Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our Dearest Idol

Here is a pithy quote from Charles Bridges' commentary on Ecclesiastes 4:4 :

God's work must be done. But we must be the doers of it. The thought is intolerable, that another and more honourable than ourselves should have the praise. We must throw something into the balance to depreciate his fair name, and to preserve the glory of our dearest idol - self. "How contrary a state" - as Bp. Taylor beautifully observes - "to the felicities and actions of heaven, where every star increases the light of the other, and the multitude of guests at the supper of the Lamb make the eternal meal more festival!" . . . The true power of the Gospel can alone root out this hateful principle. If there be a living union with Christ, will not his honour be our joy, by whomsoever it be advanced?

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Lydia said...

That is a very intriguing quote. How true for us as Christians to think that way as we still struggle with our old nature. Thanks for passing on the quote to your readers.

Off topic but, I just posted the brownie recipe you had asked about earlier. Maybe you would want to make some for your family or math students. You made need to "hide" a couple for yourself to eat later. ;) They don't last long.

Glad to see you haven't permanently left the blogosphere!