Friday, August 11, 2006

A Few Days of Fresh Air

As Sister Dear and I reentered the perimeter of Atlanta yesterday, we could literally smell and taste the pollution. It was nice to breathe in the fresh, clean air of Kentucky for a few days, but we're back in Atlanta. . . and during the summer, it's hotter, more humid, and more polluted than normal. Atlanta is not perfect, but it's still home, so here I stay.

We had a marvelous time in Kentucky! We drove up Sunday after church, arriving in time for supper at the Trues.

Monday we spent at a nearby lake with some of the Trues' good friends, whom we have met before. I dutifully slathered myself in sunscreen and wore a gigantic straw hat, but still managed to get a little burnt on my shoulders and face. *sigh* 'Twasn't very bad, though. Mrs. True said she had never seen anyone take a bath in sunscreen before ;). I just burn so easily!! Miriam found a very appropriate keychain for me on a jaunt to Wal-Mart :) - a small bottle of sunscreen.

At the beginning of our lake time, a quick docking-the-boat trip across the lake turned into an hour-and-a-half adventure with a stalled boat and a lightning storm. We managed to maneuver the boat into a small cove to wait out the storm, which brought to mind memories of reading mystery books with hidden coves and such :). Did anyone else enjoy reading Snow Treasure growing up (the cove brought to mind the fjord where they hid the ship with the gold) or Molly Saves the Day (remember the cove with poison ivy?)?

It was so cold after it started raining (so much for a 110 degree heat index!), so we jumped into the water in the cove and sheltered ourselves behind a smaller boat we had. We decided to sing in the rain :) to pass the time. I never did care much for that musical. . . but it was still fun to sing in the rain! We taught the Trues the silly round we learned in Indiana, and we sang a few other songs. Miriam knew the tenor part to I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb, and Hannah and I know knew the alto, so with Grace taking the soprano part, it sounded very pretty!

After the storm passed we actually were able to get out on the lake - and the sun came back out :(. Hannah tried wake-boarding for the first time and did quite well for a beginner! I decided not to try. I knew I didn't have the arm strength, the coordination, or a proper outfit for it (my shorts were too skirty), but I did try tubing a little later. All in all, 'twas a fun day, even with all the sun exposure :).

Tuesday we drove down to TN to spend the afternoon and evening with Lydia, who got married back in March. We all had fun talking, covering a variety of subjects, from courtship to dispensationalism and from the current place of the moral law to the lake visit the day before. We also watched a chick flick (always a necessity!), made supper, and I barely survived a trip on the 4-wheeler down through the path in the woods. I was glad to make it back on firm ground again! Because of the timing of our trip to TN, we missed the slaughtering of 11 chickens during our absence, which was all well and good with me :). Mr. and Mrs. True and Anna did just fine (or better?) without me and the others there, though it would have made for an interesting blog post, I imagine!

Wednesday morning we shucked approximately 4000 (okay, that was a gross exaggeration. . . ) ears of corn, blanched them, and cut off the kernels. I evidently found friends among the corn, because I found all sorts of crawly things on me afterwards - ew! The afternoon included the obligatory trip to the thrift store in town, where I found few nice shirts and a few more books.

Thursday morning found Hannah and me loading up the car and driving back home. We made good time, even with a bit of Atlanta traffic. I would load a few pictures from our trip, but it seems Blogger still won't let me upload pictures! Which means my current profile picture must remain for a bit longer :).


Ashley said...

Ah, I used to take deep breaths of fresh air every time I came to Atlanta, and marvel at how wonderful it felt! I would drive by the trees and be amazed that the world could be so green. I felt like Atlanta was heaven. :-)

I liked your boating/lake adventure. Molly Saves the Day was one of my favorite AG books! It also reminded me of Samantha Saves the Day - I don't know if you ever read that one.

Sounds like you had a great trip! I've missed you though. :-) Welcome back!

zan said...

I remember Molly! Wow. I haven't thought about those books in awhile!

Glad you had a nice trip.

Susan said...

I guess compared to Lima, Atlanta was a refreshing change. . . ;)

Yes, I read Samantha Saves the Day - that was one of my favorites as well! I stopped reading them right before Josefina was introduced.

Sherrin said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good trip, Susan, and only got a teeny bit burnt! I don't think you'd like the sun here in Tasmania. Visitors say it is a lot stronger than in other places in the world, and burns more easily. That does not mean we are any warmer though! Quite the opposite, unfortunately!

I'm glad you got to visit the 2nd hand store. I went on to two stores with a friend recently. I find I can go over my budget, even at 2nd hand stores!