Monday, August 21, 2006

I played Polly Pocket this morning (and other events of varied interest)

Over the last several weeks I've had a number of requests for me to share a bit more of what I do with my time as a single young woman (as Becky put it) or what a typical day looks like for me (as Mrs. B said). There were a few other requests along similar lines, but my memory fails me as to exact wording. These requests were given during the summer, you must understand, when I didn't have a typical day; in fact, I didn't have a typical week this summer. I bounced back and forth between conferences, visitors, volunteer opportunities, and out-of-town trips, as well as a few miscellaneous responsibilities. There was nothing "typical" about any portion of my summer.

I started teaching again last Wednesday, so I'm beginning to work into some sort of a schedule for the coming year, though my schedule will continue to develop as the school year progresses. Once again, though, I don't have a typical day, due to my non-traditional approach to life-after-college :). I don't have a full-time job; instead I have a few part-time jobs and other responsibilities. I teach Algebra I, Geometry, and Statistics one day a week at Heritage Classical Study Center. I tutor students from the local high school. I help run the nursery at my church. I babysit. None of these take up 40 hours a week of themselves, but together they manage to keep me adequately occupied :). Like I said, I don't have a typical day, but I could attempt to sketch a typical week?

Sunday: Church in the morning for worship and then either Adult Sunday School or nursery. On a tangent (I love tangents. . . ), my church recently has begun to include Kindergarteners and older in worship. Yay! Before it was 6th grade and up. . . but I digress. Then back home for lunch. I normally spend most of the afternoon napping, reading sermons and other religious pieces of literature, and reading the Bible and praying. Sunday evening varies, but we often try to sing some hymns, as we also do a few other times a week.

Monday: Mother Dear and I try to start most weekdays with a walk through the neighborhood. Starting this week, I'm babysitting a darling little girl from my church for a few hours Monday and Friday mornings, so her mom can focus on home schooling her older daughter. Hence the title of my post :). When I get home at around 11:00 I spend a few hours planning for math classes. I then have a homework help session for my math classes on Monday afternoons.

Tuesday: Mother Dear and I walk first thing in the morning. Starting in a few weeks, I will have a women's Bible study to go to on Tuesday mornings (Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon - should be interesting!), followed by a little more planning for math. I currently have three tutoring slots on Tuesday afternoons.

Wednesday: No walk on Wednesday. I teach my math classes and leave the house early with Mother Dear, who also teaches math to homeschoolers during the same time. I get 90 minutes for Algebra 1, and 2 hours each for Geometry and Statistics. I try to get all the week's lecture material into that time, as well as any quizzes (tests are outside of class). Some weeks it's a real challenge with time! I get home in the afternoon and e-mail assignments to my students. Every other Wednesday evening I have a Children's Ministry meeting at the church.

Thursday: Mother Dear and I walk first thing. I devote Thursday morning to grading student tests, quizzes, and homework, and sometimes to planning for the next week.

Friday: Walk again. I will be babysitting Friday mornings (as previously mentioned) and probably planning some as well. I normally do miscellaneous tasks and errands on Fridays also.

Saturday: Um. It depends :).

My tutoring schedule is very empty right now, since the semester has only just started. Last year I had 11 slots a week, though I really do not plan on filling that many slots this year, since I have added other responsibilities since May. I would like to (eventually) have 3-4 slots on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, though, and maybe 1 on Monday and/or Wednesday. We shall see.

The above schedule was admittedly sketchy. I didn't include important items like meals, but I was trying to focus on non-obvious necessary tasks that I complete regularly on certain days at certain times. I daresay it was boring for many of you, but I had requests, so I humor people :).

I didn't detail the types of chores I do and when because that varies so much. Mother Dear and I do most of the cooking together, but that varies vastly from week to week, especially depending on my tutoring schedule. I do most of the dishes (since I love to wash dishes!), but Mother Dear usually rinses. I help with the laundry, but Mother Dear spearheads that. We share cleaning responsibilities. And Sister Dear helps as her school schedule allows. How's that for non-specifics? ;)

I spend "in-between" time throughout the day usually reading or blogging or completing miscellaneous household tasks. I've been trying to cut back on blogging, and over the past few weeks I've gotten more reading done :) - I keep my reading progress updated on my sidebar, for those who haven't noticed. I've been meaning to focus more on practicing the piano, as my playing has fallen by the wayside the past few months :(. Ashley let me borrow the deluxe edition of Anne's Theme when she was here this weekend, so hopefully that will serve as a boost :).

Okay, I've prattled on for long enough. I hope that satisfies the curiosity of a few of my readers.

. . . and that was Susan's life, in a nutshell ;).


Jessica said...

I wasn't bored and thought it was interesting...I always enjoy hearing about other people's day-to-day lives. And I loved the title of your sisters and I played with Polly Pockets so much when we were little! And those were when the sets were actually pocket-sized and the people about as tall as my thumbnail (my thumbnail now...not back then!) The ones they sell nowadays are nothing like what they used to be ten or so years ago (am I really that old?! *smiles*)...but what else is new?! The degeneration of children's toys...

Anna Naomi said...

Fun reading about your week, Susan! Oh - and Jessica, I played with the tiny polly pockets when I was younger as well. They actually did fit in your pocket! =)

I also enjoy reading about other's days!

ashley said...

I had two small Polly Pockets when I was little. There was a vet and a (baby) nursery. I used to have fun, imaginative stories with them involving babies and cats and dogs. The babies were always very mischevious and very smart, sneaking out the windows and having all sorts of adventures. I liked the Polly Pockets because I could take it with me if I had to go somewhere - it helped with the boredom. :-)

Let me know what you think of the deluxe edition of Anne's Theme! Perhaps I'll quickly learn the piano and we can play a duet. ;-)

Susan said...

My sister used to have the smaller Polly Pockets also, so I know what you're talking about, Jessica and Anna! The dressability of the new ones is fun, but they're just not quite as cute as the old ones :).

You had such a wild imagination as a child, Anne. . . er, I mean "Ashley." ;) And I love the deluxe edition of Anne's Theme. It is so much prettier than the other one - and I loved the other one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of the books in your side bar. I don't always get a chance to look at them - they don't appear if I'm looking at the page of a specific post.

Anyway, I notice you're reading The Valley of Vision - you mayu be interested in a recent CD inspired by that book.

Susan said...

Sovereign Grace Ministries has done an amazing job in helping to spread Biblical doctrine in the US! I especially have great respect for C.J. Mahaney and Josh Harris. Not sure if I'd like their worship style, though, but I'll have to look at it some more! That is a really neat concept - Puritan prayers set to music.

Cherish the Home said...

I didn't think it was boring at all, I really liked it!

Thanks Susan. (o: