Saturday, September 09, 2006

Finally! - Pictures of My Room

Okay, I've decided to give Blogger another try at loading all these pictures. Some of you may remember that I attempted to do this about a month ago, but gave up out of frustration!


Here is a pictorial tour of my room, at the request of several curious readers. As I warned, it is rather tightly packed, to fit my sewing supplies and a good selection of books, but it is well-organized, which makes all the difference with limited space. My room is smaller than it was in our previous house, so to insure that everything would fit into my new room, before we moved I made a scale drawing of my new room on graph paper with all of my furniture pieces cut out. I wanted to fit a twin bed, a cedar chest, two quilt racks, three bookcases, two tables, a lamp, an ironing board, and a chest of drawers into an 11'x12' room. And people said I wouldn't be able to do it :). See, a real-life math application!

The walls are filled with old-fashioned pictures that I found at garage sales. I'll show close-ups of a few of my favorites later in the post. Also on the walls is my hat collection. I've found a variety of hats at Goodwill, usually for $1.10 a piece. Some of them are for decoration, and some I wear. Someday I'd like to decorate my daughters' rooms (Lord willing) with the pictures and hats, as I think there are enough for a few rooms :). But for now I've crowded them into one room. Ideally, I think decorations look better more spread throughout :).

Here we are entering my room. Note the garland hanging above the door. It matched my wall and quilt, so Sister Dear let me steal it from her :). It was a Goodwill find.

Here is the wall to the right as you enter. Note my lovely books :). Most of my books are in boxes, but I keep my favorite books, and the books I want to read in the near future, in these two bookcases by my bed. I bought three matching bookcases with movable shelves at a garage sale and combined all the shelves into two bookcases to give me more shelf room :). The teacups on the top of the right bookshelf I found at a garage sale for 25 cents each.

The quilt (log cabin, barn-raising pattern) on my bed, which I made a few years ago, was my first full-size one. My hope chest at the foot of my bed (see below) is beautiful, is it not? A family friend made it; make sure to check out his website! I used up a very large assortment of yarn scraps to make the afghan folded on the cedar chest.

Turning a bit to the left, we have my sewing center :-D. I turned a bookcase into a fabric case, and it works very well. I really should find a way to keep the dust off the fabric, but I don't have a good idea. I used a sheet before we moved, but it looked dumpy. Suggestions?

For my college graduation, Parents Dear gave me a serger, which is the machine to the left, next to my sewing machine. I have plastic storage shelves underneath my table; they hold my lace, zippers, interfacing, scrap material, and sewing patterns. On top I keep plastic containers for thread, ribbon, and miscellaneous sewing items. I bought the quilt rack on the far right to hang partially finished projects.

Turning a little more to the left, here is the next corner of my room. I'm arranging hats on the bed for a close-up picture, and Hannah thought it was neat the way my right arm looks half-there (She took all these pictures, by the way). I use the table behind me as a dressing table. I'd like to make some sort of covering for it, but I haven't figured out exactly what to do with it yet! I'm blocking the only chest of drawers I have in the room, which is small since most of my clothes are stored in the closet. I have a few plastic crates and metal racks in my closet (which you can barely see) to create more storage above my hanging clothes, which I use for extra batting, yarn, and shoes. I also keep some of my knitting supplies in a knitting basket on the floor of my closet, as you can see.

Continuing to the left, we are back at the door! I have an ironing board on the back of my door, which is quite convenient for sewing, since I don't have floor space to keep a full-size ironing board open in my room. I also have a second quilt rack beside my door, that I use to hang towels and such. This picture also shows several of my hats.

Here is a close-up of my six favorite hats.

And here are a few close-ups of my favorite pictures:

This one is very nostalgic to me, because Hannah and I used to play school with our friends when we were little. I usually got to be the teacher, and I was a mean one :).

I think this one is so elegant and feminine.

This is probably my favorite one. The girls playing in the field with the country church in the background is such a picturesque scene!

I found these three reprints of famous paintings for free(!) at a church rummage sale! The top two paintings are Monet, and the bottom one is van Gogh.

Okay, thus ends the pictorial picture of my room.


Bernadine said...

Lovely room Susan. You've really made your small space into an organized, delightful and welcoming room.

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting pictures!! I've been wondering what it looks like. I see it's just how I imagined! (I don't remember you having so many hats, though...)

By the way, did you post this before or after I posted the pictures of my apartment? :-)

I think your room looks nice, too, although it's not my taste. As you said, it would probably look better spread out, but you've done a good job with what you have!

