Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Short Visit to the Land of Corn

My family enjoyed a short visit to our homestate Indiana over July 4th weekend. Friday morning we picked Brother Dear up from The Ghastly Airport (aka Hartsfield-Jackson), as if two visits to that place were not enough in one week! Thus commenced our 500 mile drive to Southern Indiana. Saturday we took a quick trip up to Indianapolis to see my dad's side of the family for lunch, but most of our time was spent with Mother Dear's family in Hanover and Madison, in the southern portion of the state.

Madison hosts a boat race called the Regatta every year, as it is situated on the Ohio River. (Watch Madison with Jim Caviezel and Jake Lloyd for a rather-lame account of the history of the Regatta in Madison.) Madison always has fireworks on the Saturday before the Regatta, instead of on July 4th, so we watched our fireworks early :). We had a great view of them, because they were shot off at the river and we had a perch on my aunt's deck, which overlooks the river from afar. The only other time I've seen fireworks explode at eye level was the July 4th we climbed Stone Mountain and watched the fireworks that were shot off from the base of the mountain. It really is the best way to watch fireworks - much better on the neck! But I wouldn't recommend the Stone Mountain Independence Day event (Ashley!), though that's another story for another day - just think "insanely crowded." Unfortunately the actual Regatta the next day was cancelled due to an accident :(, which was too bad because we had a great view of the event (for free!) from the deck. Ah well.

One evening after supper some of us sat out on my grandparents' deck and had a bit of a "singing" as it's called in the South ;). I wish singing (especially sacred singing) was a more popular pasttime in this day and age! It is so much fun. We sang a few songs we already knew, and my Aunt Mary taught us two new songs with rounds. Why is it so fun to sing nonsense words with a catchy tune in rounds? :) The song we worked on the most had the following lyrics:
I sat next to the Duchess at tea.
It was just as I thought it would be.
Her rumblings abdominal were simply phenomenal.
And everyone thought it was me!

Sometimes it's so fun to be silly :). It can be sung in 4 rounds, though we only got 3 going. Just before we left on Tuesday we also sang Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace), which is a favorite selection in my mom's family. It is sung in 3 rounds and is so pretty. Hannah and I weren't proficient in the three rounds, so we practiced it some more on the drive home. I've mentioned before that my family is (slowly) working on singing hymns in parts, and during our drive to-and-from Indiana we also sang a few hymns from our repertoire. Oh, and for those who missed it the first time, our personal ad still applies.

One more thing. I brought home another 3 boxes of books *sheepish grin*. All together that adds up to 17 boxes of books I've hauled home this summer from Indiana! (My original count of 13 was actually 14, as Mother Dear informed me.) I uncovered more books in the basement that I hadn't found before. Among other things, I found a hardbound set of Winston Churchill writings, a very old set of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, an antique copy of Silas Marner, a very old copy of Virgil - in Latin(!), and a multi-volume pictorial history of the Civil War (or The War Between the States, The War for Southern Independence, the War of Northern Aggression, or whatever preferential label you choose to give ;) ).

All in all a fun weekend, though it's also good to be home.


ashley said...

*refuses to change her mind* I'm going to make it to Stone Mountain someday!!! You can't convince me otherwise!!

My family sung a lot in the car when I was growing up, too. I liked that. We never really did parts; just stuck to the melody. I would do it now but Paul's tone deaf so I guess I have to wait for the little ones to come before I can get my choir. :-)

363 days until Stone Mountain Independence Day celebration.

Jessica said...

I wish singing (especially sacred singing) was a more popular pasttime in this day and age! It is so much fun.

I completely agree! I love singing with others...but hardly anyone else ever wants to do it with me! Many times, whenever my sisters and I drive somewhere together, we spend the time in the car's so much fun! And singing in parts is do you like those CDs/books you mentioned before that teach you to sing hymns that way? Have they been working well? And does the CD have the various parts sung or just played on the piano? I would love to learn to sing the Psalms in parts and as such want to try one of the Psalms CDs from ...have you ever tried those?

Cherish the Home said...

Nice to have you back Susan! I'm glad you had a good trip. (o:

Susan said...

We really like the books/CDs we ordered, Jessica! They're very handy. Each hymn has 4 piano accompaniment tracks: all parts played together, just alto, just tenor, just bass. I've also found it handy to sing along to a few hymn CDs we have where all 4 parts are already being sung. That way my alto voice doesn't seem as out-of-place, and I have soprano singing as well. I've been to Genevan Foundation (and the Serven Clan blog) before, though I haven't ordered anything from the site. I would dearly love to learn to sing the psalms. I know very few, though :(.

Jessica said...

Okay...thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I would love for our family to learn to sing in parts, too! My sister and I sometimes sing melody and harmony together, and once in awhile my brother will join in with bass. But we need to do this more regularly. We have yet to start practicing any of the Psalms on the Serven's CDs(I was given them as a gift recently).

Thanks for the link from your previous post to the hymn CDs on the Christian Leaders site. I'll have to keep those in mind.

Susan said...

Hi, Hannah,

Thanks for commenting :). When I saw the notification in my inbox I thought it was my sister Hannah for a bit, but then I realized her notifications show up as "une fille d'eve." Then I thought, hmmm, well I know one of the Girotti girls is named Hannah; I wonder if it's her. And it was :).

After you get a chance to practice with the Servens' CDs some, I would love it if you would do a review or post on them, via your blog. I'm very interested in singing psalms (and I love the Servens' site), but I haven't had the chance to do much psalms singing yet.