Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Engagement Pictures

Per request, here are some pictures. Mother Dear took our engagement pictures in July on Virginia Tech's campus. She did a lovely job, I thought :-).

Okay, okay, this is not an engagement picture. This is a picture of Adrian and me sorting through books. We were lining up L.M. Montgomery books to put on the shelf. This is the 3rd and smallest bedroom in our apartment, and we're using it for a library/office.

I love this picture, with my hair squished between me and Adrian :-).

We took this picture for Hannah, and other obsessed Narnians :-D.

This is on a bridge on the duckpond, near where Adrian proposed.

This is our "official" engagement picture. I love Adrian's smile in this one :-). And actually, our coordinating clothes weren't planned on our part.


miller_schloss said...

I loved that last on that you sent in your invitations. We have it on the fridge!

ashley said...

Awww. :-)

Kacie said...

They're all lovely!

Robert said...

You have alot of L.M. Montgomery books.Have you counted the total books in your combined collection?

I enjoyed the pictures, especially the "official" one.

Tammy C said...

Nice pictures!!

Enjoy the next couple weeks before th big day.