Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Counting Blessings

The past year (since mid-way in Gretchen's pregnancy) I've really been more keenly aware of God's day-to-day blessings. Not for a major life-changing reason (we weren't miraculously saved from a life-threatening situation a year ago, to my conscious knowledge), but God brought me out of a period of a few months of discontent, when I saw fault with everything and everyone. And since then I've been a bit more in tune to God's blessings in the little things.

A few of my friends have been blogging through 1000 gifts, and it's been fun to see them chronicle some of God's blessings in their own lives week-to-week. With Gretchen's birth and newborn-hood I mentally created a list of blessings (there were a lot of them!), but never got around to posting. Life can be very distracting with 2 littles ;-).

This past week Connecticut prepared for a visit from Hurricane Irene and we spent some time preparing, rearranging the basement, insuring adequate supply of shelf-stable foods, etc. The past few days I've been mentally composing a list of God's mercies related to Irene, and I thought I'd actually *gasp* post it, instead of just think it :-).

  • God's protection over our life and property.
  • Only 33 hours without power. The original prediction was close to 3 days, and many are still without power, possibly for a week or more.
  • The wind and rain was less than originally predicted. (Irene was a tropical storm rather than the original Category 2 they predicted.)
  • No damage of belongings in the basement, despite some standing water and some original problems with the pump.
  • A handyman husband who figured out how to get the pump up and running (the apartment complex had poorly installed it on multiple levels - it was pumping water INTO our washing machine).
  • The bulk of the rain happened before we lost power, so our pump could keep the water to a low level in the basement.
  • Our neighbor offering to let us use her generator the next day, to run our pump and shop vac for a while to drain the remaining water from our basement while we waited for power to return.
  • Beautiful weather - neither too hot or too cold.
  • Clean water, albeit not heated.
  • Still being able to stick 100% to my dietary restrictions, even without electricity and a means to cook.
  • Losing less than $10 worth of food due to loss of electricity (mainly condiments). On Thursday when the storm was predicted, we had 7 dozen eggs on hand and 3 gallons of cultured dairy (yogurt and kefir). None of that went to waste due to careful planning and a lot of egg consumption! And our deep freeze stayed frozen!
  • My kefir grains survived :-).
There are many who were hit by Irene much worse, so do please pray for those still without power, running water, or with injuries and deaths, etc. We are thankful that Irene was much milder than some of the more infamous hurricanes in recent history, but it still has a real effect right now in many people's lives.