Saturday, August 05, 2006


That's the sound of the last few weeks going by. . . What happened to those drafts that I was going to finish this week???

Our dear friends from TN just left, after spending a day with us, and tomorrow Hannah and I are heading up to KY to spend a few days with our friends there. We'll be back Thursday. We are really looking forward to seeing the Trues for a few days and catching up with them!

A few random notes:

I've been meaning to change my blogger profile picture, since Brother Dear has dubbed me Gappy McDeadEye. Isn't he sweet? He has pointed out that the picture is not very flattering when it is condensed (as it appears on my sidebar and in comments). I look like I have gaps in my teeth and cataracts in my eyes. Oh well. It will have to remain for a while longer (at least until next week), especially since blogger is not really being very cooperative with posting pictures.

Crystal linked to a really good article on parenting and the over-sheltering tendency of many Christian parents (especially home schoolers). It discusses all sorts of things like judgmentalism, focusing on outside performance instead of the heart, etc: Are we more concerned with protecting our kids from that which is bad or with putting into them that which is good? It's a really good read, and I highly suggest you take the time to read it. I will admit that I only read half of it, but I have ironing and packing to do!


zan said...

About your picture: I wasn't going to say anything, but... : D

Jessie said...

ooh-hooh, yikes, he's right... sorry, dear. I wouldn't ever have noticed it, but your loving brother just has such a way with words, you know. Just like Hannah. : ) (How are ya, Hannah?)

Can't wait to see you Saturday!!
I hope I get my e-mail to you before you leave tomorrow. But if not, have a great trip, and I'll see you soon!

Note to other readers: Come Monday I will have the official report as to whether or not Susan really does have gapped teeth and cataracts... I therefore withhold final judgment till then. ; D

Ashley said...

Susan, I've been meaning to talk to you about going to the dentist and the optomologist. I know you brag about your carrot eyes, but there comes a time when you must face the truth...