Friday, May 04, 2007

Short Update

Okay, I figure I might as well post something, to appease the masses, or at least the remaining three or four who still check my lonely blog. Hehe. Besides, Adrian posted something yesterday, so I feel guilty.

I'm doing fine, just busy. My tutoring will end (except for a few homeschool students who will continue through the summer) on May 22nd, and my class finals are May 23rd. Until then, I'm snowed under. Today I'm trying to finalize my final exams, preparing for a giant trip to the copy place, and writing up keys to the finals, grading papers, planning for next week, etc., in preparation for a quick trip to Louisville with Adrian, to meet his brother Arne and family. Yay!

Oh, and I'm so excited! Ashley and I are going to drive to western Georgia tomorrow, to meet up with Becky for a few hours! Yay! That makes the third blog friend I'll get to meet in person (Jessie and Adrian being the other two).

Okay, now for a quick riddle. It's really not terribly exciting, trust me. I was talking with Adrian last night and said to him that I felt like the nagging wife in the Proverbs. To what was I referring? Amusing and serious answers are welcome. Just be nice.


Ashley said...

I'm so excited about tomorrow! :-D Do you remember how to get to my house, or should I email directions again? ;-)

Jessica said...

Finally! A post from Susan! =)

So I don't have any ideas for the riddle...but I was wondering, do you have a wedding date yet?

Susan said...

Hehe. I just realized. It sounds like I want y'all to guess what I was nagging Adrian about. . . and I wasn't nagging him at all. It's a rather obscure reference.

Anyway, yes, Ashley! I actually remember how to make my way through the maze :-). *proud*

Hi, Jessica! Nope, no wedding date. It'll probably be another month or two before we can set one, but I'll let everyone know when we have one :-). We're hoping for this fall. We'll see!

Ashley said...


Next time you know how to get to my place, ask for directions anyways. ;-)


Lydia said...

Ummm, I going to take a wild guess and say that it had to do with a continual dropping on a very rainy day. (Proverbs 27:15) Am I close? :)

So glad to hear you are doing well. Wow! The finals preparation sounds like quite the ordeal. I am sure you will be thrilled when they are behind you.

Hey, this is a little off topic but you wouldn't happen to be planning a visit to Virginia sometime in June, would you? Our whole family should be out there at that time for the Jamestown Quadricentennial celebration. We would love to meet you and your family and, of course, Adrian. ;)

We are already planning to try meeting up with some other blogging friends, Lord willing. The more the merrier, I say. :)

Roderick said...

Just a short note to congratulate you and Adrian on your recent engagement. My wife and I recently celebrated 6 years of marriage in April.

We also live in the Atlanta area. May the peace of God fill your hearts now, forever, and always.

Susan said...

I knew how to get there, Ashley! The entrance to your place just disappeared. *poof* Hmmph.

You were close, Lydia. Earlier last week I had a slight but constant nasal drip. So you were referring to the correct passage. I think the most amusing parts of Proverbs are the great analogies to nagging wives, by the way. Hehe.

Sadly mine and Adrian's June visit together won't be in VA :-(. It will be in Atlanta, for Ben's wedding :-). Thank you for asking, though, and I do hope we can meet sometime in the near future :-D.