Monday, April 16, 2007

For those wondering. . .

Praise God, Adrian is fine. We have been fielding numerous e-mails and phone calls today, from concerned people telling us they were praying and hoping Adrian was fine. Please pray for the students and faculty of Virginia Tech, as they deal with this tragedy, and that God will be glorified even in this great sadness.


Tammy C said...

Such a tragedy!!

Will keep everyone in prayer.

Lydia said...

Oh, I am SO relieved to hear that Adrian is okay.

I hadn't heard anything about it until I arrived at work early this morning and saw it on the front page of the local newspaper.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

Virginia Tech?!

Blacksburg, Virginia?!

Isn't that were Adrian is working toward his PhD?

I called my mom at lunch and had her check it out for me. I didn't get much of a chance at work. She read to me from your blog and Adrian's.

I will most definitely be praying for the students and faculty. What a horrific tragedy.

It certainly is a clear picture of the depths of depraved man's soul in his unredeemed state. "There go I but for the grace of God."

Thanks for the update.

True Grace said...

Hey Susan! We were glad to hear that Adrian was okay! It was kinda funny 'cause Mom was talking to Mimi and then she told us that he was okay. We were all like, "How does Mimi know that?" and Mom said that she had called your mom to see if he was alright! =)

Becky Miller said...

Very good to know.

Kacie said...

I hope you'll blog again soon!

Jessie said...

Now we're only wondering how YOU are!!

Susan said...

Very clever, Jessie ;-). I will let everyone know that (a) I'm fine, just very busy, and (b) that busyness is scheduled to abruptly lift on May 23rd, when I grade my finals and am done tutoring :-). And yes, Jessie, your e-mail is drafted. I hope to finish it today.

I miss all of you :-(.