Wednesday, August 29, 2007


No, the title of this post does not mean I'm excited about the number 4; I'm actually more excited about the number "four factorial," or 4 times 3 times 2 times 1 - written 4! in mathematical shorthand. 4! is 24, and there are only 24 more days left until September 22nd :-). In some ways that seems still a loooonnnngggg way away, but mostly now it is seeming really close! That's only a little more than 3 weeks. Wow!

So, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, contrary to popular opinion. And actually, my wedding planning workload severely decreased about 2 weeks ago (finally!), so I'm finally not living and breathing wedding details (until week after next, when last minute details will consume my time until the wedding). But I've also been babysitting a good deal, some days up to 10 hours, so I've still not found a whole lot of blogging time.

I actually think that I will be able to blog more once the wedding is past. Not having a long-distance relationship with Adrian (partly through e-mail and chat) will help me focus my online time more. We'll see, but I'm hopeful! Adrian and I will probably merge our blogs after we're married, but I'll make sure to announce that if/when it happens. We'll probably just use his blog, for ease of transfer, rather than establish a whole new blog. I may have to make his blog a bit more feminine, when he's away at work ;-). Do you think he'd notice if I changed the background to pink?

Update on books: I now only have about 5 books in my possession! *cries* All the other ones I kept out in July went up to Blacksburg a few weeks ago. I couldn't part with Jane Austen, so she stayed, as did my Bible and a few other books I hope to read in the coming weeks.

My dress is done!!! Wow, it's been a while since I updated on wedding plans, because my dress has been done for a while. Jessie came for 2 days in early July, and we had a fantastic time sewing and getting almost everything done in that time! Jessie is a wonderfully fast sewer, which helps :-). And she's great company! Oh, and we figured out that blood smears come out of my dress fabric better than. . . other things. (inside joke) I also made my veil a few weeks later. And my garter. And Jessie made the ringbearer's pillow and flower girl basket while she was here! Very cute. I'd post pictures, but the pillow uses my dress fabric ;-).

My parents and I had a good time in Blacksburg in July, carting up most of my belongings in a U-haul. We arrived to an apartment that was still in need of unpacking and organization, so we spent our 5-day visit mostly sorting through stuff and organizing. The apartment still needs a lot of help (tons of stuff not unpacked!), but at least one can navigate through the rooms now. I'll roll up my sleeves and dive in after the wedding :-). I can't wait to get the apartment organized and sew some curtains and such!

Hannah and I just visited Adrian again a few weekends ago and had a good time. Adrian's church gave us an engagement party, which was fun. Then Hannah gave me a bridal shower last weekend with women from our church. Fun, fun!

Things are coming together. I do feel like my life is sort of in limbo right now, though! A good kind of limbo, though. Hopefully when we're married and more settled, I'll be able to write more posts of substance. Until then, life updates are going to have to be the main event ;-).


Cherish the Home said...

I was so excited to check my Bloglines and see a post from you!

It sounds like everything is going according to plan.--I'm so excited for you both!

Because of Christ,

Anon said...

I love the 'life update' posts and hope to see lots more!!! I hope to see more posts as you have your last few weeks as a single woman and as you make the exciting transition to married life.....tell adrian to post some thoughts like this as well!!!!
are you moving into his apartment, or is it new to both of you??? photos too???? bless you all

Adrian C. Keister said...

I think I would notice pink. ;-)]

In Christ.

Anna Naomi said...

I enjoyed reading your update! It will be fun to actually meet you and witness your lovely wedding!

Jessica said...

Life updates are good was exciting to hear how everything is pulling together! I'm so excited for you!

ashley said...

Hooray! It's getting close! :-) It was good to see you last Sunday. I hope you had a good time - I certainly did. :-)

I am glad you don't plan on quitting blogging. And I don't think Adrian would notice at all if you changed it to pink.

Tammy C said...

Enjoy your time until the big day.Being the math lover you are I shouldn't have been surprised that you picked an off the wall date to update everyone instead of August 22 and saying one month to go.

Susan said...

Skinny Kiwi, Adrian moved into an apartment at the end of May, so I'll be joining him there. He had lived in the basement of a family from his church while in grad school. Oh yeah, photos :-). I should post some of those. I'm leaving out of town in an hour, so it's not happening this weekend, but maybe I'll remember early next week???

It was fun to see you too, Ashley! We have to make sure to get together again before the wedding. Maybe I can put you to work :-).

Jessie said...

Hey, just do the new combined blog in y'all's two favorite colors: black and pink. They look really good as polka dots with poodles. Kind of a retro- Happy Days look. I don't think he'd notice that at all! ; )
And I was just referencing our "blood comes out better than... anything else!" today!! But it's true, you know! : ) (People probably think we're murderers or something.)
I knew most of what you said already, but it was still fun to read it : ) And I know you're out of town, but I'm still expecting an e-mail from you sometime!! Nah, this time you can get me back for all those long-in-coming replies I've sent you!! Have fun with the fam... see you in a couple weeks!!