Friday, February 10, 2006

Snow Can Be a Nuisance

Our good friend Erika is here for a two-day visit before she has to report back to her drama troupe tomorrow. Ashley is going to join us tonight to watch Anne of Green Gables performed by a local homeschool fine arts program. We've been looking forward to this particular production for a while :). I love all the Anne books!

Our plan for the weekend was to drop off Erika in Tennessee early tomorrow on our way up to my friend Lydia's bridal shower in Kentucky, but alas, a winter storm advisory for Kentucky has forced us to postpone the shower until next weekend :(.

But there's a silver lining to every snowstorm :). Now we get a little more time with Erika. Also I get more time to research wedding cake options before consulting with Lydia's sister who, it turns out, would not be able to be there this weekend but can be there next weekend. So, all in all, snow can be a blessing in disguise :).

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