Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm confused. . .

Okay, yesterday I posted something on the dangers of bread. Blogger was being strange for me for most of yesterday, including when I posted. It never finished posting, but instead told me there were errors in posting. I've since gone back and tried to alter and republish the post a few times, in the hopes that it will fix the problem , but with no success. When I go back to my list of past posts, the post is listed as published, not as a draft. But it is not showing for me on my blog. However, it gets stranger. Evidently some people can read it, because I've received e-mail notification of two comments on that post. But it remains invisible to me, as do the comments. So my question is this: can anyone else see that post?

EDIT: Now it gets stranger. This post is also not showing for me. This is odd.

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John Dekker said...

Yeah, I can read both these posts individually, (e.g. but neither appear on your main blog.

At first I was trying to figure out what would make you delete it. ;)