Saturday, July 22, 2006

Signature Lines

Has anyone else ever noticed that the signature line on a check isn't really a line? And no, this is not a mathematical technicality, for all of you who just groaned and thought, Here she goes again with her weird geometrical musings.

No, what I mean is that it's not a line because it's actually very finely printed words. Seriously. Take a look :). I first noticed this several years ago, and it's amusing to watch people try to read the print. I'm curious if any of you can read the words without a magnifying glass or other aid. I can, thanks to the amazing number of carrots I've eaten in the course of my 22 years here on earth :).


Jessie said...

You're right. At first I thought you were going to go on about how it really should be called a Signature Line Segment, but you caught me off guard!! : )
Does it say "Authorized Signature"? I can make out the Signature part, but I struggled a bit with the other word. I'm getting ready to google on it to be sure.
And then I'm going out to pick wild blackberries. yummy, yummy...

Jessie said...

One more thing- May I ask what it was that prompted you to read your checks so carefully??

: )

Ashley said...

Hey that's really cool! I never noticed that before. I was able to read them - even without the carrots. ;-) (I do like carrots, though, just not as much as you!) I had to use the light in the kitchen though; the 60-watt bulbs in the rest of my apartment just weren't bright enough!

I echo Jessica's last question!

Susan said...

Yes, Jessie, you're right! It says "authorized signature." At least on my checks it does. I'm trying to remember how I first noticed it. Methinks Mother Dear pointed it out, but I'm not sure.

Ooh, wild blackberries! Was that supposed to inspire jealously? :)

Ashley, "without a magnifying glass or other aid" included contacts!!!! ;) Very good for reading it, though :).

Anonymous said...

OK, since Susan isn't amending this, I will. ;-) Actually, the checks now say "original document" on the signature line, or rather signature segment ;-). Our older ones said "authorized signature." It probably varies from company to company.

Also, being able to read that phrase does NOT mean you have good eyesight. Susan's dad, or rather Father Dear, can read it without his glasses, but he is extremely near-sighted with about 20/200 vision.


Susan said...

I was getting to that, Mother Dear! She is right, btw. . . as she always is. *sigh* ;)

Ashley said...

I can actually read better without contacts, since I'm near-sighted. So in answer to your question, Susan, I didn't need my contacts either.

Mine say "Authorized Signature" on both of my banks - like Jessica's.