Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Father Dear!

It's Father Dear's Birthday! :-D He's turning 30 for anyone wondering. . . Okay, not really, but he is youthful enough that he's mistaken for my husband or Hannah's on occasion. . . or Ben's brother. He loved it when a friend of Ben looked at a family picture and said, "I didn't know you had a brother." ;)

Anyway, in commemoration of his 35th birthday (I decided to be above-board on the age. . . ), we give you a list, a poem, and a true story!

First, here is a list of things we especially love about Father Dear:

He married Mother Dear.
He loves our family.
He works hard to provide for us.
He loves God, and taught us about God.
He taught us to love math :-D.
He amuses us in his own way.
He likes chocolate.
He fills our cars with gas for us :).
He protects us.
He watches Jane Austen films with us.
He encourages us to exercise (Or is that a good thing? - I wonder. . . )
He's willing to sing melody when his three alto companions are practicing harmony ;).
He will play board games that he doesn't like, just for us.

And, of course here is the obligatory poem by my accomplished *ahem* Sister Dear.

Daddy, father, you are loved
May God send you brownies from above
Filled with chocolate, syrup, nuts
All those things that make your mouth say 'Yum-utz!' (hey, it rhymes)

I wish you a minute of teaching with quiet
(very funny, I'm a riot)
If only your students perfectly angelic
Would consider your teaching a treasured relic

I wish you a spa with strong powered jets
One that would inspire jealousy from the Mets
May your family be willing to join in your fun
Even your dear, lovely, wonderful Hon

I'd wish you a life of love, joy, and peace
But this to you God has already bequeathed
Happy are we to have a Daddy so dear
On this day we rejoice with brownies and cheer!

Finally, here is an amusing anecdote that I typed up several weeks ago, and never posted. I finally decided to wait until Dad's birthday to post, as seemed appropriate :).


An Important Matter that Kept Father Dear up Late One Night

Some people cannot sleep until they remember the name of that curly, brown-haired actor who was in that obscure movie about the crusades. Some people toss and turn trying to get a song out of their heads. Then there are people (Garrisons) who are kept up late pondering mathematical wonders.

A few nights ago Father Dear was settling down to bed while staring at the digital clock in the room, noting that 26, 27, and 28 are consecutive numbers that are divided by 2, 3, and 4 respectively. The next logical quest, of course, would be to search for four consecutive numbers that are divided by 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively (besides the trivial set {2, 3, 4, 5}). Then one would try to discover five consecutive numbers, and so on. Father Dear naturally extended this in search of nine consecutive positive integers (excluding the trivial set 1-9) that are divided by 1-9, respectively.

While trying (and failing) to fall asleep, Father Dear devised a method for finding such a set. Simply prime factor the numbers 1-9 to find the least common multiple: 2520. Since 2520 is divisible by 1 (obvious, anyway), we can add 1 to it to get 2521, which is also (obviously) divisible by 1. But so much for the trivial case. Take 2. Since 2520 is divisible by 2 (by design, using the least common multiple), then if we add 2 we get another number - 2522 - which is also divisible by 2. Since 2520 is also divisible by 3 (by design, as the LCM), we can add 3 to get 2523, which is also divisible by 3. Continuing this pattern, we can see that the consecutive integers 2521-2529 are divided by the numbers 1-9, respectively. QED

Isn't my dad a genius? :)

Happy Birthday, Father Dear!!!!


zan said...

Wow. Your dad is so bizarre. Scary thing is that I actually understood and followed the math thing.

Ashley said...

I can totally picture your dad figuring out that math problem. :-)

Too bad I didn't realize it was his birthday! I would have brought by some brownies. :-)

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Garrison! My dad's birthday was this month as well. And he also likes math problems. To him they are like puzzles and to me they are just...problems. I could maybe see him lying in bed trying to figure out a math problem. He certainly lies in bed awake trying to sleep on a regualr basis. I think I inherited his lack of sleeping ability. *sigh*

I didn't even follow what you wrote, Susan, so it certainly wouldn't be me! :) It was interesting, but I never would have thought of that in a million years!

Yay! Hannah wrote another poem!
It made me want to try writing a poem for my dad even though I don't write poetry on a regular occasion. Generally, I don't like rhyming verses because they can seem like trite, cliches. Yours are an exception. I like them.

I like the phrase you used, "I'd wish you a life of love, joy, and peace
But this to you God has already bequeathed." The word "bequeathed" made me think of the old English Christmas carols I sang with my Chamber Singers ensemble group back in college. Leave it to you to mention, "May God send you brownies from above." I think nearly every one of your poems has something to this effect. Like this one, "As you eat by day and sleep by night
Always, always thinking, breathing
May you find rest, food, and delight for you soul
In your home."
I like it though. :)

I couldn't help wondering if your dad likes to sit in the spa since you mentioned one with "strong powered jets" but maybe it just fit with the rhyming of the poem. :)

This was a jointly creative and entertaining post. Thanks for sharing with us!

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Yes, Lydia, my dad does like to sit in his spa - very much! He just got a blowup one with jets that aren't very powerful, and he's dreaming of getting one with more powerful jets.
I'm glad you enjoyed the poem!

Ashley said...

Hannah! You got a new picture. And it looks like you used the Diffuse Glow effect, or something similar. :-)

une_fille_d'Ève said...

I'm guessing that's what my friend used. I'm actually not the one who did it... I wish I could say I did, but I'm not that good with messing around with pictures and sprucing them up! When I went up to Elijay with some friends, we took a bunch of fun pictures and one of the girls, who is really good with photography and photoshopping, played with them afterwards and this is one of them.