Monday, October 09, 2006

A Dignified Declaration

Our Dear Friends the Zeglens came to visit us this weekend. The pinnacle of our time with them was a visit to a tea room in Atlanta. We'd been talking of visiting a tea room with the Z's for sometime, but we never had gone before, though we've hosted many tea parties with them in our own house :). We made reservations for The Faded Rose Tea Room (what a pretty name!) late Saturday morning.

Friday night I was doing the dishes after the evening meal, and I could hear peals of laughter from the next room, where Hannah, Sarah, Mary, and Susie were gathered 'round the computer, typing something rather secretively. *ahem* I was rather suspicious and therefore not at all surprised when I was later handed an official-looking, sealed letter. Below I have transcribed what was enclosed, as insisted upon by the responsible parties ;).

Our dignified declaration:

We the undersigned hereby declare our resolution to petition the subsequent female being (saying that she be called Susan Elizabeth Garrison) whereby that she, having had no previous pretitious propriety, will therefore array herself in the robe, that which she sported with eloquence in the nuptials held and attended therein erstwhile in the 3rd month of George W. Bush's reign, 2006. We furthermore with much erstwhile deliberation and aforethought to the request that we make and demand with much riquithor. We entreat, nay require with the knowledge of imminent disasters forthwith therein after that fact if no steps are made toward matrimony, that this aforementioned robe will be displayed by the same one aforementioned female being. We require that this all be fulfilled the morn, 7th of the 10th month of 2006, reign of the honorable George W. Bush.

In simpleton terms, you need to wear your
bridesmaid dress to tea tomorrow!!!

Sincerely, cordially, affectionately yours,

With much mirth,

Miss Sarah

Miss Mary
Miss Susie
Miss Hannah

Now, with such a brilliant (? - er, at least creative) entreatee like that, how could I say no? And, as the dress was hemmed for those ghastly heels that complete the outfit, yep, that's right, I wore high-heels again this weekend :-P. The heels put me at six-foot mind you, so I really feel like the queen of Charn walking around in them. . . and the ghostly complexion doesn't help with the Jadis image ;). But a fun time was had by all! Unfortunately, Blogger is not being fun, or I would post pictures.


John Dekker said...

You people really need to get yourselves a monarch one of these days...

Ashley said...

Heheh I can totally see the Queen of Charn imagery! So did the others dress up too? Can't wait to see pictures!

So what did you think of the tea parlor? We went there for our bridesmaid luncheon, and we had a delightful time! I would love to go back when I have more time to relax.

Lydia said...

Mean ole' blogger! I want to see some pictures. Another time, maybe?

That declaration is quite humorous. You certainly have some creative friends (and sister dear)!

Thanks for sharing of your delightful afternoon!

Adrian C. Keister said...


You might try Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox is really the best browser out there. You can get the free download from

It has wonderful popup-blocker routines, tabbed browsing, automatic form-filling, and other nice features. According to Lane, sometimes he hasn't been able to post pics with IE, but then Firefox works. That's really why I brought it up.

In Christ.

Ashley said...

I second Adrian's comment. :-)

Susan said...

That's all right, John. We rather like our monarchless government ;).

Ashley, I didn't realize that you went to The Faded Rose Tea Room for your luncheon! I knew you went to a tearoom, but I had no idea it was that one. How funny, and even more so that we sat at the same table. It must have been the best one for a large party :).

Thank you, oh computer-saavy people, for your anti-IE commentary ;).

Anna Naomi said...

That was a hilarious read! =) I know what it means to be tall and pale. I was never blessed with a rosy complexion! I'm not quite as tall as you (I'm 5'8"), but I'm much taller than a lot of my friends. However, I feel really short among my family. So far only one of my siblings is shorter than me; my younger sister Jubilee, and she's growing fast! With two borthers 6'4", I feel like a midget!

Susan said...

I'm 5'9" sans heels, Anna. I've always been the tallest of pretty much all of my friends (minus the guys, once they hit puberty) and I'm taller than every female cousin, aunt, and grandmother I have (which is many, all told), plus I'm taller than my mom and Hannah. Height has its advantages, but it's also harder to find clothing! My arms are the length of an XL shirt, but my waist is more like a S. Sewing comes in great handy for alterations :). Both your brothers are 6'4"? Wow. My brother is about 6' or 6'1", and my dad a tad shorter.

Anna Naomi said...

Yes, I know what you mean! I was taller than all my friends, guys and girls, until the guys hit their growth spurt. Though I'm taller than my mother and little sister (for now) my older sisters are 5'9", 5'10", and 6' (or 5'12" as she likes to call it!) It's actually kind of fun being tall! =)