Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reader Survey

I'm a curious person by nature. I sometimes wonder just who reads my blog :). I know I have some lurkers who occasionally leap out of hiding, and then I also have regular readers who consistently comment. Some of you I know a lot about, some of you a little, and some of you practically nothing. If you are reading this (even if I know who you are), would you do me a favor and fill in the following?

Name: (if this makes you uncomfortable, do first name only, or just an alias)

Location: (this can be as specific as city or as broad as country/continent - a US state sure would be nice, though!)

Religious Beliefs: (and if you are a Christian, a denomination or general affiliation would be nice)

How You Got Here: (help me fill out my "blog family tree")

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: (and why it is your favorite would be nice)

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: (no promises here, but we'll see. . . )

Anything Else of Interest: (age, occupation, marital status, you had bacon this morning for breakfast, you like my hat, etc.)

If you don't have a blogger account, you can use the anonymous comment option, which I have enabled on my blog. Thank you!


Jessica said...

I should do one of these on my blog...other than my few consistent commenters (of which you are one...thank you!), I always wonder if anyone else actually reads my blog...hmmm...anyway...

Name: Jessica

Location: Originally from Idaho, currently in Florida and moving to Missouri

Religious Beliefs: Christian...I don't particularly like denominations and I've been raised "non-" so I just label myself "Christian"-who-goes-by-the-Bible, though others would probably label me conservative fundamentalist.

How You Got Here: Ummm...I honestly don't remember, sorry! In my first ever comment here, I probably said, so if I can find that one...I'll let you know!

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: No idea...sorry! Many of them are good...

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: The amazing superiority of dark chocolate to milk chocolate

Anything Else of Interest:
Age - 20;
occupation - mother's helper/soon-to-be-Bible-college-student;
marital status - single;
had for breakfast - dry cereal and leftover apple crisp;
opinion on your hat - though I'm not a big fan of that style, it looks okay...*smiles*

That was fun!

Ashley said...

Name: Ashley

Location: Atlanta, GA

Religious Beliefs: Presbyterian

How You Got Here: um... I was tipped off about this blog when you asked me for design help ;-)

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: you've written a lot of good posts; it's hard to narrow it down... I'll have to get back to you I think

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: Why "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" should be the first book in the CoN series

Anything Else of Interest: age: 23, occupation: graphic artist, marital status: ask me in 10 days, morning for breakfast: blueberry bagel mmmm, you like my hat: not really, too little exposure to the sun ;-), etc: I like cats (betcha didn't know that!)

Anonymous said...

Name: Mom, aka Mother Dear :-)

Location: your living room

Denomination: PCA

How I got here: I think that's obvious

Favorite Post: that's a toughie, but you know I'm partial to your math posts. :-)....there are many good non-math ones though

Future topic: hmmm. why Piglet looks like an armadillo

Marital status: married 25 wonderful years to Father Dear

Occupation: part-time math teacher to homeschoolers and their moms

Opinion on your hat: *cough* you know that already ;-)

Misc: You're a wonderful daughter, and I love you a lot!!

Missy said...

Name: Missy
Location: Buffalo New York

Religious Beliefs: Christian

How You Got Here: Hmmm..I found you through HSA!

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: They all are!

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: Thoughts on modesty.

Anything Else of Interest: (
age- 23
occupation- work at home
marital status- single
had for breakfast- toast and oatmeal
your hat- great picture!

Mrs.B. said...

Name: Mrs.B

Location: Midwest

Religious Beliefs: Independent, Fundamental, Baptist

How You Got Here: Saw your comments on Biblical Womanhood.

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: I liked the recent one you did on girls going to college. I also enjoyed your post about caring for long hair. My least favourite are the math ones.....but only because I'm math-challenged. (o;

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: What a typical day is like for you. Pictures of your home. Recipes.

Anything Else of Interest:
*occupation-my husband's helper
*marital status-married for 14 1/2 years to Mr. Wonderful.
*you had bacon this morning for breakfast-nope, didn't eat breakfast this morning,
*you like my hat-Sorry, not a big fan of the hat.

