Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hmmm. Around the blogosphere everyone seems to be experiencing delightful signs of autumn, whether it be crisp cool air or even the start of leaves changing. Australian friends are a noticeable exception, of course ;-). Well, in Georgia the heat has dropped off, but it's still rather warm and humid, and NOT FALL-LIKE. Hmmmph. I have a wedding in a week, and I want it to feel like fall! Autumn is my favorite season of the year (Adrian's too), and it would be marvelous to have a fall crispness in the air :-). I'm still holding out hope, because in Georgia the change to fall is very sudden, and usually a few days before the official start of Autumn.

Oh, and poll: when is the first day of autumn? I seem to be running into discrepancies online. Some sites say the 22nd; some say the 23rd. So our wedding is either the last day of summer or the first day of autumn. And it's so funny, because I have a friend whose birthday is the 22nd, and one of Adrian's nieces has that birthday as well, and of course Bilbo and Frodo have that birthday. So much competition for the 22nd of September!

I know I haven't been able to response to all your lovely comments on the courtship post. Glad several of you enjoyed the book :-). Ashley is coming over soon to stuff tulle with birdseed, so I better go!


Adrian C. Keister said...

Well, according to Wikipedia here:,

the fall equinox this year falls on Sept. 23. But you can easily see that sometimes it falls on the 22nd. And, further, since fall is by many assumed to begin on the equinox, it follows that fall this year will begin on the 23rd. However, this pretty little box will by no means contain God, and we shouldn't expect Him to start fall based on our definitions. :-)]

In Christ.

deb said...

Hi Susan ~ I wanted to comment on your birdseed bags which I'm assuming your guests will toss at you and Adrian as you leave on your honeymoon (well, not the bags, but the seed...LOL!).

We did the same for our wedding. It was all a success as far as we knew at that time. And maybe I've told this story on our blog before - not sure. But halfway thru our honeymoon my husband starting having pain in his ear and had to visit an Urgent Care on Chincoteague Island. As it turned out, one of the seeds had found its way into his ear and had proceeded to sprout during the week we were away.

The doctor and nurses thought it was hilarious and so unheard of! We have told this honeymoon story quite a number of times. And as most things, it's funnier NOW than when we were going thru it.

All that to say, duck your heads just right as you're going thru the birdseed tossing line or either stick in ear plugs to prevent the inevitable. :)

Susan said...

Well, I guess we get the autumn vicinity, m'dear :-).

I do remember that story, actually, Mrs. Girotti! In fact, when my mom and I were picking out birdseed a few days ago, I was explaining it to my mom, so it's funny you mentioned it. We'll try to duck ;-). Oh, and we got a birdseed that is off-white but the size of sunflower seeds, rather than the mix with the itty-bitty seeds, in the hopes that would improve our chances ;-).

Tammy C said...

I will be praying for you to have a fall day.We were married on June 29 in Virginia which can be very hot but the Lord gave us a nice day .

Have afun week getting ready for Saturday!!