Monday, March 20, 2006

A Sore Maid-of-Honor Reflects

I had no idea high-heels required that many muscles! I think I discovered about 40 new muscles that had lain dormant since my birth. Groan. I think about every muscle in my body suffered from Saturday. Good news, though: I didn't trip or stumble on Saturday despite my teetering 6-foot figure :).

We had a wonderful time up in KY these past few days! I am so glad to be home, though, and have plenty of catching up to do. . . *nervously glances at to-do list* I made good headway this morning, though, getting all my planning done for the week, and began unpacking and cleaning.

Thursday night we had a "homeschool version" of a bachlorette party ;) - i.e., "tame sleepover." We watched the new P&P, did some assorted dancing, and then watched While You Were Sleeping. There were a total of 13 girls there, so a decent number for dancing, and the basement had a nice big room just aching to be used :). We did the Virginia Reel (every time I do it, it seems I learn a different version), some line dancing, etc. Very fun :). We didn't get to do any square dancing :(, but ah, well. Maybe some other time. Sister Dear and I learned some square dancing last fall, and it was so much fun!

Friday was spent running around doing various last-minute preparations. Most everyone helped decorate the sanctuary and fellowship hall, make the bouquets, corsages, etc., while Miriam (one of Lydia's sisters) and I decorated the cake. Miriam had bravely made all 19 layers and 45 cups of icing over the previous few weeks. We were expecting about 270 people, so a lot of cake was in order! Lydia graciously allowed us to use real flowers, which were so much easier and quicker than icing roses, and prettier in my opinion. We also borrowed a cake stand from a friend, which made layering so much easier, as did making 5 extra cakes in addition to the display cake, rather than making one huge cake.

Friday evening was the rehearsal, to which I wore my heels for practice ;). Then Friday night I spent close to an hour twisting my hair into pin curls :-P. My arms were so sore the next day, especially after spending another 45 minutes or so letting down the curls and fingering through them with the help of a few helpers.

Saturday morning was spent primping and dressing, placing the flowers on the cake, pictures, pictures, and more pictures, and helping Lydia with last-minute preparations before the ceremony. I was even coerced into some make-up, which was tastefully applied by one of Lydia's cousins. Haha, me with curled hair, high-heels, and make-up. A rare event!

The ceremony was nice and mercifully short, says the girl who had to stand on stage with two bouquets and a ring, balancing in high-heels ;). The best man (brother to the groom) sang I Will Be Here and two of the bridesmaids (sister and cousin of Lydia) did sign language to a recording of Lydia and Quinton singing the wedding version of Faithfully. Very beautiful :). Oh, and of course the first kiss was good ;).

After the ceremony we had the receiving line (which was 250 people long. . . ), more pictures(!), then what remained of the reception. I knew a lot of the people there, so I enjoyed seeing people, though I was too busy to spend much time chatting.

There was an open mic at the reception and my family sang a modified version of Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof. We even managed to work in a bit of harmony and some rounds.

Wedding Prayer

May the Lord protect and defend you,
May He always shield you from shame;
May your marriage be
A witness to the Savior's name.

May you be like Abraham and Sarah,
May you be deserving of praise;
Stengthen them, O Lord,
And keep them from the stranger's ways.

May God bless you and grant you long lives

_________________________(May the Lord fulfill our wedding prayer for you).
May God fill you with a spirit of love

_____________________(May He send you children who will bless your name).

May the Lord protect and defend you (echo).
May the Lord preserve you from pain (echo).

Favor them, O Lord,
With happiness and peace.
Oh, hear our wedding prayer.

After the bouquet toss and send-off we climbed into the car for the ride home, getting back around 11:00 on Saturday night, tired but happy. I took a 3-hour nap yesterday to recover and limped through church due to my aching muscles.

What impressed me most about the wedding wasn't the tastefully decorated fellowship hall, or the yummy food, the beautiful wedding cake ;), the nice music, Lydia's gown, the bridesmaids' dresses, or how smoothly it all went - though those were all important aspects! The overwhelming feeling I came away with was a sense of community and togetherness. The wedding was a true example of covenantal living.