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Name: Hannah, Sister Dear, Une Fille d'Eve, Sucia, etc

Location: Narnia

How You Got Here: I opened up a wardrobe... :-) (I know, I know, I'm supposed to say how I found your blog, but that's boring)

Religious Beliefs: PCA (for the most part)

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: I'm a visual person, so I like pictures, but the others are good too

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: The beauty of languages, cool linguistical bits of information, the persecuted church, native missionaries, how to make a delicious meal out of random things in the refrigerator, how peanuts and/or tomatoes can go with any food, gardening, poetry, running and the joys of injuries..... wait, maybe I should just do guest posts on those ;-)

Anything Else of Interest:
*20 yrs old
*occupation - french student!!! :-D
*marital status - a committed single (ie, I'm committed to being single :-) )
more things of interest...
my dream house is either a tree or a barn (or maybe a cabin if I wanted to get really fancy)
I often have the urge to drive to the country and walk about 5 miles into the middle of nowhere
I really like food and like to make interesting concoctions!
Fire is pretty.
You have way to many hats
I claim one of your (hypothetical) future kids
I think you should adopt a bunch of kids when you (hypothetically) get married :-)
cracker, dog, bush, fence

Amy said...

Name: Amy

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Religious Beliefs: Christian, don't really have a specific denomination. Think I have most in common with reformed Baptists but even that group varies widely.

How you got here: I don't remember!

Favourite post: I haven't been reading long enough to have a favourite. Enjoying everything so far. Would love to see more of your sewing projects :)

Topics for future: Hmmm...I'm stumped on this one :)

Anything else of interest:
Age: 30 next week!

Occuption: Homemaker, homeschool teacher

Marital status: married (tomorrow is our tenth anniversary!)

Had for breakfast: toasted whole wheat bread with cheddar cheese, earl grey tea, half an english muffin my son didn't finish :)

Opinion on your hat: I love hats!(Just wish I could find some) Yours must be perfect for gardening :)

John Dekker said...

Name: John Dekker
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Religous beliefs: Christian, Calvinist, Presbyterian
How I got here: Via Sherrin.
Favourite post: 13 boxes of books.
Future topic: the Fibonacci sequence :)
Age: 28
Marital status: single
Usual breakfast: muesli, yoghurt and orange juice.
Favourite hobby: coin collecting.

zan said...

Name: Susanne aka. Zan

Location: Raised in Vt (the Pink Mountain State), but very happy to be living in the more conservative NH (Live Free or Die!).

Religious beliefs: I'm a Christian. I came to faith in the CRC. I, then, attended an OPC church until I was married. After we had our first baby the touchy subject of infant baptism came up and I followed my Baptist husband to a Baptist church. Right now I am reexamining if I am still a 5 point Calvinist. I really like the Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) and their form of worship.

How you got here: Probably from Biblicalwomanhood.

Favorite Post: I liked your Christmas ones.

Future Topics: Current events (such as the war in the middle East), history, and the persecuted church.

Anything Else of Interest:
occupations-housekeeper, maid, nanny,wet nurse, cook, teacher, companion, lullabye singer, dishwasher, painter, and garderner. I am also married to a tall, dark and handsome man who works for INTEL.
College- Associate degree, Registered Nurse
Had for Cereal- Cold cereal
Hat- I would wear it in the garden but not out in public.

The Happy Feminist said...

Hmmm ... you may know all this already since I have commented here before but I thought I would add my info for the sake of diversity!

Name: Happy

Location: A blue, blue state

Religious Beliefs: Unitarian-Universalist / atheist with a dash of agnosticism thrown in

How you got here: Bublical Womanhood

Favorite Post: I loved the balance beam story about Zoe/Thanatos. I like allegory but even more I like the kind of unusual atmosphere the story evoked. I actually didn't know where it was going at first (and was wondering what kind of creepy people would name their child "death" !! :)_

Topic I'd love to see you address: You know me. I am always interested in anything that sheds light on how you and other conservatives think about sex roles. And also what it is like to live according to those roles.

Age: 35

Occupation: Attorney

Marital status: Married almost 9 years

Breakfast: A chicken parmesan lean pocket

Hat: Love hats in general and yours in particular. I am fond of a nice cloche in particular.

Jessie said...

Hey Susan, this is fun!