When we went to rearrange our apartment, we found an online computer program and did it that way. :-) Hehe

zan said...

I am so surprised that we have such similar decorating tastes. I love the color scheme in your room. I love the yellow walls.

When our house is finished and we are into our master bedroom, with master bathroom (bathroom with whirl pool tub, that is) I am going to do yellow and green shades. Maybe by the time my husband retires we will have the room finished.

I LOVE the hats! What a great way to decorate. I bet it is murder to keep it dusted.

I love the pictures (I actually recognized some). I love feminine pictures and have quite a bit of those fair maiden pictures, myself, but my husband isn't crazy about them. When we do get all the walls painted he doesn't have the option to refuse me hanging them up. : )

Anyway, beautiful room.

Crystal said...

Wow, this looks so organized, so tasteful, and yet so productive! I'm impressed!

Mrs.B. said...

What a lovely room! I love to be able to 'picture' people where they are.

I think you've done an amazing job of fitting all of that into such a small space and having it look so nice!

And....every decorating book I've read says that collections should be displayed together because they have more impact. When you spread out a collection it can look disjointed and not have as much meaning.

Jessica said...

Oh, that was fun! I love seeing people's rooms, even if it is just through pictures...I think you can tell a lot about a person from their room... Obviously, I LOVE your bookcases...and the pictures you have on your wall. A very feminine and lovely room...thanks for sharing!

Jessie said...

Oh, Susan, that was so fun!
Now I'm inspired to
1- fix my closet door so it will hang on its hinges (that's one of three in my room ; ) )
2- get it all organized so I can post my pictures!
Thanks for the inspiration.

Now, on your bookshelf, I identified the Anne series (with perhaps Emily, etc, as well?) Beverly Lewis Amish fiction books, Narnia, perhaps Daughters of Destiny (?), Pilgrims Progress (?), and is that a set of Compton's Encyclopedias?? It was fun trying to recognize what you had there. My library work helped me identify some of those...

And I love how you've arranged your sewing supplies with such success! Even your fabrics are all nice and color-coordinated... I'm half-afraid to show you my sewing room. I recently organized my fabric stashes, to some extent, but I keep bringing home more fabric before I've made room for it in the cabinet. And since I have my own separate area for sewing, and I can leave a project out without it interfering with the rest of our space, I tend to not be too careful about always cleaning up when I'm done. I leave my projects out and about...

And I love your hats and pictures. Your quilt is beautiful. I'm still deciding how I want to make mine, and I'm toying around between a "gingham" effect, or the diamond effect like yours... I'm just planning on using fairly large squares (for the gingham) or squares made from 2 triangles for the diamond pattern. I want it to be easily finished, and not left to itself to bring me to shame ; )

Thanks for the "tour"!

Anna Naomi said...

I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your room! The pictures you have are so pretty!

Susan said...

Thank you for the compliments, everyone :). By the way, I can't take credit for the lovely yellow and green wall scheme, as that came with the house - but it is lovely, and something I would be likely to choose!

I promise I didn't see your apartment post first, Ashley :). That's funny, though!

I wear a number of the hats semi-regularly, Zan, so they don't seem to get dusty easily. I hadn't thought of that much.

That's an interesting thought regarding collections, Mrs. B. I'll keep that in mind. It's a bit different with my hats, I guess, because many are utilitarian, and they are more for accent decorating than the main focus. But I like the idea of keeping collections together!

You had some correct guesses on "book sightings," Jessie. The right bookcase, second shelf, is almost entirely L.M. Montgomery paperbacks - I have close to 30. Narnia, Beverly Lewis, Pilgrim's Progress, yes, yes, yes. I think the book you mistook for Daughters of Destiny is probably one of my copies of Robin Hood. And the "encyclopedias" are actually Calvin's commentaries :).

I love the idea of a gingham effect on a quilt. I'd like to try that sometime. I used to not have my fabric well-organized, but then I organized it by yardage (<2 yards, 2-4 yards, and > 4 yards), and it is such a help! I also sort non-cottons separately. It's very convenient when searching for quilting fabric choices.

Also, sewing tip for all sewers: pre-wash all fabric as soon as you buy it. That way you don't forget which fabric is washed :).

Lydia said...

