Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Atlanta Bridal Fabric Source

Not sure if this will benefit anyone reading this, but I might as well type as not ;-). I've been having a horrible time trying to find the type of bridal fabric I want! I've spent hours online and at major fabric stores (Hancock, JoAnn, etc.) with no success. I want an ivory satin with some sort of a subtle, same-color design, either embroidered or a jacquard fabric.

Anyway, through a chain of sources, someone recommended Gail K. Fabrics to me, reportedly the best selection of bridal fabrics in Atlanta, and now I believe them. I have never seen so many bridal choices, or different trims for that matter. So, I'm a very happy girl today, since I finally found my material. Big load off my mind. If anyone is near the Atlanta area and wants an incredible selection of fabrics, go to Gail K. Fabrics on Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta.

Oh, and a lot of Hancock Fabrics stores are going out of business, and mom and I stopped off at the one near us, while we were in that area, and I found a beautiful tiara for 70% off. It's the same store where I got the maid-of-honor and flower girl fabric for 60% off. *smiles* I love saving money.


Anna Naomi said...

I'm glad you found your fabric, Susan! It must be exciting to actually be making your wedding dress! Hope it all goes well - I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Hmm... I didn't know some Hancock's were going out of business. I don't go there often because their fabric is often quite pricey, but I do enjoy finding deals! =)

Lydia said...

How fun that you found just the sort of fabric you had in mind. It sounds very pretty. :)

I love saving money too! I went to "dollar days" at Goodwill this past weekend and bought four "new" skirts for roughly $1.00 each. A couple of them will be great for the autumn months and they fit perfectly!

Let us know how your dress is coming along. Pictures would be appreciated. :)

Susan said...

One of my friends clued me in to Hancock's store closings. Most of them are going out of business if they're near a JoAnn Etc., because JoAnn is doing so much better business. The store near us is closing in about 2 weeks. If you have one near you, you may want to call and see if they're closing. Besides my $12 tiara, I also got 2 very pretty cuts of fabrics. One of them was 80% off because I finished the bolt, and they had a deal yesterday where if you got at least 5 yards, they'd give you another for a penny, so I got some really pretty light blue cotton print material, 7 yards of it for just over $7. It's the really good quality cotton that usually retails for $6.99/yard.

Yeah, as if I'm going to post wedding dress pictures online, Lydia! Heehee. I have a hunch (solid evidence, in fact) that my groom reads this blog ;-). However, when it is complete, I'm sure I'll mention it on here, and if you (or anyone else) want to e-mail me, I'll be happy to send some pictures over private e-mail :-D, provided you're not under the pay of Adrian ;-).

I've been to dollar days at Goodwill once when I happened up on it during that sale, and I've wondered when they have them! One of my favorite spring/summer skirts was one I got for $1.00 at Goodwill. Do you know if Goodwill's sales have any pattern that helps prediction?

Adrian C. Keister said...

Reply in General.

Susan Dear was correct in assuming her groom (well, ok, fiance) reads her blog. He is also itching to see the wedding-dress pattern, which for some reason has been buried out of his sight. While no one is currently in his pay, he thanks Susan Dear for the idea of bribery, and might very well ENTER into such an arrangement.

Love in Christ.

P.S. The fiance finds the beloved's ability to take teasing very endearing.

Lydia said...

Do you know if Goodwill's sales have any pattern that helps prediction?

It seems they tend to run with holidays. Like the sale I went to was during Memorial Day weekend. Also, they tend to have sales when a new store has been opened in the area. Look for President's Day, Labor Day, maybe July 4th and such related sales. They DO NOT coincide with the big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Try spring break week too!

Hehe! I guess I didn't even think about Adrian seeing the photos but I can see why you wouldn't want to post them on your blog. Okay, you could e-mail them to me and no, I most certainly would NOT sell them to your fiance. I don't think any amount of money could bribe me. :) At least no amount that Adrian would be willing to pay. ;) But that is totally up to you. If you would rather not send any pictures, no problem. I need to e-mail you anyway. I will try today or tomorrow because life after that is going to be quite busy for the next few weeks. Whoever came up with the description, "Lazy Days of Summer" must have lived on another planet!

Susan said...

Thanks for the thoughts on holiday sales, Lydia. I'll have to remember that :-).

I most certainly can e-mail you pics when the dress is finally made, if you remind me (I'm sure I'll mention online that my dress is completed). I'm probably going to make it in July, so it'll be a month and a half or so.

I know what you mean about busy summer days, Lydia! That's what I feel like. My summer is more flexible, but it's still very hectic. Especially with a wedding to plan and places I will be going.

Eltinwe said...

I would like to volunteer my services to be bribed, Adrian. :-D

Oh come now, you really don't want to see the dress before the wedding. You're MUCH too traditional for that. My DH, of course, went dress shopping with me and helped me pick it out. The moral support when going into a shop and saying "I want a dress with no lace, no sequins, no beads, a top, bottom front AND back, and shoulders too!" was helpful when all I got was dresses which were only HALF sequins, nice and plain, but half missing (top half of the top, generally) or otherwise NOT matching up with what I had requested, was enormously helpful. He did not see me prior to the walking down the aisle on that day, though.

Susan said...

