Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tea Party!

This weekend we had our good friends come and visit us from TN, and we 5 oldest girls had a tea party Saturday afternoon. We had fun preparing food for it and planning outfits, and of course actually having the tea party was the best part! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the event:

The kitchen staff busily prepared food for the event. Mary and I took charge of making the lemon bars; here Mary is cutting in shortening for Lemon Bars. We found an excellent recipe for these in the Hershey's Cocoa cookbook. Dee-licious!

Mary frosted "muffins" in preparation for the tea party. We decided to call them muffins instead of cupcakes; it made them sound healthier ;). Both the icing and the "muffins" were mixed from scratch of course :), orchestrated by Hannah with various assistants.

(The photographer seemed to be prejudice towards pictures of Mary, but we won't fault him/her for this oversight. . . Although not well-documented, other members of the kitchen staff also contributed).

We're all decked out in pretty clothes and ready for the festivities to begin. Sarah and I get extra points for wearing hats :); Pretty hats are so much fun, especially for tea parties.

Sarah and I pause for a picture.

Susan, Hannah and Mary smile for the camera.

Passing round the goodies and pouring the tea. We were on our best manners and used British accents, of course! Many of our feigned conversations were remarkably reminiscent of period dramas like Pride and Prejudice or Wives and Daughters :).

The "hired help" cleaned up after the tea guests were finished. Here the dish fairies pause to smile for the photographer.

All in all, it was a very fun and memorable event, and one that we hope can be repeated in the future :). What is it about tea parties that is so delightful?


Emily Goforth said...

It looks as though you had just a wee bit of fun!

Ben Garrison said...

JJ and I had a cereal-and-xbox party last night. Almost as classy, but more fun.

Susan said...

Yes, Emily, we did have fun :).

And very nice, Ben. *smiles and nods* Did you and JJ dress up for the event?

zan said...

I like the new picture of you on your icon. The other one looked like you were in the middle of running.

Cherish the Home said...

What FUN!! (o:

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Zan - A photo of Susan running?? Ha! That made me laugh. :-) I don't think those exist. Let's just say that Susan and running don't get along very well. (Exception being the fall when she had to run cross country to get the required PE credit for high school)

Susan - the real question to ask Ben is not just whether or not they dressed up but whether or not they wore pretty hats!

Susan said...

Zan - ditto to what Hannah said. Running and I don't get along very well :). I'm trying to figure out how I looked like I was running. Hmmm. I was standing in a jean dress in my back yard. Perhaps it was because my arms were resting on a gate? Anyway, I'm glad you liked the new picture :).

So, Ben, did you wear a pretty hat? Bonus point if it was decorated with a silk scarf.

Anonymous said...

Tea parties with younger friends are SO FUN!