Monday, April 16, 2012

Unbloomed Rose

Silent bud in sheath of green,
Waits in dark for bloom of spring.
Early frost steals promised flow'r;
Early wilt, untimely hour.

Knitted life in vessel dark.
Tiny form with Maker's mark.
Frame in view from Him above.
Treasured here, welcomed in love.

Life's ev'ry day written, planned
By the Master's gentle hand.
What if days were short, life brief?
Early frost - a lifeless leaf.

Eyes are dimmed ere light has shone;
Silent cry, no time to tone.
Shepherd is no helpless man;
All is in His 'ternal plan.

He gently hugs weeping lambs,
Wipes the tears, comforts rams.
Whispers promises, holds close
His little child, grieving rose.

Time long-past, another place,
God's only Son, tears on face,
Pleads release from task ahead -
Nail-pierced hands, wounded head.

Willingly on lonely hill,
God in flesh is lifeless, still.
Death conquered through death toll chime;
Promise sealed for better time.

Perished Lamb lives in glory,
Happy end to saddest story.
Every tear is wiped away
On that joyful final day.

So now weeping, grieving one,
Recollect God's only Son.
For those of faith, light has dawned -
Eternal sun, life beyond.

- S.G.K. April 2012
In memory of two loves lost, 12/2009 and 3/2012