perhaps as a society we have general comfort with mandatory vaccination for children. Why does mandatory vaccination for adults make us more squeamish? This is an honest question. If you are in favor of the former but not the latter, I would genuinely love your explanation to help understand.

Yes, children are more likely to harbor disease. But adults can carry and have these diseases too. If we honestly think our commitment to society is greater than our personal convictions and if we honestly say "the science is settled" and "vaccines are safe," then why do we pause at the idea of adult vaccination mandates, but not mandates for children? Adults have the right to privacy and autonomy in medical decisions. Yes. But who has the right to decide medical decisions for a child? The State? Not on my watch! We need a proper sphere of authority here.

When legislation comes up that restricts a parent's right to decide medical procedures and treatment for their child, every parent in America should see that as THEIR rights being threatened. This is not about vaccines. This is about parental rights and in some cases, about religious conviction. I support your right to vaccinate. But can you support my right to not inject substances derived from aborted fetal cells into my children, even if you land differently on that debate? Do you believe in my religious freedom? I believe in yours. 

Article quote: "Rep. Nancy Barto explains it perfectly when she states, “We are here to acknowledge vaccines have a place, but it’s every parent’s individual right to decide the vaccine’s place in the child’s life,” Barto told committee members."" 

I can get behind that.