Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two Great Posts on Courtship

Adrian has written two excellent posts on courtship, one from a grace perspective and one from a law perspective. Both very good. And yes I'm prejudiced :-D.


Sarah Joy said...

Aha! I found you again! I lost my bookmarks and a bunch of blogs I enjoy.

I will have to go read those posts. My husband and I had a wonderful courtship that I am very thankful for. It gave a lot of security and strength to the relationship we have now.

Becky Miller said...

Great posts from Adrian.

So, do we get to hear more about how he and you are conducting this courtship? Emails, phone calls, visits...? What sorts of things are you discussing? What portion of it is "business" (comparing views on the running of a household, training children, etc.) and what portion is "romance"?

Susan said...

Hi, Sarah Joy, I'm glad you found my blog again :-). I remember you commenting before, because I have a good friend named Sarah Joy.

I'm glad you enjoyed Adrian's posts, Becky :-). I'm sure Adrian and I will gradually share more about our courtship, but we're not exactly keen on broadcasting the fine details for all the world. Hehe. I'm sure you understand :-). You can also e-mail me: susan dot garrison at gmail dot com.

To briefly answer your questions, Adrian and I are trying to utilize many forms of communication (e-mail, phone, visits), and we've definitely had extensive discussions on ideology, etc, but we also recognize that a courtship is also a romantic relationship. How's that for semi-answering your questions? ;-)

Susan said...

Also, you can see comments on the "A bit more for those who are curious. . . " post for some thoughts on rules, etc :-).