Sunday, February 19, 2006

I've Been Double-Tagged

Okay, okay. I realize I am very tardy in responding to my tags, but Samara and Jessica both tagged me with a meme. I'm giving into peer pressure, I suppose. *sigh* :) This one had fun questions and wasn't too long, so I'll give in and complete it :). I actually enjoy filling out these types of things; I just try to restrict myself, given my past history of surveys, which I related here ;).


Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place.
Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) Ink and Incapability
2) The Happy Feminist
3) Space Station Samara
4) Everything Domestic
5) An Old-Fashioned Girl

Select Five People to Tag
- I think most people have already done this. . . I'll just go with "whoever wants to do this" :). That's always safe.

What were you doing ten years ago?
- Enduring our family's infamous "February Flu." It was an illness that will go down in the history of the Garrisons. . . As a bonus for me, it developed into pneumonia (my second of three cases so far). *ick*

What were you doing one year ago?
- Surviving student-teaching. 'Nuff said.

Five snacks you enjoy
- raw carrots
- chocolate!
- oranges
- apples
- crackers

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
- My Jesus, I Love Thee (I want this played at my funeral)
- In Christ Alone (and this one too. . . )
- Most of the songs from The Sound of Music and many other musicals
- Faithfully
- The Faithful (Steve Green with Voice of the Martyrs)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
- "give" most of it to the government ;)
- tithe to my church
- donate to the Answers in Genesis Museum project and Gospel for Asia
- place in savings
- add to my book collection :)

Five Bad Habits
- being over-critical of others/assuming it's someone else's fault
- chocolate
- playing with my bangs and hair
- being overly organized (to the point of obsession)
- multi-tasking (to the detriment of the tasks)

Five things you like doing
- reading!
- blogging :)
- quilting
- baking
- math!

Five things you would never wear again (never is a rather strong word - how about "probably never" or "prefer to never". . . )
- pants (except to bed)
- shorts (except to swim)
- high-heels (after next month. . . )
- a bathing suit without a cover-up (people think 2-piece suits are cool, well I'm even cooler with a 3-piece suit!), hehe, ;)
- many assorted outfits in my past. . .

Five Favorite "Toys"
- the computer
- my sewing machine
- my serger
- the piano
- my hair


Jessie said...

how could I have forgotten my sewing machine as my favorite toy??? thanks for reminding me. : )
I just bought a new Singer 1725- can't wait to try it out this week!
Funny that your never-wears describe mine too. I didn't exactly list them as you did but yours all apply to me as well : )
thanks for doing the meme anyway. I don't plan on doing any others for a while, so you don't have to worry too much about another one from me! Sometimes they're fun but they can get pretty boring after a while.

Anonymous said...

3 piece wwim suits?... I think I know what you mean. I always wear at least a 2 piece - suit with shorts over it. :-)

This is a bit random, but I keep thinking I should tell you... A while back you were looking for good from-scratch cookbooks. "More with Less Cookbook" is a really good one! I think it was done by the MCC (Mennonite Central Committy).

Susan said...


My serger and sewing machine were definitely the first "toys" I thought of. I love them! I got a serger for the first time about a year ago, and it is so wonderful :).


By 3-piece swim suit, I mean a one-piece with long shorts/culottes made from nylonish(?) material, and then a sleeveless shirt made from swimsuit material. I just like to joke about it because most people think 1-piece suits are so passe compared to two-piece, so I figure I'm one-upping the two-piecers ;).

Did you ever read Cheaper by the Dozen? In that book the new one-piece suits were coming out to replace the out-of-style 2-piece suits. We were confused reading the book, until they described the two-piece suits. They were a tight body suit-type piece covered with a loose overdress of sorts, if I remember correctly. It's very interesting to look at how styles have changed over the years. . .

Thanks for the cookbook recommendation! I love good from-scratch cookbooks :).

Anonymous said...

Hey! My mom has the "More With Less" cookbook too - I think she liked it. :-) I can ask her. If she's not using it, I can see if she'll let me lend it to you to try it out. (If we still have it.)

Susan said...


Ooh, if your mom does have it and she's willing that would be great if I could borrow it. I must admit to not having opened the Wycliffe cookbook yet! Can you believe it? This weekend Hannah and I are going to be doing some experimental cooking hopefully (if she is game), since our plans with you have been delayed. . .

Anonymous said...

You haven't even opened it yet??? *sigh* And here I've been, without a cookbook, forced to live off frozen dinners until I get it back. ;-) hehe

Cherish the Home said...

I love gospel for asia too! My husband and I help support two of their missionaries every's amazing how little they can live on!

I'm glad you do these, Susan, because I always enjoy reading your answers. (o:

Susan said...

Yes, Hannah first learned about GFA, and convinced the rest of us to read Revolution in World Missions. Native missions really is a very effective way to reach Asia for Christ.