Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe that it is already 2007. Wow. I feel like just yesterday we were anticipating a new millenium (which technically started in 2001, by the way, not 2000). And now it's closer to 2010 then 2000!

This past year has been a real testing of my faith and one of the most life-changing years of my life. Most significant is spiritual change in my life; I have chronicled at-length God's mercy to me as He brought me from intense legalism to a grace-filled perspective. The end of this post contains links to many pertinent posts, or see my favorite post I've written on grace. As I summarized to a friend last night:

I entered 2006 resolved to forward my sanctification by my own strength, for my own glory. I leave 2006 praying for God to give me grace to grow more and more like Him that I might, even in my feebleness, proclaim His excellencies. Praise God for His mercies and grace! And praise Him that He gives sight to the blind, for my heart was so dark that I could not see my own legalism.

This past year has been eventful in many other ways as well. One of my closest friends since early childhood, Lydia True, was married in March, and I had the privilege of serving as her maid-of-honor. I even bought my first pair of high-heels for the occasion. I turned 22 in April. Yikes! In May I finished my first year teaching math at Heritage Classical Study Center and my first full year tutoring students from Mill Creek High School. June and July were a busy whirlwind of conferences (see posts here, here, here, here, here, and here), VBS, several out-of-state trips, and catering a wedding for my friend Ashley. Ashley, who I've known since 1st grade(!), married Paul in late July. This summer I had the privilege of clearing out my grandfather's library, and between June and July I brought home 17 boxes of books! In early August I was able to meet Jessie in person, after almost a year of e-mailing and blogging! Also in August, I started my second year teaching at Heritage. In addition I picked up two mornings of babysitting and co-coordination of my church's nursery, just to keep busy ;). In December I was named Time magazine's Person of the Year. Despite my instant launch into stardom, I remain living quietly with my family in Buford, GA, and I've tried not to let all that fame go to my head. My paternal grandfather turned 80 in December as well, meaning that I now have 4 living grandparents, all in their 80's. Wow! I'd love to see the percentile on that. My family made a short trip up to Indiana/Kentucky/Tennessee in late December, to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, and we enjoyed having Boy with us for almost 2 weeks! And. . . *drumroll please*. . . she said yes!!!!! *throws confetti*

I love cryptic messages :-D.

May God abundantly bless each of you as we enter a new year, and may we seek first His Kingdom! We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow. Hmm, <<--that's pretty catchy; someone should turn it into a Southern Gospel song ;-).


Lydia said...

Oh fun! I liked seeing your at-a-glance recap of 2006. But who said "yes?" And what did she say "yes" too? You can't leave us in the dark. The suspense will kill us!

Hope to hear soon. I have my guesses but I will reserve them for later. ;)

Have a fabulous 2007 with God's grace to lead you.


Anonymous said...

My dear, you forgot something...


Adrian C. Keister said...

I rather think I know what that's all about. I share in your rejoicing, to be sure.

In Christ.

zan said...

So, your brother getting married?

Happy New Year, Susan.

zan said...

OK, I am making a wild guess, here. Sorry if anybody is embarrassed. Jessie, did you say, "yes" to something?

Susan said...

Yes, Zan, you are right that Ben is getting married!!!! We're so excited, and we've been waiting for this :). I think Jessie's comment is purposely very cryptic, so I wouldn't bother trying to interpret it ;). That's a good guess, though, albeit wrong!

zan said...

Congratulations to you brother!

My little sister got engaged on Christmas Eve. Even though her betrothed is Catholic (and she is still in the process of converting), I am happy for them. Wedding is planned for October and she's wearing my dress because it was so beautiful.

Susan said...

That's great that your sister got engaged too, Zan! Is that your sister who looks like Hannah? Ben and Stephanie are thinking a May wedding.

zan said...

Yep. Hannah's twin is getting married. ; )

Susan said...

That's great, Zan :). Oh, and we want to see a picture of your wedding dress. Do you have a digital one you can e-mail me? Please?

zan said...

I don't have a digital one. I know. Many people have asked about it and wanted to see pictures. Maybe I cold scan one if I had a scanner.

zan said...

My style of wedding dress is out of style now. It looked something like these except the neck was a v-neck and the sleeves were very long and flowy. They almost touched the floor.

Ashley said...

Oooh I like your dress, Zan! It reminds me of my former roommate's wedding dress. That's cool that your sister gets to wear it. :-) My mom saved her wedding dress for me to wear, but I didn't fit. I was a little relieved because it was very out-of-date and I didn't care for it. :-)

Susan said...

I love the waist style and the overlay. That is such a pretty dress! I'd do the neckline a bit different, but other than that is absolutely gorgeous! If you can't get a file to send me, that's all right, Zan :). Thanks for the links!

zan said...

I wanted something different and LOTR was all the rage. I had always liked bell sleeves. It wasn't as low as the ones in the pictures, either.

FYI: My husband did not wear tights or anything. I didn't do a medieval wedding theme or anything.

zan said...


I found my dress on Ebay! I looked everywhere for it and there it was:

I have no idea how to make that a link. Anyone? Anyone?

My sister is using these dresses as bridemaid dress:

She is thinking a light yellow for me (the matron of honor) and an olive or sage color for the other two bridesmaids. I like the light purple and dark purple, myself. I did the yellow green theme at my wedding, though.

Just thought you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

Zan: to make a link you have to enclose it with an HTML tag.

Susan's blog

The code to make that is: (remove all the "_" to make it work)
<_a_href=""_>Susan's blog<_/a_>

I hope that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot something:

Inside the brackets < > you have to write:
a href="link"
(space between a and href)

And then you put your link text, and then to close the link you put inside two more brackets < >

zan said...

You will have to tell us about helping your brother pick out a ring. That sounds like fun. I picked out my ring with my husband. He thought that I should have some say. : )

This is my ring (only he didn't pay that much and it was a half karot):

Ahhh! I don't know why I can't make that link properly. It used to work!

My sister's ring is huge. He picked it out, too. I don't know where he got it so I can't leave a link.

zan said...

I totally don't know what you are saying, Ashley, but I will think on it. Maybe I will get my husband to help me, sometime.

zan said...

Thanks anyway! : )

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's really hard to explain when I can't just write the code! Anyone who knows basic web design should know this, so just ask!!

Esther said...

Well, well, well....I noticed something missing too. Guess you're just having a brain lapse - it's okay, you start getting those as you age (or "events" happen!).

I mean, how could you not mention that you've chatted with me more in the last than we have all year??! ;-)

*waltzes away with an angelic smile*

Anonymous said...

Zan: Here is a web page that might be able to explain how to make clickable links better than I.