It was amazing how many people stepped in to help make the wedding happen. Lydia's family has an enormous number of friends and family that were more-than-willing to help. The music, filming, pictures, food, ceremony coordination, decorations, and flowers were all done by volunteers, some of whom were merely acquaintances, but still eager to help in any way needed. Lydia and Quinton were married by her grandfather, which I thought was also special. We were overrun on Friday and Saturday by the sheer number of people who stepped in to help. The love and servant attitudes displayed by all of Lydia's friends and family is the lasting impression that her wedding leaves in my mind. That and the fact that I know Lydia and Quinton both realized the gravity of their union, and the life-long commitment they were making to each other. That's my idea of a good wedding :).

I am awaiting pictures, which I will post shortly :).


Becky Miller said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL wedding!

Regarding your comment, I've thought a lot lately about the concept of marrying an older man (my husband is actually a few months younger than me) since my best friend has decided she wants to marry an older man (someday). Especially after she read Emma. : ) I actually think there's a lot of wisdom in a woman marrying a man who is established in life and actually ready to provide for and lead a wife. So many of my friends' husbands are just grown up boys, and not "men" yet.

Ashley said...

Well now it looks like you are all set to make a wedding cake! Hehe I'm kidding. ;-) Thanks for putting up pictures and the wedding sounded lovely!! I can't wait to hear all about it next time I see you! Did you end up doing anything to Lydia's house after she went to sleep?

So how do you feel about curled hair, makeup, and heels? You look nice with a touch of makeup - it brings out your eyes. :-)

Susan said...


I had to think for a second of what comment you were referring to. Oh, yes, your xanga post on Emma :). It's all coming back.

Yes, I agree there are definite advantages to marrying an older man. I rather like the idea (within reason) myself. Women mature faster and men should ideally be established in a career. I did have one of my mom's friends try to set me up with a man who was past 40 (I'm 21), and that did frighten me. . .


I had a last-minute thought when packing, and brought up 10 baby booties I had crocheted for a crisis pregnancy center. I keep telling Lydia she needs to start a family right away - I want a godchild ;) - and told her at the shower that I had forgotten to include booties in my gift. So I brought up 10 booties and hid them in various places throughout the house: behind a window shade, under kitchen utensils in a drawer, in a bathroom cabinet, etc. I think she'll know who put them there ;).

Hmmm, my thoughts on curls, makeup, and heels? Well, definitely negative on the heels! The curled hair? Way too much work, plus I thought the result was a little too poddle-ish, though still nice looking - mixed feelings there. I did like the results of the makeup. I'm afraid that if I started using makeup regularly it would be too time consuming, though. I am mixed on the makeup, I guess. I could see eventually possibly starting to use light makeup (a year ago I would never have said that!), especially if my husband/fiancee/beau/etc like it. At the moment, though, living with two other females who are makeupless and a father who doesn't really care, I think I'll stick with the natural look ;).

Ashley said...

I'm with you on the makeup... I do like the look, and get a lot of compliments, but I'm too lazy to put it on daily. I like to wear makeup whenever I meet a client or am trying to look more professional, and also if I have time on Sunday mornings - I love looking my best for church (and not because I care what the other members think). I definitely like the more natural look. I don't want to cover up my face, just enhance it!

Jessica said...


Hello! You don't know me, but I've read your blog for awhile now and enjoy it! And the pictures from your friend's wedding are beautiful...the bridesmaid dresses are so pretty! question has to do with when you referred to your "teetering 6-foot figure"...if that's how tall you were in heels, then I assume that you're pretty tall without them too (brilliant deduction, eh?!). I'm 5'11 1/2" myself so I know how you feel! What I'm wondering is...where do you usually find clothes? I don't usually wear pants and skirts that are actually long on me (what other people term "long skirts" usually hit me about mid-calf!) are so hard to find and I get tired of making them! Anyway...I would love any suggestions you have...hope you don't mind me asking! It's always nice to find another tall girl!

