Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm Back. . . and Blogger is Still Frustrating

I'm back after a busy weekend, and Ashley and Paul are married! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, such that if I was to get married tomorrow and did not have time to plan my own ceremony, I would happily copy and paste Ashley's and Paul's ceremony. It was that beautiful! The bridesmaid march was Anne's Theme, per my suggestion :). For years I have thought that Anne's Theme (from Anne of Green Gables) would be perfect for a bridesmaid march, so I was glad to see my dream finally become a reality. I loved the hymns that were sung by the congregation and the beautiful organ and piano preludes of sacred music.

I'm not going to post any pictures from the actual ceremony or the main reception, as I forgot to ask Ashley if that was all right, and I certainly don't want to preempt her own posts on pictures! I'm sure she won't mind if I post some pictures from food preparations, though. The problem is that Blogger is still not cooperating with me on this whole picture-posting effort! I have food preparation pictures I want to post, pictures of my room to post, and pictures from a quesadilla-making experiment, but I can't get Blogger to let me post pictures. It is so frustrating! I refuse to waste hours and hours just trying to post pictures, though, so I will try again later.


Beth said...

The food at Ashley's reception was incredible! You all did a fantastic job!

I was hoping to get the chance to introduce myself (I was Ashley's matron of honor), but I didn't get the chance. Oh well, maybe I can meet you the next time I'm visiting Ashley.

Susan said...

Thank you! I'm glad it all turned out so well. We had so much fun doing it all.

I wanted to meet you as well, because Ashley has talked so much about you, but everytime I was free (which wasn't often), you were not. I met all the other bridesmaids on Friday, but you weren't there yet :(. I've even met your mother and sisters (at the bridal shower). Ah well.

Jessica said...

So I'm not the only one having problems with posting pictures with Blogger?! I haven't posted any in awhile, but a couple weeks ago, I wanted to update my photo blog and it was NOT cooperating with me...VERY frustrating! Anyway...let me know if you can figure out how to fix it...thanks!

Ashley said...

Oooh I want to see pictures!! I haven't seen any yet and so I was excitedly checking your blog for some. :-) Perhaps next time I come over could I get them burned onto a CD? It will be another 3 weeks or so before we get any back from the photographer.

By the way, thank you for the compliments abotu the ceremony. :-) That was my favorite part of the whole wedding, I think. I was dancing in the back when I heard Anne's Theme. As soon as I get the music back from the organist, I'll lend it to you!

And the food turned out wonderfully! We heard rave reviews about the strawberry pizza. :-) Actually that was the only thing I ate! hehe Thank you so much!

By the way, your whole family is invited over for a dinner of Pigs-in-a-blanket. :-)