Name: Jessica (you know my last name already)
Location: NC
Religious Beliefs: Reformed Christian- you know.
How I got here: searching other bloggers who had listed "psalms" as one of their favorite musics! : )
Favorite post of yours: Hmm... I'll have to look back through your archives before I answer that one. It's a hard call!
Topics to address in future posts: Let's see your room! You said I'd like the way you decorated, and now I want to see it! Also, let's see all your new hats. Fun fun!
Other interesting bits:
Age- not-quite-20,
Marital status- still waiting
Occupation- daughter, sister, small business owner, seamstress, part-time librarian, Sunday School teacher, etc, etc, etc.
Greatest fear- flying, plane crashes (either me being in it or having one fall on me!), or falling from a great height (it all goes together!)
Current Favorite Hymn- If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
Currently reading- Greater Health God's Way
Currently skimming and plodding through- Nicholas Nickleby (Nicholas is such a good guy! I love him.), The Triumph of Truth (bio. on Martin Luther)
Current Favorite, Favorite Movie- Nicholas Nickleby (Anne Hathaway version). It's SOOO GOOD!
Opinion on the hat- Like the style, but I never wear anything remotely similar to black anywhere near my face, so I'd have to change the tie color if it were mine!! : )

Jessie said...

ooh, ooh. Now I think I know. My entire family's favorite post of yours was the one where you typed up some of your elementary school writings.
I don't think I told you yet how my sister Hannah has memorized your "Yellow" poem, and will be found randomly quoting it at various times throughout the house! It's too funny!

Laura Ashley said...

Name: Ash

Location: NC

Religious Beliefs:

Quaker (do you know what that is???)

A few years ago my parent's started attending a liberal Methodist Church. I don't go to services but sometimes I go to functions. Like tonight I'm going to a dinner. I don't really know much of anything about Methodist other than they are Protestant, have female pastors, and some are very open-minded about gay/transgender issues. I won't join the church but they seem pretty cool.

How You Got Here: I think you responded to a post and I clicked on your name.

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: Maybe pictures of a trip or something like that.

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: Oh I dont really know. Maybe new things you are working on at home or at your job.

Anything Else of Interest:
age: 22

occupation: waitress, NA student

marital status: single, not dating

breakfast: oatmeal/tea

you like my hat: sure keeps the sun's harmful rays away from your face. ;)

Ben Garrison said...

Name: Ben

Location: I live in the ether

Religious Beliefs: Christian (no denomination)

How You Got Here: Mom and Dad had me.

Anything Else of Interest:
age: 23
occupation: Software Developer
marital status: *sigh*
etc.: I biked to work this morning.
Your hat is large.

Jessie said...

(Susan you have a hilarious family! Their posts are too funny.)

Susan said...

Ooh, I like your new user pic, Jessie! And yes, my family is hilarious :).

Susan said...

I actually am a bit acquainted with the Quakers, though not much. I'm more familiar with the 19th century version, though, which is quite different. A few years ago we were visiting an old Quaker meeting house with cousins, and I mentioned something about Quaker meetings being silent affairs, and one of my cousins, who attends a Quaker church, looked really confused! I know that some modern Quakers are universalists.

Beth said...

Name: Beth

Location: I'm origianlly from Atlanta, but for now I live in Texas

Religious Beliefs: Presbyterian

How You Got Here: My best friend, Ashley, introduced me. I've only been reading for a few days, but so far I enjoy what you have to say!

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: I'm not sure if I have one yet. The ones I've read have been good.

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: I would like to see more of your quilts! I'm a quilter myself and I love to see others' handiwork.

Anything else of Interest: I'm 23, I work as a research assistant, and I've been married to the man of my dreams for 2 1/2 years. Oh, and I'll be at Ashley's wedding!

zan said...

Oh, yes. Quakers. Started by William Penn(Pennsylvania is named after him.)THey also call themselves the Society of Friends or something like that. They left England because of religious intolerance.

They are pretty passive bunch of people. I think they are quite different now than when they started. I know they didn't fight in wars and they would have women pastors. I don't know about their view on the military now. There is a Quaker meeting house up the road. They only meet monthly.

One of my favorite movies is about Quakers. It is "Friendly Persuasion," starring Gary Cooper. That movie is hilarious. I think you would enjoy it a lot, Susan.

Ashley said...

Random fact: I am related by marriage to William Penn.

Becky Miller said...

Becky Miller
Rhode Island
Got here through Ashley's blog.

I really liked your post with the quotes from C.S. Lewis about the two types of readers, literary and non-literary.

I like hearing how you're using your time as a single woman.

