Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Open Letter to Politicians

Dear Politicians,

If you want me to vote for you in the general election, please spend more time clarifying your own political record and platform than broadcasting the faults and doubtful past of your opponent. I appreciate disclosure; I don't condone mudslinging. . . especially when you will embrace your target immediately following today's primaries, and then join together to hunt a new prey. I smell duplicity.

A Disgusted Citizen Who Skipped the Primaries Today


Ashley said...

Yes wasn't it awful?? I am/was so tired of all the politicians blasting each other. I skipped voting today as well, but that's because I'm still registered to vote up in Bartow County. :-) I should fix that before the November elections...

Susan said...

Yeah, it was awful. And I'm not one to skip the polls, either, even the primaries. Two years ago I volunteered on two primary campaigns, but this year I didn't even want to go the ballot box.

And, um, yes, you may want to get your voter registration moved before November ;). You'll have to change about 40 gazillion of those type things anyway, after you change your name :-D. What's one more?

Ben Garrison said...

Dear Politicians,

I'm not voting for any of you because you all make me sad.

A disgusted citizen who no doubt is going to get a talking to by his sister for making this post