Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Shock

You know that feeling when you find out that one of your heroes really has feet of clay, or you find out that Santa Claus does not exist (not that I'd know about that feeling. . . ), or you realize that the grass really isn't greener "over there"? Or how about the realization that Anne Shirley is a fictional character and never did live and breathe?

I'm having one of those feelings right now.

I just found out that Judah Ben-Hur wasn't really number forty-one. He was number sixty.

*dejected look*


Mr. Baggins said...

You have my deepest sympathies over this absolute tragedy.

Jessica said...

Anne Shirley isn't real...?!??! *faints*

Susan said...

*sniff* Thank you for the sympathy, Lane. It means so much to me. . . *sniff*

*starts fanning Jessica* Are you all right?!?!? I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have broken the news to you so swiftly. I should have eased into it. *fans more rapidly*

zan said...


I was disappointed about that too. 41 sounded so cool in the movie.

"Row well and live, 41." *said in deep British accent*

I mean, we all know that Roman's have British accents. ; )

60 just doesn't sound the same. When we were kids my sisters and I would go canoeing a lot and pretend to be on a Roman war ship. My sister would keep pace with her hands hitting her thighs like drums. She would shout, "BATTLE SPEED!" or "ATTACK SPEED" or "RAMMING SPEED!" It was fun. We would even go so far as pretend to pass out and die from the strain. We were, and still are, very weird.

I really do truly feel your pain. When I read the book I was waiting for Judah to get renumbered.

I guess Hollywood just thought 41 sounded so much cooler than 60.

They were right.

Anna Naomi said...

That's funny! =)

My dad always thought Anne of Green Gables was real. We were watching the movies once, and I broke the news to him that she was just a fictional character. He still protests, since he says his parents have been to her house! :-) He says he'll take me up to Canada to see her house and prove it to me one day, which I wouldn't object to!

Becky Miller said...

*covers Katherine's ears* Shhh...don't tell her Anne's not real! I'm reading Anne of Avonlea to her in bits and pieces while she eats.

Susan said...

Oh, how funny, Zan! My mom was musing and realized that she and her cousins used to do do "battle speed" and "ramming speed" in their canoes growing up.

I think it is all a sound thing. "60" just doesn't sound as interesting as "41." And that British accent was *so* realistic :). Sort of like all of those ghostly-pale Egyptians in The Ten Commandments :).

I feel like I just told a bunch of kids that Santa Claus isn't real, based on the comments I'm getting w.r.t. Anne of Green Gables! :)

zan said...

Yah, didn't you know that Egyptian women all looked like Elizabeth Taylor?

I found the book "Ben-Hur" to be so different from the movie that it was hard for me to imagine Charleton Heston as the character.

une_fille_d'Ève said...

--insert randomness here--- I had a wonderful lunch today!! baked beans and mac and cheese and banana pudding!! and we're about to go to the park and it's bee-yoo-tiful outside!


(I'm not just being random, this does have a purpose) :-)


zan said...

Well, I don't know what Hannah is talking about. Anybody? Anybody?

Are you having gas or something, Hannah?

Susan said...

She was just testing to see if her comment registered on the "recent comment" hack. Nothing exciting, really :). Evidently Blogger discriminates against the French ;).

Lydia said...

"Evidently blogger discriminates against the French." Susan, you are a riot! This made me laugh out loud!

Poor, Hannah! It's okay. I enjoyed your random rambling. :)
I am glad you had a "bee-yoo-tiful day" for you to go to the park. And your lunch sounded delightful!

Hmmm, I just thought of something. Maybe blogger won't allow comments from those who don't have a registered blog. Is that possible? Do you have a blog that you are hiding from all the rest of us? Hmmm?! Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Oh, and I can't comment on the Judah Ben-Hur thing because I have never seen the movie nor read the book (although I had heard the name, "Ben-Hur"). In fact, when Susan posted this I didn't have a clue what she was referring to. Sorry! :(

Oh, and slightly off-topic but still pertinent: I have Charleton Heston's autograph that I received in person when he came to town for a political dinner representing the NRA several years ago (1996). By accident on the radio, we heard an announcement about him flying into a small private airport for a press conference. I think he was more willing to sign an autograph when my mom asked him to sign one for her daughter "Lydia." He told me that his wife's name was "Lydia." The really crazy thing about it was that we weren't at the political dinner but those who were had to pay $500 a plate and he didn't sign any autographs for that group.

I guess it pays to listen to the radio every now and then. ;) God's providence certainly had something to do with it too.

Ashley said...

I'm with Lydia. My knowledge of Ben-Hur doesn't extend past Anne getting punished for reading it in school, so you'll have to explain the whole 41-60 thing.

Susan said...

Comments from Zan and my mom show up, and they don't have blogs. So it's just the French. . .

Ashley and Lydia, you haven't read or seen Ben-Hur???? I admit (as you may guess) that I'm only just reading the fantastic book, but the movie is one of those great old Hollywood "must-see" classics. Charleton Heston. What's not to like? ;) I'm not sure I should explain this cryptic post, for two reasons: (1) maybe it will make you watch movie or read the book, merely by curiosity, and (2) if you did read the book or watch the movie, I wouldn't want to spoil the plot.

So there, I'm going to be ornery :). You really should delve into the story. It's very interesting and that way you'll find out how the chariot race turns out. . . (that was for you, Ashley) It's an account of Judah Ben-Hur, who was a fictional contemporary of Christ.

zan said...

Charleton Heston is one of the greatest actors ever. Did you know that the part was originally pitched to Rock Hudson?? Oh, the horror. That movie would've bombed if he had been the star.

Angie said...

I've never seen the movie, and when I read your post, I could not figure out for the life of me what you were talking about!
I just love Ben Hur, it is one of my favorite books. I'm sure it must be better than the movie.

By the way, Zan your story of your conoeing antics reminds me of how my older sister and I used to pretend we were slaves in Arabia whenever we had to weed the garden:)

Susan said...

Okay, okay, Mother Dear seems to think I'm being cruel by not explaining myself. But I love cryptic comments! Fine.

It's really not exciting unless you've seen the movie, but I'll try to explain. Ben-Hur becomes a galley slave in the Roman navy, and the galley slaves are referred to by their seat numbers, not by their names. In the movie, Ben-Hur is "41," which sounds great with a British accent, especially as pronounced by Quintus Arrius. Whenever my family hears the number 41, we think of Ben-Hur. . . But in the book, he is 60, not 41. What a let-down!

Never mind. It's all sounding trite right now. It's like trying to explain a comic to someone who doesn't get it. The comic is ruined in the explanation. Ah well. I'm glad I had some who understood my grief :).