Anonymous said...

Name: Katie
Location: TX
Religious Beliefs: Christian (OPC church)
Arrived here: Miller_Schloss' Xanga site
favorite of your posts: I've liked much of what I've read
Topics: sorry, too sleepy to think...

Other- married, 24, and 37w pg which is why I'm so tired!

Miss Elisabeth said...

I'm a lurker, but I do read and enjoy your blog.

Name: Elisabeth

Location: Poulsbo, Wa

Religious Beliefs: Non-Denominational Calvinistic Christian. :-D

How You Got Here: From your comments at YLCK

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: I love your posts about's an art form that I haven't quite ventured into yet!

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: Hmmmm, I don't know!

Anything Else of Interest: I'm 15, homeschooled, a historical seamstress, obviously, I'm single. I love your hat. :-D

Susan said...

Yay! Lurkers: Revealed :)

Thank you, Missy, Katie, and Elisabeth, for introducing yourselves.

Congratulations on your expectations, Katie :). That's so exciting!!

Susan said...

Oops, forgot to respond to you before, Zan. Yes, the Quakers actually had women pastors long before most religious groups thought about having them. You are about the 4th person to recommend Friendly Persuasion to me. I think I really must see it! I've seen Gary Cooper in Sergeant York, and he was great.

helen said...

Name: Helen

Location: constantly changing.

Religious beliefs: Christian. Plymouth Brethren

How I got here: I believe you told me about your blog in an e-mail

Favorite post: hmmmm...I don't know...maybe one of your math ones...

topics: I'm blank on that right now

Anything else of interest:
~I did not have bacon for breakfast. Instead I had spagghetti (sp?), biscuit, and a peach (I know that's a weird combination)
~I am off work from 4:00 pm today til 4:00 pm Monday!! That's an unusually long weekend. :-)
~Sometimes I can remember my age...Actually, I've done pretty well on that recently.

Susan said...

Oops. And welcome, Beth. How did I miss that? *grrr* :) Anyway, welcome :). And I'll meet you Saturday!

Govinda-mohini said...

Name: Govinda-mohini

Location: West Cork, Ireland

Religious Beliefs: Devotee of Krishna

How you got here: A link from Anna's "Gracious Maiden"

Favourite Post: Gosh! Can't yet decide.

Topics for Future Posts: All Old-Fashioned Things.

Anything Else of Interest:

23 years old. Long,red hair. Modest and chaste, but otherwise rather tempestuous of nature. Betrothed and to be married next year. Like cooking and sewing, especially for servants of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Name: Mrs. Sweet
Location: currently; Lincolnshire England. I'm from southern Ohio.

Religious Beliefs: Christian, raised Bible Baptist.

How You Got Here: I came from the (Mountain Musings).

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: Why Genesis Matters & Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: Pre-modernized Marriage Vows (I'd like to read them), Bible Prophecy, Sewing for Charity, Thoughts on Sewing Bees, Simple Living, tried and true recipes, patterns.

Anything Else of Interest:
Age: 32
Occupation: Songbird, Comforter, Carer, Homeschooler, Chef.
Married 9 years to my best friend. Breakfast? Yes, I did have bacon with eggs, toast, fried mushrooms, and grilled tomatoes.
Favorite Hymns: Children Go Where I Send Thee & Here is My Servant
Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:28
Bible Favorites: Job & Proverbs
Favorite Films: Roseanna McCoy
TV Favorites: Avonlea, Christy, Emily of New Moon - on dvd/vhs now.

Angie said...

Name: Angie

Location: Arkansas

Religious Beliefs: Calvanistic/Reformed Baptist

How You Got Here: There was a link to your blog on Crystal's Biblical Womanhood site

Your Favorite Post that I Wrote: Well, I started reading the beginning of September 2006 and I've gone backwards to here, but my favorite so far is The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World

Topics You Would Like Me to Address in the Future: It doesn't matter. You seem to have pretty good taste :)

Age: 18
Occupation: Student, Mother's helper
Marital Status: Single
Bacon: No, I had to suffer and watch my parents eat it.
I have to be honest with you, I don't really care much for hats at all. All hats seem to look dumb on me. I'd love to be a historical seamstress like Elizabeth, but unfortunately, I don't have much sewing skill or the fiqure I'd need to wear old-fashioned clothes.