Thursday, May 24, 2007

A New Page

. . . And so the pages in my life continue to turn. Yesterday I proctored and graded my final exams for Heritage Classical Study Center, marking a new phase in my life. I'm no longer a mathematics teacher, though I am still a tutor. I'm done with lesson planning, classroom management, writing tests, and grading homework. Hopefully, of course, since I don't know what the future will bring. But I'm moving towards the roles of homemaker, wife, and Lord willing, mother. I'll be tutoring through the summer and probably through the fall as well, but it won't be my main occupation anymore. I loved the opportunity I had to teach at Heritage, but I'm excited about moving into a new role :-).

Adrian and I are hoping to marry this fall, though that is not set in stone yet (what is set in stone in this life?). We will keep everyone updated when we are able to decide anything with more certainty. This summer, besides tutoring, I have two quilts to finish (one by June 16th, for my brother's wedding), a wedding dress and veil to make, a maid-of-honor dress to sew (for Hannah), and some miscellaneous other projects. I think it would perhaps be nice to actually complete a granny square afghan I have that is begging to be sewn together. I love hand-crocheted afghans! And maybe I'll be able to get started on curtains for our apartment. We'll see :-). Once we have a date I'll be sure to share more about our wedding plans and such, since I know many of you are curious!

Many life changes coming this way :-). My brother marries next month, and we are excited to have Stephanie as a sister-in-law :-D. Hannah is gone most of the summer break in foreign countries. Right now she is in Mexico through early June. Then she leaves again in late June to spend several weeks in Quebec for study abroad, back in mid-August to begin her senior year at UGA. My mom will be taking my place at Heritage in the fall, teaching classes there once a week (homework session one other afternoon, as well), instead of teaching home schoolers independently as she has done for years. My dad has the summer off, something he has only done one other time in my memory (usually he teaches summer school or a college summer semester), and I think he'll enjoy the break :-D. It'll give him more freedom for Ben's wedding and travels in the next few months. I'll be sewing, and sewing, and sewing. And planning wedding stuff, and visiting Adrian.

Times are changing, but God is good :-).

I hope to have time for more blogging this summer, though we'll see! For now, I hopped on here briefly while I cooled down from my morning workout, but I better hop in the shower now so I can get started on some more piecing for Ben and Stephanie's quilt!


Mrs.B. said...

Thanks for the update, I've been wondering about you and how you're doing. (o:


ashley@twentysixcats said...

I miss your blog posts. :-) I hope you are less busy and able to post more! Are you going to be keeping the same tutoring schedule this summer, or will you be taking a few months off?

We need to get together sometime!

Susan said...

That is such a pretty new user pic, Mrs. B! I hadn't seen that before :-).

I miss blogging too, Ashley, and I miss writing. My tutoring schedule will be much more relaxed during the summer, with fewer students and more flexible hours. We'll see how it pans out. And we do need to get together!

Mrs.B. said...

Thanks Susan, it's from

Tammy C said...

Thanks for the update.Enjoy the summer and look forward to read about your wedding plans!