Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yay! We get to go to a conference!

(read title in happy, sing-songy voice for proper effect)

I really like conferences because they are a great way to get a whole lot of information packed into a certain amount of time in a (hopefully) organized way.

Last July I really, really, really wanted to go to Answers in Genesis's weeklong Creation Mega-Conference up in Lynchburg, Virginia, but it didn't work out because of our summer schedule :(. I was really sad, because Creation Science is one of my (many) interests, thanks to Father Dear :-D.

This July I wanted to attend Vision Forum Ministries' History of the World Mega-Conference up in Hampton, Virginia, but funds and distance will prevent it. Lodging was going to be expensive, and the conference isn't held on a college campus, so there are no dorm facilities are available :(. I was sad because history fascinates me and I thought a quick panoramic look at world history would be very beneficial.

The main problem with both of these options was distance and lodging. Parents Dear suggested waiting until there was a conference closer to here (imagine that. . . ), since we do live in a populated area and eventually such a conference would likely be held somewhere in Metro Atlanta. So I waited.

Then I found out about American Vision's Worldview Super Conference that is to be held in Toccoa Falls, GA, which is only 1 1/2 hours from us :-D. I don't know a whole lot about American Vision, though I've heard good things about it. Is anyone else better acquainted with American Vision? The theme of the conference is Creation to Revelation. . . Connecting the Dots. There are a lot of well-known speakers who will be there, including Carl Wieland (scientist associated with Answers in Genesis), Doug Phillips (founder of Vision Forum and speaker for Institute for Creation Research), Gary DeMar (president of American Vision), etc. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the conference is the three evening debates they are hosting on Separation of Church and State, Creation and Evolution, and The Great Tribulation: Postponed or Fulfilled. I like debates :-D.

It looks to be an interesting conference and since it's so close, we get to go (Lord willing)! We don't even have to get lodging, since 1 1/2 hours is quite drivable for a few days - I commuted to UGA one hour from home 4-5 days a week for 2 years, so this doesn't phase me. Anyway, I'm excited because we just registered for the conference :). The conference is May 24-27, which unhappily prevents Father Dear from attending (excepting possibly the 27th), since he has finals and post-planning on that Wednesday - Saturday :(, but Mother Dear, Sister Dear, and I can still attend, Lord willing.

Okay, okay, so I get thrills out of odd things. Just humor me and smile :). Is anyone else going to the conference, by any chance?


Ashley said...

I went to a conference once. The one thing I took from it was "WHERE YOU THERE?" hehe Wait, I think I went to that conference with you. Ah, good times. The last conference I went to was one for missionary kids, and the speaker was the author of "Third-Culture Kids" (excellent book). I hope you have fun at your conference :-) It sounds like fun!

Ashley said...

I can't spell... that was "WERE YOU THERE?" stupid h's... getting in the way...

Lydia said...

I like conferences too and especially Creation Science related conferences. I have attended a Worldview Weekend conference locally hosted by AFA. Ken Ham was one of the main speakers. It has been several years, though. Work tends to get in the way of things like that unless you have vacation available.

Both of those sounded interesting but I prefer science to history. Hmmm, trying to think of some other great conferences I have been to.

1) Institute in Basic Life Principles (at least three or four times)

2) Wild's music conference (2 years)

3)Local homeschool conferences for Kansas. There is one the first weekend in June that I hope to take part in.

4) Speech and Drama at Pensecola CC although that was more of a camp than a conference (once during the summer of my junior year in HS).

Hope you learn a lot and share the knowledge with us. :)

Mrs.B. said...

Good for you Susan! I'm happy for you. (o:

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog today! **hugs**

Deb said...

Susan, we just signed up for the Mega Conference in Hampton--mainly because that's one conference actually being held in Virginia! It's about 3 1/2 hrs away so we will have to get lodging and find a kennel for the dog, or I volunteered to stay home with her as history is not my idea of a fun week's vacation :), but everyone else in the family will love it.

Glad you're getting to go.

Sherrin said...

Deb, I've managed not to envy you for living close to Williamsburg for so long, living in Virginia right now in the mountains, etc., but now that you are going to the History of the World Mega Conference I might have more trouble! I really wish I could go to that, but if distance is a problem for Susan I am sure everyone can imagine how much of a problem it is for me in Australia :).

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, Susan. The American Vision conference sounds wonderful. I'm sure you'll learn heaps. I heard Carl Weiland at the Answers in Genesis conference I attended in Brisbane last September. I wrote about this conference in my post "God's Providence of His People". I usually really struggle with conferences, especially live in ones, because of my back problem. However, this conference centre had OK mattresses and not too much time sitting down (I checked this out before going!). I had a fantastic time, and it was a special blessing to be able to attend.

Susan said...

Hehe, Ashley, you still remember that?? That's what I remember from the conference too! (imagine that) Yep, we were there. . . (taken completely out of context) :)

Wow, you've been to several conferences, Lydia! I've mainly been to homeschool or AIG conferences.

You're welcome for the comments, Mrs. B :). I'm glad you're back!

Deb, I will try not to be envious that you get to go the Vision Forum conference ;). I'm sure you'll have a great time! It looks like it will be very good.

Sherrin, that's neat that you have heard Carl Weiland. I am looking forward to hearing him, as I've never heard him in person. I did reference him many times in a creation/evolution paper I wrote in college, and he writes excellent articles!

Becky Miller said...

Susan - thanks for the kind words and encouragement on my blog. I was thinking about your comment, and I thought, "You know, Jesus had plenty of time and energy to teach and train all 12 of his disciples...I don't think that's too many for two parents to disciple!" (I've been reading on Crystal's blog some of the comments about how with a big family, some people worry that the parents won't have enough time for each child.)