Friday, September 01, 2006

Hehe. . . my dad has endured a lot as a public school math teacher

I love my daddy. He's (bravely) taught math in the public schools for 20 years in order to provide for us. He's had good classes, mediocre classes, and downright horrible classes. He now teaches mainly Calculus and gifted Pre-Calculus, but he's had some pretty dreadful schedules in the past! Mother Dear was going through some paperwork today and found a poem that one of my dad's students wrote for him 10 years ago. We will allow the author to remain anonymous, but let us say that he is one of those students who will live on in infamy in our family's history ;).

General Math II (referenced in the poem) is equivalent to Technical Math II, by the way. Oh, and make sure to read it with a rap beat for the proper effect. *groan*

This morning I stole a Lexus to get to school
To hear Garrison teach about the golden Rule
General Math II is what he can teach the best
No math teacher can compete (yo) he fades the rest

Right now I'm failin' that class with a 53
But I'll get that 70, just wait and see
Cause math ain't hard if you apply yourself
It gets you good women and a ton of wealth

And I'm out to get knowledge in the '96
I've beatin' down rednecks and a lot of hicks
Cause they've stood in the way of my math degree
And if it happens again (yo) it's the cemetery

So when it comes to math I don't joke around
And if Garrison talks, you best not make a sound
Unless you want to end up bleeding on the ground
[He makes it sound like Father Dear is an assassin!]

Garrison's teachin' free of charge
And with what he's teachin' you'll be livin' large
So pay attention in class and do your work
Unless you want to end up bein' a grocery store clerk


Jessie said...

Well apparently that guy didn't enjoy math too much, but he certainly must have liked literature ;-) Talk about a classic...!
Your poor dad.

(I'm your first comment again!)

Sherrin said...

I love it!

Ashley said...

Hey! Sherrin stole what I was going to say!

That poem cracked me up. :-) My favorite line is: "Case math ain't hard if you apply yourself/It gets you good women and a ton of wealth"

zan said...

70 was passing?

I had to get a 77 on everything to get into the nursing program which included college algebra which was a joke. But I did manage to get the grade. I guess college is different.

Did your mom grade your work when you were homeschooled?

Susan said...


You know, I'm trying to remember if my mom graded my homework. I think she did. Actually our grade for math was the least formal of any grade we got. We took very structured tests for science and history for example, but usually we just took the back-of-the-chapter test for math. I don't remember getting letter grades for math.

60 was passing for my classes in college. . . not that I ever was borderline with a 60 ;).

Oh, and Ashley, that was my favorite line too. Math is a chick magnet, I guess ;).

Ashley said...

In my high school, you had to get a 65 to pass, I believe. (I never really had to worry about that, so I'm not sure!) In college, you had to get a least a C- in your major classes and at least a D in the gen ed classes to pass.