Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

We just got back from Indiana earlier this evening, and I jumped on the computer for a short bit just to catch up on a few blogs. I'm highly frustrated because Jetbrains Omea Reader, which was the blog tracker I used before, is not cooperating since our computer was fixed, though I've reinstalled it a few times. I signed up for Bloglines, but have yet to understand how to use it. It may be a few days before I'm properly back in the blogosphere, so bear with me. Meanwhile, I took a quick hop over to Sherrin's blog and took the quiz that she linked from John's blog entry. My results were just too hilarious not to post.

Your Summer Ride is a Beetle Convertible
Fun, funky, and a little bit euro.You love your summers to be full of style and sun!

Yep, that's me: stylish and always on the lookout for sun. *glances dubiously at pasty-white complexion and long skirt, then scurries off to bed*


Jessica said...

Like I said in reply to your comment on my "Happy Independence Day!" post (title copycat! Just kidding...)...."YAY! Susan is back!". I'm looking forward to reading your posts again...

And your "summer ride" results were funny! Though I'm not "pasty-white"...who says that long skirts aren't stylish?!

John Dekker said...

Bloglines is very good - I use it all the time. And I notice your blog has 7 subscribers. ;)

Sign in, and click on My Feeds. You should get a side bar with a list of blogs to which you are subscribed. Click on Add and type in the blog addresses you want.

Then, when you click on "# Feeds" in that sidebar (I have 41 Feeds!) then all the new blog entries are shown.

Sherrin said...

I'm so glad you are back, Susan! I honestly missed you! I wish you'd come and visit Australia :).

The car you ended up with is too funny :). I was joking with my friend Yvonne last night about how horrifying it was that I had the word "green" attached to me. We have a party over here called the Greens, who advocate all sorts of things that go against God's word. Lots of Christians still vote for them, because of the environment or because they hate the other parties more, but I am of quite the opposite opinion about voting for them!

Bloglines is a bit weird for a few days after you sign up, because it shows heaps of posts from each blog. You may have read a lot of these posts, but it does not know that! However, after you have clicked on each blog in your "My Feeds' column the next time you visit it will only show the new posts.

Susan said...

Okay, some questions for my Australian Blogline experts in residence ;). I see how to view the new posts from my feeds, but how do I save them if I want to keep an eye on one? Also, is there a way to track comments? Omea Reader didn't track comments, but it had a color flag system for marking saved posts that was very helpful for giving "levels of interest" to saved posts. I figured out how to add feeds, but haven't added many because I'm still not sure how to track things. Thanks for any help :).

I wish I'd come and visit Australia too, Sherrin :). Not seeming likely, though. . . my only out-of-US trip was to Niagara Falls. I can dream, though, can't I?

Ashley said...

I use Google Reader to read all my blogs, which I like a lot. If you've figured out Bloglines, though, then I've heard that's good too. :-)

I got the same summer ride as you!! How'd that happen? *looks suspicious*

I'm in the process of blogging about my 4th of July, which I dedicate to you and your family in memory of last year. Stay tuned!

Susan said...

Google Reader wins over Bloglines. It can subscribe to Xanga. Yeehaw. Now I can read Boy's and Becky's Xangas in a more timely fashion. Thanks for the tip :).

Ashley said...

Hooray! I like Google Reader. You can also put it on your sidebar, like I did with my blog. :-) It's really easy - I'll show you next time I'm over. I like being able to highlight certain posts.

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Yeah, when are you coming over next, Ashley?! It's been too long!