Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm Going to Strangle Blogger

(but please don't tell anyone)

Grr. Blogger has been bugging me for weeks to switch to the new version, and since I don't like change, I've been ignoring the pleas. Plus, I did try once or twice, and Blogger said to try again because my blog couldn't be switched yet. But yesterday I logged onto Blogger and stupidly clicked yes when asked to switch (I didn't realize what I was doing until it started the switch, actually!), so it switched over, supposedly painlessly. They had touted that my old posts and comments would transfer over effortlessly. Blah. Now all the comments (except mine) read "Anonymous" on the recent comments tracker, and if you click the permalink for a post, the comments are all from "Anonymous." But if you click the comments link, it shows the author, except for Sherrin's comment on my most recent post. You're still "Anonymous," Sherrin, apparently. Anyway, this is why I hate change!

Okay, thank you for letting me rant. I'm fine now :-).

And for those who thought this was going to be a nice, pithy post, I have one thing to say to that: *laughs* There ;-). I know, I know, I've been a very inconsistent Blogger since. . . I started e-mailing a certain young man. Hehe. It got even worse after I met him :-). I admit that, but I've decided not to apologize. I'm still keeping track of blogs through Google Reader, and I'm commenting occasionally. And I'm occasionally posting to mine. But no promises on resuming regular and frequent blogging. I'm sort of distracted and busy right now ;-). I will post as I have time and as I feel motivated on a subject. I have never been able to write under pressure or within a limited time frame.

Tata for now!


Adrian C. Keister said...

Yes, I'm definitely an interruption in your life; I'm not apologizing, either. ;-)] And this is a test of your comment system, to see if new comments come up as anonymous.

In Christ.

Ashley said...

Sigh. WHAT am I going to do without your frequent blogging??

Susan said...

Hmm. That new picture of the red rose sort of ruins my color scheme. Opinions?

No need to apologize, Adrian ;-). And Ashley, you can always e-mail me ;-). Or come over. Or get a life. Hehe.

Adrian C. Keister said...

Ah, there, you see? No need to completely strangle Blogger, as new comments come up just like they always did. And all your old comments under the actual posts still have their identity. As soon as the new comments have rolled out the old ones, you'll be totally fine. *smiles sweetly at Susan* Which young man did you have in mind?

In Christ.

Susan said...

And it's also cutting off my header. Apparently I'm only half of an old-fashioned girl. hehe. Okay, I'm going to stop complaining now, and go get ready to babysit :-).

I assume your question was rhetorical, Adrian Dear? ;-)

Ashley said...

*scoffs at Susan* Email you? Come over? Fine, be that way.

Actually, we forgot to talk about curtains last time you were over! And I had talking about painting the living room at one point... Want to help? :-)

Lydia said...

I've missed your blog, Susan. Hope you don't completely abandon blogging altogether. I sure would miss your posts.

I miss my blog too but I dare not post much at this time as I have been so incredibly discouraged in my work situation that I am afraid it would spill over into my posts and end up being a ranting, angry, frustrated mess. Kinda' like how I have been feeling about my job. Grrrr!

Hopefully, better times are ahead. I think I need a good dose of "hopeful, God is sovereign, all things work together for good" kind of sermon right now. And a new job wouldn't hurt either...

Sorry about the comments messing up for you. They appear to be working now. I'll be attending some Reformed Conferences and a classical music concert on Saturday evening. In addition to trying to get my brain and body in gear to do something productive next week. It wants to lay around and sleep right now.

Have a lovely weekend. God bless.

Susan said...

Oh yeah, Ashley! Curtains :-). We need to do that. And sure I'd love to help paint. Hmm. But how high are your ceilings?

I hope I don't abandon blogging altogether either, Lydia, and I don't plan to anytime soon :-). I'll try to keep posting, little by little. If I didn't blog my fingers would twitch from not having a writing outlet! And I'd miss all my blogging friends! I'm sorry you're having a tough work situation :-(. I'm praying for you! And your weekend sounds interesting. I hope you can blog about it :-).

Ashley said...

I was thinking of only painting below the chair rail, and leaving the top part white. I'm leaning towards dark blue and perhaps I could accent it with some nice border paper (to tie the two colors together). Those are my thoughts, anyways. I decided not to paint the dining room because I don't want to move the bookcases. :-)

Sherrin said...

I am glad you don't feel bad about leaving your online world a tad neglected right now, Susan! You have more important things (or should I say people) to attend to)!