Thursday, June 15, 2006


Gotta love those acronymns :).

I've been a bit busy this week with my church's Vacation Bible School, and some of you may have noticed my decreased online activity, both at my blog and in commenting to others. I'm also trying to cut back on blogging in general, but especially this week, other things are taking priority.

I'm the crew leader for six rising 1st-2nd grade girls and loving it :). I'm having a bit too much fun teasing them, loving on them, and talking with them about Jesus. Ah, life is good :). I'll probably post more about VBS tomorrow or Saturday, specifically why I think the gospel is often presented to little kids in a backwards fashion :(, but also the positive aspects of the week.

Next week I have the opportunity to attend a slightly more stimulating set of lectures than the VBS skits from this week ;). Mother Dear and I are registered for a 2-day conference on the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is being given in Atlanta :). I'm very excited about the opportunity, and only wish it was a longer conference :(. Ah well.

And now I'm off to finish a dress (don't cheer too loudly, Ashley. . . ) and then hopefully get some reading in before supper.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've certainly got some of the big guns at the conference - looks good!

ashley said...


(Hehe was that too loud?)
I totally forgot you were still working on that! I'm sorry you've had to do VBS. ;-(

That conference sounds great!! I hope you have fun. :-) I owe you an email. When did you want that info? Can I email it when I get back from Michigan?

Jessica said...

Teaching those little girls sound fun...though I'm looking forward to your post on why you "think the gospel is often presented to little kids in a backwards fashion"...should be very interesting!

And can you post pictures of the dress when you're done?!

Susan said...

It just needs to be hemmed now. . . (And yes, Jessica, I suppose I could post some pictures :).)

An e-mail when you return is fine, as long as you don't want calculations before that, Ashley :). And thanks for the "sympathy" about VBS. I've been "suffering" all week ;).

Becky Miller said...

My husband and I are on the missions committee at our church, and we're helping plan the church's missions conference in October. I've noticed that everytime people bring up the youth sessions for the conference, they keep saying things like, "We have to make sure it's a 'youth oriented' speaker...keep their attention...etc." Like they're totally afraid the "adult speakers" are going to bore the poor teens. I kept thinking to myself, "If these were HOMESCHOOLED teens we were talking about, they'd WANT to be in on the 'adult' sessions!"

Your enthusiasm for conferences and good speakers reminded me of that! I never had trouble listening to and enjoying intelligent speakers at an adult level!

Jessie said...

:) :( :) :( :) :(
(I noticed you've used a lot of smilies/frownies in this post ; ) )
I can't wait till you post a picture of your dress! Is this still the one you mentioned in another post recently??
Have fun working the VBS! (This Jessica is anticipating the backwards-gospel-presentation post too...)
And I also owe you an e-mail...

: D

Anonymous said...

The Gospel presented to kids in a backwards fashion? I'm definitely interested in that post! I have a few objections with the way the Gospel is typically presented, both to adults and kids. however, I have yet to find solutions to provide with the objections!


Susan said...

That is such a typical anecdote about youth conferences, unfortunately, Becky :(. Amusing in a sad sort of way. Let's distract them so they forget that they are learning. "Stealth teaching." And yes, I've noticed that in general homeschooled teens and graduates are more enthusiastic about conferences and whatnot :).

I used a lot of smiley :) faces :), Jessica :) ? I hadn't noticed ;). I'll have to watch that next time ;) ;) ;). Sometimes I get carried away with smiley :)faces :) and don't even realize it :). Wouldn't you agree ;) ?

I don't know if it was the same dress I mentioned before. It's not super-exciting, mind you, Jessicas, so you won't be disapointed - at least not as neat as the dresses Anna posted recently to her blog :). I do like the way it turned out, though. We'll see when pictures appear. . . my photographer (read "Sister Dear") has been gone a lot this past week with her job.

Sherrin said...

I would love to come to the conference on the Westminster Confession. Maybe some day :)