Thursday, May 04, 2006

Links to a Few Recent Posts on Beauty

Several weeks ago I had a fun time analyzing ways not to find a guy ;). I discouraged the Wal-Mart method and The Rules method, expounding on The Rules further by considering if finding a husband is a game. Then I threw in a post on anxiety, just to keep the focus in the right place. I had enormous fun in writing up that series of posts :).

In a comment to my post on The Rules, Lydia mused about the possibility of writing up a related post on beauty. I encouraged her to please do so, and she has at last posted her thoughts on the subject. Make sure to check out her excellent post on beauty. She does a good job of considering the Biblical place and basis for beauty and the world's distortion of it. Here is a peek:

I find it so degrading the emphasis that the world places on the beauty of a women's body and face. We aren't considered beautiful unless we show most of our skin and apply make-up as spackling. What standard do we hold to for beauty as Christian women? That of the world which, changes from day to day or that of our beloved Savior Christ, which never fades away?

While you're at it, make sure to check out Jessica's post on beauty, recently published over at YLCF. I especially loved this part of her post:

Granted, we now live in a sinful world that has tainted the original loveliness of the Lord's creation, but many times we can catch an tiny yet exquisite glimpse of the our God's beauty through His creation. It's found in the delicacy of a the awe-inspiring splendor of a the tranquility of a hidden meadow covered with freshly-fallen snow. You can see it in the magnificene of true love....a baby's laugh...good food. Our Lord's many facets of beauty..." La vie est belle" IS beautiful.

Make sure to check out Lydia's post and Jessica's post in their entireties!

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Sherrin said...

I loved Lydia's post on beauty too! I have not yet had a chance to check the other post you recommend.