This was a great idea for a post. I think your room looks a lot like you, Susan! At least in personality and preferences. I like the many books on the shelves and your creative use of space. I need to be better about that. I was actually considering renting a storage unit because of all the "stuff" I have collected recently. My closet is entirely full and I have three clear, under-the-bed boxes on wheels completely packed with things. My single, four-shelf unit is full and my dresser is overflowing. I don't think I better post any pictures of my room at this time, but I would like to in the future.:)

My sister dear is a wiz when it comes to organization and clutter. I have offered to pay her to help organize my room for me (yes, I'm that desperate). It's just not my strength to organize things efficiently.

I appreciated your ideas put into practice. Do all your hope chest items fit in the chest? I don't have a "hope chest" but my so-called "hope chest" items are currently stacked in my closet or in boxes around my room. Not a great way to store them, I know.

How neat that you decorate with hats. It reminded me of my sister dear's room. She has many hats hainging on the walls along with old-fashioned baby items around the room. I think you two would be able to discuss many things about homemaking. I lack greatly in this department. Partly by self limitation and partly from lack of natural bent. I am amazed at how well-rounded you are in the domestic as well as academic arenas.

I could work on the domestic front. I love to do some things like trying new recipes but have no desire to do others like quilting or crocheting. I have sewn before but not much and with a considerable lack of skill.

Hopefully, the skills I lack are made up for by other skills but there is always room for improvement.

Thanks for this neat post. It inspired me to get my room straightened and arranged.

BTW, I finally completed that book meme you tagged me for awhile back.

Susan said...

I can relate to considering renting a storage unit, Lydia! I have a hard time cramming everything in my room. I have a few plastic storage containers under my bed as well, and some of my books are boxed in the garage or attic.

Susanna and I seem alike in many ways. I love just about any type of homemaking. I get an indescribable thrill out of organizing things. My brother and his best friend used to play Risk a lot, and I would sit next to him while they played, straightening the rows of soldiers, horses, and cannons after each time he removed some from the stack :).

It's wonderful, though, that God gives each of us special niches, and we don't all have to be psycho organizers to be used of Him :). Believe me, organization can be a blessing or an obsession!

No, not all my hopechest items are actually in my hope chest. Mother Dear therefore says that I have no hope left :). I have some things boxed in my closet as well.

Miss Elisabeth said...

Lovely! I really like how organized it is - I've got fabric and books everywhere, because I have a huge hobby, and literally no where to put it. And it drives me rather nuts. ;-) I'm the opposite of organized - at least my textbooks go on one shelf and my notebooks on another...generally. :-D

We've got the same ironing board - save I wore my pad out, so I've got a heavy duty one that I cut up to fit the short board.

The hats are lovely, too, and I wish I could get away with that, but my high wall (it goes 10 feet above my sister's bunkbed!) really would look terribly clutter with enough hats to tastefully cover it. I'm thinking more along the lines of a quilt. (But though I love patchwork, I hate actually quilting the layers, so that might be why I've only complete one top so far......)

John Dekker said...

I know exactly what you mean by "books I want to read in the near future" - I have about the same number of books in my lounge room, and they are all books that I mean to read in the next year. All the rest of my books are at my Mum's house.

The trouble is, some books have been on the to-read list for five years now... :(

Sherrin said...

Wonderful, wonderful! I really enjoyed this post. I can see that maths skills must be useful, if they enable you to fit so many things into your room whilst still keeping it looking presentable!

Since I am now with blogger beta, I can't post under blogger anymore at the moment :(. Are you going to blogger beta?

Sherrin said...

I meant to say I can't comment in blogger with my usual password and user name, etc. But it seems fine because I can easily comment under "other" type in my name and web page instead. Not too much trouble!

deb said...

Susan, this was absolutely a fun post! I loved seeing your room! You have a knack for knowing how to fit stuff in!

Great idea, too, on the fabric-case! I like being able to see the stash lined up on the shelves versus it being covered. I can't help though on how to keep the fabric dustless.

Thanks for posting your room pics!

Susan said...

Elisabeth, quilting the layers together has kind of grown on me. I do it mostly by machine, and I find that the less I try to neatly keep the quilt in order, the easier it flies through the machine. It is a bit daunting at times, though! I've machine quilted one king size quilt, and I think I will keep that experience unique!

Hmmm, I know what you mean about books that you've been meaning to read for 5 years, John :).

Sherrin, what exactly is Blogger Beta?

Deb, I really like to see all the fabric out too, especially organized and coordinated :). It's a great motivator for projects, also!

Angie said...

