Friday, October 13, 2006

It's a Girl!

I'm so excited for Becky, who delivered Katherine Anne Miller into the world yesterday :). And she did it naturally, brave woman. Congratulations to Becky and Matthew, who are now first-time parents! Now, if only someone would post some pictures :).

EDIT: I found a picture of Katherine, via the proud papa's Xanga :). She's a cutie, and she has a lot of hair!


zan said...

That is great!

Hey, I had my last baby "naturally." Does that make me brave? Of course I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. lol!

Susan said...

Yes, that makes you brave! Of course :).

I hope to birth naturally, should God bless me with biological children, and it encourages me to see women who also choose that. But I've also decided that I've not gone through labor before (obviously!), and I'm not about to berate a woman who, for reasons unbeknownst to me, opts for an epidural. I do wish more women would look into natural childbirth!

Lydia said...

I saw that about Becky yesterday. I am so happy for them. I like the name, too. :)

I was also glad to hear that she had the baby naturally. Although, I wouldn't condemn any woman who chose to have an epidural I do think the natural route is better. My mother had all five of hers in the hospital without an epidural. She did have a puedendal block with one but that was because the doctor made her do it for malpractice purposes or something. I, too, hope to deliver any hypothetical future children by natural birth, but I wouldn't rule out an epidural if the situation warranted it (c-section, breech delivery, complications, etc.)

I've certainly heard enough "horror stories" from training to become a nurse about epidurals gone bad. I figure it's better to keep it simple and natural as possible. But again, I wouldn't try to tell another woman how she should conduct her own labor and delivery process. Leave that up to the individual couple and situation.

Thanks for sharing the good news!

Susan said...

I also love the name Becky and Matthew chose, Lydia :). I liked your balanced perspective on natural childbirth. It's definitely not a cut-and-dry situation, but I do think in normal circumstances that natural is best for all concerned. We were all non-epidural hospital births, like your family.

zan said...

Well, I was a C-section baby. That is why I am so messed up. ; )

My first was an epidural birth. Loved it. Thought about naming my boy after the anesthesiologist. I know there are risks (like any medical procedure), but didn't have the horror stories in nursing school that Lyd spoke of. There is a lot of bias both ways.

My second baby didn't give me time. The OB doctor didn't even make it for the birth. I do think that labor is hell (excuse my language). I opted for an epidural with my first one after a few hours of extreme hit-your-spouse- pain and it was wonderful. I even pushed the baby out without feeling anything. With Harry, it was a whole 'nother animal. I can't even describe the pain. I actually remember fading out when the end was near. I remember a few months back (on Crystal's blog) someone was worried about the pain when the baby crown's. I remember commenting that you will be in so much pain that you won't care about the burning sensation during the crowning. I think the most important thing is that you have a good coach. Just because you go through a class with your husband, it doesn't mean he is up for the task. The best coaches for me have been women who have been through it, not men who don't have a clue.

I approach childbirth with only one plan. To have a healthy baby and live through it. While labor is going on I take the issues as they come.If I am in a lot of pain and someone says, "Hey, do you want something that will take it away and let you rest?" That is a hard one to say "no" to. Childbirth can be unpredictable and too many people get disappointed because their plans didn't work out. Don't sweat the small stuff. Look at the larger picture.

Ashley said...

I plan on having epidurals with all of my children. Just call me a pain wimp.

Susan said...

Zan and Ashley are both amusing me. "Honesty with bluntness" seems an appropriate description ;).

Ashley said...

Glad to amuse you, Susan. :-)

By the way, did you see the other pictures on Matthew's site? He posted two more yesterday.

Susan said...

No, I didn't see them. Thank you for mentioning that!

Becky Miller said...

Thanks for the congratulations, Susan!

My two cents on the issue...everyone is so cautious about what they ingest during pregnancy, drug-wise, so it seems incongruous to then take drugs during labor that cross the placenta and affect the baby.

Certainly there are cases where the risk/benfit ratio is worth risking the drugs, but for an uncomplicated labor, it seems much safer to avoid Stadol, epidural anesthesia, etc.

Because of the possible dangers to the mother and baby with the epidural, and the additional obstetrical interventions it can require, it was important to Matthew and me to go natural.

I know labor is different for every woman, and with every baby... For me, the pain was intense - the last contractions before pushing were the strongest physical pain I've probably ever experienced. Yet, it was endurable. Pushing was painful in a different way, but also endurable. One cool thing about laboring was learning to rely on God and my husband in a new way.

Susan said...

I quite agree with your assessment of epidurals, Becky. Very good points. And since you've actually been through labor, I think your voice carries more weight in that department :). It's sort of like, until I have children of my own, I've decided that it's probably best for me to lay low on the parenting advice ;).