Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Few Samples of Past Writings

Mother Dear had Ben and me keep journals when we were in 3rd and 2nd grades, respectively. I burst out laughing every time I read through mine. I've kept the original punctuation and spelling in transcription here, though you can't get the whole effect without the lovely handwriting ;).

Here are a few entries that show my ability to skillfully connect sentences into a common train of thought:

tuesday Sept. 10, 1991
My favorite sport is Jump rope. I like to read the Bobbsey twins. Somtime this week my grandparent's come back. My sister is coloring. I'm Home schooled.

Wednsday Sept. 11, 1991
I'm reading Little women. Were going to have a party for my dad. What I want for christmas is a sewing kit.

Any guesses as to the answer to this riddle? I'm not entirely sure myself:

Oct. 22, 1991
I come from a tree! I can give you splinters! I have a nice smell! Only babies would have no sense of humor and taste me! I'm sort of brown!

The following entry makes it sound like Mom regularly drugged me as a child. I told Mother Dear that I would make a disclaimer that she did not readily hand me over Tylenol, as the entry seems to indicate! I think I took a total of about 5 tablets of Tylenol in all of elementary school, not counting severe illness:

Oct. 23, 1991
Story's name --> My Head Still Hurts
Hello my head hurts. It still hurts Mom. Susan, what's the capital of Ga? I don't now mom but my head still hurts. Hunny, I now it hurts, here's your pill. My head still hurts tho I had my pill. Hunny, go lay down. Okay but it still hurts. Zzzzzzzzz
The End!

And here we have evidence of my early fascination for history and the reformation:

Oct. 31, 1991
Today's Reformation day! Do you now what this day is about? Well, if you don't you will soon I will tell you. It happened 474 years ago, Martin Luther nailed a note on a cathalick church. The note said what he thought should change in the church. The people then threw him out of the church.

As mentioned in a previous post, I've dabbled a bit in writing poetry over the years, though I've had mainly bad attempts :-P. I wrote some sonnets for a college assignment that I rather liked, but my early attempts were *ahem* interesting. Besides, Sister Dear is the poet in our family ;). See some of her best works here and here. I thought I'd share a few samples of my early poetry here, for the amusement of my readers :).

A number of my 2nd grade journal entries were very amusing attempts at rhymes and poetry. Here are a few gems:

Yellow is the sand on the beach.
Yellow is the shirt with bleach.
Yellow is the pine apple I eat.
Yellow is the plastic feet.

The following poem is rather disturbing for a number of reasons:

Everyday I bow before the family sow and plow her brow.

My friend Lydia really wasn't as ugly as I described her here. She was (is) quite nice-looking, in fact:

I spy Lydia's eye and it is very plump and high.

And a few more:

I went down to the bay for I had to say that I wanted to stay inless I wanted to be sent away.

I wanted to find the coat room but found the boat room. Wanted to find the ball room but found the tall room.

Yes, all in all it's probably best that I've chosen not to pursue a career in poetry ;). I'll leave that to Sister Dear.


Becky Miller said...

These are priceless...thanks for sharing! I am so embarrassed every time I read my childhood diaries. They sound quite similar to yours!

It impresses me even more with LMM to read stuff like this. She does such a great job of accurately capturing the writings and thoughts of young girls, especially in the Emily books. She must have kept her own compositions and letters from childhood to refer to!

Sunny said...

When I decided to pursue a career in teaching, I told my mom that I was never interested to be a teacher.

Three months later, mom found a journal entry with pictures(!)that I wrote in elemantary school. I wanted to become a teacher even then. Who knew? =)

Anonymous said...

They are precious! What happy memories to keep. I laugh at my writing in old primary school books. One went so(titts = tights):

I went to my Auntys party. I have new titts white titts they are. Then my mum said it is time for tea. The end.

The spelling errors must have made my teacher crease with laughter (or cringe). :o)

Kimi Harris said...

LOL, thanks for sharing. This was very amusing to read. I also kept journals at some points during my younger years and they were so funny.

Susan said...

Becky, I really like how LMM portrays thoughts of young girls, also. It is so realistic!

That is so funny that your mom found that in a journal, Sunny :). Evidently it wasn't a long-lived urge, since you didn't remember it ;). My first entry in my 2nd grade journal said "I want to be a dress maker when I grow up." I make dresses for myself. Does that count?? ;)

That entry you typed is so funny, Mrs. Blythe :). What a hoot!

Thanks for stopping by, Kimi. Thanks for the comment, and feel free to come back :).

Anna Naomi said...

These are so funny.. especially since they remind me of some of my old journals! :-) Mom gave us children journals once when we went of one of our many longs trips. So, I have a journal that I wrote in when I was in the last months of 6 year-old-hood! The only thing is, I can barely decipher them! :-) When I first started my journal, somehow the notion that you were supposed to write things that had already happened eluded me, and I wrote about things I expected to happen as though they already had! My older sisters soon corrected me however... They also used to go through and correct my hideous spelling! Thankfully my journally has gotten a little better. Mom got me hooked on it with that first little book, and I've kept one with only a few breaks of a few months since then! Though now, they are more of letters to my future husband... :-) (hence the poem I wrote a while back) I dabble in poetry a little, but I'm not that good! I just enjoy writing little ditties.

deb said...

Oh, you will have to save those for your children to read! They will love reading what their mother dear wrote when she was their age! :)

Sherrin said...

Fabulous, Susan! I especially loved this line:

"Everyday I bow before the family sow and plow her brow."

The poem about Lydia was also a classic!

If I ever have children, I must make them write journals.

My earliest journal is about the age of 12. It is already marked with rebellious and disrespectful thoughts toward my parents, unfortunately. The main other recordings are of visits with friends.