Have a glorious day!

Susan said...


There certainly are a lot of Jessicas in the blogosphere, aren't there?!

I am just over 5'9" without heels, so yes I am pretty tall, though not as tall as you are(!). I also have problem finding clothes that fit me correctly, so empathy abounds :).

It is very rare for me to find a skirt that is truly ankle-length on me, and that is my favorite length. All but a select few of my winter skirts I made myself, as I like to cover my legs completely for warmth in the winter and ankle-length skirts are hard to come by ready-made.

I shop mainly thrift stores and garage sales (upscale, I know ;)), and occasionally I'll find a nice skirt that is actually long on me. I found a really nice ankle-length, lined, microsuede winter skirt at a garage sale last fall for $2! It looked new and fit very nicely :).

In general, though, I've found that the best way to add ankle-length skirts to my wardrobe is to make them myself. I am a pro at lengthening skirt and dress patterns ;). I guess I don't have any good advice for you on finding long skirts; I'm still looking for solutions there. Sorry!

My biggest problem is actually finding shirts that fit well. Do you have any suggestions in that quarter? I have what my family has termed "ape arms" ;). It is very rare for me to find a long-sleeved shirt that truly is long-sleeved on me. I've resorted to 3/4-length sleeves a lot. It is frustrating to try on an extra-large turtleneck and find that the sleeves are still too long.

I really hate the frumpy look, so I want my shirts to be modestly-loose, yet femininely-fitted (if that makes sense). What an impossible goal! My back-waist length does not mesh well with my waist, as I have a pretty small waist. I end up altering a lot of my blouses to fit me better. I've put an untold number of darts and princess seams into ready-made clothing in order to make them fit better. I am thankful for the knowledge to be able to do this, but it would be nice to not have to do it so often :(.

Jessica said...


Hello! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly...and for the comment on my blog/LJ! People rarely comment there so it's nice to know that someone is reading it! (Is there a lot of "Jessica"s in the blog world? I didn't know...maybe I should come up with another name than my real one!)

Hmmmm...your skirt shopping experiences sound like mine! I usually find a lot of my skirts at thrift stores, but I don't do garage sales very much...maybe I should try that! Ankle-length is my favorite length too, but most of my skirts end up being shorter than that unless I make them. Occasionally I come across a long find like your microsuede skirt, but those are very rare! And even though you don't think that you gave me any advice on the skirt-finding...thanks taking the time anyway!

In regards, to shirts...I can sympathize there too! Though I've never had anyone call them "ape arms", I too have pretty long arms...and, as I've found, quite broad shoulders for a girl! And I have no advice for you there...sorry...I guess I've just grown accustomed to having most of my sleeves be 3/4 or 7/8 (which, in my opinion, is actually more annoying than 3/4!) length!

And as for the "modestly-loose, yet femininely-fitted"...I know exactly what you mean! (It seems like no advice is coming from the comment...just empathies! Sorry!) That too is a problem for me...and, like you said, it's a blessing to know how to fix it, but you wish you didn't have to exercise that knowledge so much! And for me, that applies to making skirts too...I'm thankful to know how to make them, but wish that I didn't have to...sewing isn't exactly my favorite thing to do (though designing the clothing is fun!)!

Well, nothing really profound or helpful came from my ramblings...sorry! However, maybe it's a "misery loves company" thing...but it IS nice to find someone who has the same problems as you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

I definitely have mixed finds at garage sales, but I've found some real treasures over the years. Garage sale-ing is one of my favorite pasttimes every spring :). It's like a treasure hunt.

Agreed that 7/8 is more annoying than 3/4! I actually like 3/4 sleeves, though not in the dead of winter; just barely short sleeves make me look like I've outgrown my clothes (which I guess I have ;)). And yes, misery loves company ;).