Thursday, August 24, 2006

Guys, gals rate looks differently

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Guys, gals rate looks differently

That's the title of a short piece in the newpaper this past week, and my first thought when I read that title is "of course."

One of the homework questions I assigned for my statistics students last week required them to cite a survey of their choice from a newspaper. One of my students chose one from the AJC and included the clipping with her homework:

Several years ago I asked our teen readers, "When selecting a date, what single characteristic do you consider most important, including intelligence, race, religion, looks, personality, sense of humor, has use of a car, and is tobacco-, alcohol- and drug-free."

This survey question was answered by 4,642 teens (3,102 girls, 1,540 boys.). For the girls the most important characteristic was that a date not smoke, drink or take drugs. By a huge majority (49 percent) this was No. 1. Next came good sense of humor (14 percent), personality (13 percent), intelligence (10 percent), same religion (7 percent), looks (3 percent), same race (2 percent) and, finally, has a car (1 percent).

The boys had a different set of values. They chose looks (33 percent), personality (20 percent) and good sense of humor (13 percent) as the top three characteristics, followed by intelligence (11 percent), same religion (10 percent), same race (6 percent), not smoking, drinking or taking drugs (5 percent) and has a car (1 percent).

Interesting. Apparently girls like straight-laced guys (here, here!), and guys like pretty girls. And I guess most guys nowadays don't pay much attention to the old Baptist chant: we don't smoke, and we don't chew, and we don't go with girls who do. Hehe. Only 5 percent of guys rated that a major issue.

For those who missed my earlier (and admittedly superfluous) musings on guy-girl attractions, you can read them here, here, and here.


Jessie said...

How true! That's interesting to see in such an "official" manner. I can pretty much relate with what the other girls said, though in my case it would be
Tobacco-, Alcohol-, Drug-Free
Use of a car
Sense of Humor

I put "use of a car" up there pretty high, because even if a guy is really smart and has a great personality, if he doesn't own a car, well, I'm just not too excited about getting involved with a guy who doesn't make enough money to own a car. How could he afford to pay for me too!? Even an old car is fine with me. He just needs to have one. I supposed "use" of a car is a little sketchy for me, though, because I would still consider a guy if he owned a car but couldn't, at the moment, use it, if he had been in a wreck and was repairing it or was loaning it to someone else, etc...
I get too carried away in these hypothetical questions!

Let's hope and pray for our guys to put religion and character above physical beauty!
See here for an interesting article.

John Dekker said...

This is interesting. I don't date, but if I did if would be *something* like

sense of humour
tobacco / alcohol / drugs

Of course, an appreciation of good wine would be an advantage. ;)

Susan said...

Our lists would be pretty similar - religion on the top, race on the bottom. I wouldn't put alcohol-free up top (drinking in moderation wouldn't bother me, though I abstain), but other than that it would be about the same. I loved your reasoning with the "use of a car." The original survey was for teenagers who doubtless weren't thinking about financial stability ;), but for us girls who are wanting a provider, not just a boyfriend, I see what you mean :). And I liked the article you linked.

I guess for men, John, the car-as-a-sign-of-provision wouldn't be an issue, so it makes sense for you to put it low :).

Jessie said...

You're right in that the people who sponsered the survey weren't asking people who were considering "dating"-to-marriage, just dating-for-fun, in which case it really doesn't matter that much if the guy doesn't have a car!!
I put alcohol-free and all that up at the top of the list pretty high, because although I don't have a huge problem with a very rare mildly alcoholic drink (read: wine), my mom and stepdad would never let me consider someone who did drink (smoking and drugs are out of the question). My dad and stepmom don't have a problem with occasional drinks, and I'm not sure that I do either. But being a member of my church, I agreed not to drink, so I won't, even if I don't think it's all that bad... for sake of unity with my parents and other church members, I won't do it or support a courtier who does. Anyway, long answer to a minor question. ; )
Glad you enjoyed the article.

Susan said...

Long answers to minor questions are the best ;). . . and I quite agree with your line of thought.

Ashley said...

I wrote a long comment about men and cars, but Blogger ate it so you will just have to wonder. :-p

Susan said...

I'm going to be calling you at 3:00 a.m. when I'm still awake wondering. . . Mean Ashley!