What a neat post. I'm inspired to go organize my own room! I love the way you have your sewing area. Our sewing room at our house gives my Mom and I headaches. (Largely because we let it stay a mess :) And I love your quilt. Someday, when I have time on my hands, I want to learn to quilt.

Missy said...

Susan,what make of sewing machine do you have? I am doing research on sewing machines as I am looking to buy one.



Susan said...

I am partial to Singer machines, though I admit I'm not an expert sewing machine consultant :). My machine is not a high-end model, more middle end. I got it for $179 on sale, if I remember correctly. It's a Singer, but it doesn't have a model number(?), which I think is weird. I got it at Hancock Fabric's, and it has about 12-18 decorative stitches. I've had it for 2 years, and I haven't had any problems with it. It's a really nice machine for regular sewing.

My previous machine (actually my mom's) lasted 20 years, and it was a Singer. It was as old as I was, and died a few years ago, but it lasted a while!

My personal opinion: don't get a macine with a fancy computer screen. Then you have to worry about the computer breaking or it being fried by lightning.

Whatever you do, don't get a cheap Wal-Mart model! I've heard horror stories (multiple friends) of those machines just falling apart or lasting for only a few months. I've used them a few times, and they're just not worth the cheap price.

Also, it's nice to get a machine with an automatic buttonholer, if you plan on sewing garments with buttons. My machine has a 4-step buttonholer, which is not the same thing, but it didn't end up mattering because I already had an automatic buttonhole attachment for my other machine, and it fits on my new one.

Maria said...

Lovely Susan! It is possible to fit many things into a small space, and still have it organized and pleasant.

The way my mother has organized her fabrics is in a closet with wire baskets. Because they are in a closet, they stay clean, and look neat. My mother has sorted the cottons by color, and they are easy to find.

It occurred to me that you don't have any shelves hanging on your walls.

I seem to be partial to Viking sewing machines, but that is what my mother's machines are, so those are what I have used. The buttonholer isn't too bad, it might be what you call a 4-step, and it has 8 cams with 4 decorative/special stiches each, so it is quite versatile.

Do you use your sewing machine for machine quilting?

Susan said...

Thank you for the compliments on my room, Maria :).

I like the idea of wire baskets in the closet for fabric. What a good idea! If only I had room in my closet, then I would definitely try that. I also sort all my fabrics by color (not sure if it is evident by the picture), because it is so much easier to choose quilting fabrics if you can go right to the colors you are looking for! If I'm doing a pink and green quilt, for example, I can just pull out the pink and green parts of my stack and look through those, rather than sifting through *everything* to try to find every last scrap of the right color.

Yes, I don't have any shelves hanging on my walls. I've thought about installing some for either more book space(!) or to display my porcelain dolls (which are currently packed away), but I just never did :(. It would be a nice addition, though I'd have to remove some pictues and hats :).

Viking machines are probably the best. They are excellent machines. If I had been able to budget one, I would have opted for a Viking instead of a Singer. For low-to-mid priced machines, Singer are very good, but my understanding is that Viking are the best!

I do use my sewing machine for machine quilting. I've only hand-quilted one quilt (that I'm working on right now), but my other quilts I've machine quilted. It works really well on my machine, and it is so much quicker!

Adrian C. Keister said...

I didn't know that you sew! That's great, really great. At the risk of sounding patronizing, keep it up! Nice room, and cleverly done up, I think. Kudos to Hannah for the well-done pics.

In Christ.

Susan said...

Thank you for the compliments on my room set-up, Adrian. And Hannah certainly has a knack with the camera. I've never been able to catch on with digital cameras. My brother is especially gifted with digital cameras. He has taken some breathtaking pictures of nature.

I find it highly amusing that you did not know that I sew :). Mother Dear says that's like me not knowing that you like classical music ;). I've posted on sewing before. Mother Dear taught me when I was 7, and I've loved it ever since. I picked up quilting about 4 years ago.

Adrian C. Keister said...

You're welcome. I guess I just wasn't paying attention before when you posted. Must have had a blonde moment, eh? ;-)]

In Christ.

Susan said...

Indeed, you had a blonde moment.

( :-)

But, I shall forgive you, because I'm just that kind of person. *pats self on back*

You don't remember when I took a 3-week break in February and March for the purpose of sewing a bridesmaid dress and wedding quilt? :)

Adrian C. Keister said...

Ja, I remember that, now you mention it. Silly me. Shall we TIOC?

In Christ.

Susan said...

Certainly we may TIOC :).