*adds Anna to the list of people that will not receive a "yes" in response to requests for e-mailed pictures*

Actually, Adrian and I looked at tons of wedding dress pictures before I picked out a pattern, Anna, and we discussed just the sort of features that you mentioned, precisely because I knew he would have opinions :-). Otherwise I'd want him to see the pattern and fabric, to make sure he liked it. That precursor was enormously helpful to me in choosing the pattern and fabric, I might add! Oh, and Adrian and I do plan on seeing each other pre-ceremony, for the sake of ease. Yeah, it's not traditional, even though we are, but it will make the day much smoother, especially with the way we are doing the reception and receiving line. But I digress. . . :-)

Becky Miller said...

I love clearance fabric...I have a whole BIN full of it!

Becky Miller said...

P.S. Matthew and I went out to breakfast the morning of our wedding, in our grungy clothes pre-showers! So the first time he saw me in my dress was coming down the aisle, but we did enjoy seeing each other and relaxing that morning, since we knew it would be after the ceremony and reception before we'd really get to connect again. I'm SO glad we did that!

My cousin Annie and her husband, Jeremy, staged a "reveal" with their photographer. They wanted to get pictures of Jeremy's reaction to seeing her, but they also wanted some private time together before the ceremony, and they wanted to get portraits out of the way.

ashley@twentysixcats said...

I want to see the actual dress, not just pictures. :-) Of course, if that can be arranged - depending how soon I'll be able to come up after you finish it!

We saw each other the first time as we were coming down the aisle, but if I could do it over again I'd probably have a special time of just us two seeing each other at the beginning of the day, get all the pictures out of the way, and then spend the rest of the day enjoying the celebration. :-)

The first thing I said to Paul when I got to the front of the church was, "Do you like my dress?" :-D

Eltinwe said...

Rest assured, Susan that I will not criticize your wedding choices. As far as I am concerned, as long as you're married at the end of the day, little else has much import. (There are one or two things worth caring about - I do not approve of communion during a wedding ceremony, for example, but that's theology, not wedding choices!)

And I'm sure no matter what dress you choose, he'll like the contents of the dress more than the dress itself.

Susan said...

I did laugh over your last sentence, Anna :-).

So, I am very curious what your problem with communion during a wedding ceremony is. I could go either way on that, as to whether I'd want that incorporated in a wedding service, but I'd never thought about it from a theological viewpoint. So tell all!

Eltinwe said...

In a nutshell, I do not think communion should be a part of a wedding because

1. Communion is distinctly part of worship. It is a sacrament. It ought not to be performed outside of a full worship service with all the parts of worship.
2. Marriage is not an act of worship, and is not part of worship. It ought not to be performed within the confines of stated worship because it is not worship. Many wedding ceremonies include aspects of worship, but they are not stated worship, and ought not be treated as such.

(Catholics believe it is a sacrament, which is why they are married in a worship service, but they have a goodly number of "sacraments" which aren't. If you need this explained, it is a separate explanation.)

So you can have either a worship service, and include communion, or you can get married. Your choice.

(And I should never try to write this sort of post after my bedtime. Hopefully this is somewhat understandable.)

Susan said...

Thank you for explaining your thoughts, Anna. I was hoping you would come back and see my query :-). I see what you are saying, though I do not necessarily agree with you. I sort of do, but not for the same reasons. I'd never thought about the legitimacy/illegitimacy of communion in a marriage ceremony, this has been good for me. Below is my thought process:

First, I do consider a marriage ceremony to be part of a special type of worship service. It is certainly a sacred event, at the very least - Can I say that and not sound Roman Catholic? ;-)

But more than that, why must communion distinctly be part of worship, may I ask? Certainly the first Lord's Supper was not in a usual worship service. I agree that the Lord's Supper should not happen during a common event, but I don't consider a marriage ceremony to be a common event; it is a sacred occasion, even if it is not a worship service in the strict sense of the word.

I think one can gather from Scripture, the WCF, and the BCO, that two things are true: (1) the Lord's Supper is not a common event, and should not be treated as such, and (2) it should be observed in fellowship with the Saints, (2) referring to private masses, etc. Usually these two things point to a usual, Lord's Day worship service, but must they? This is very interesting to consider. I'm loving this mental exercise :-).

I'd say that (1) cannot be extended to be exclusive of all non-Lord's Day worship services, though if you can show me otherwise, I'd love to hear. After thinking this through, my reason why communion is not appropriate in a marriage ceremony lies with (2). Communion is to be an event of fellowship, celebration, and communing with the Saints, even as we commune with Christ. It seems odd, therefore, that only two of the eligible communicant members in the room would take communion, and all others would be barred from receiving. That could be classified as a superfluous fencing of the Table, or something of that sort. And to allow the entire congregation to receive communion, or to only allow church members in good standing would have obvious problems.

So, that is why I would not choose to have communion as part of my own wedding ceremony. Adrian and I haven't discussed this possibility/impossibility at all, by the way :-). So it's really a moot point I'm arguing. I don't think we would have ended up having communion in our wedding ceremony either way.

Eltinwe said...

No, you can't say a wedding is a "sacred event or a special type of worship service" without sounding at least vaguely Roman Catholic, but at least you didn't say it was a sacrament, so you may still be okay. ;-)

I never said communion was only a Lord's Day worship service thing. Many churches have had Wednesday services, which are perfectly appropriate and often include communion.

Your point (2) is part of the extended version of my reasoning, but I try to keep internet comments fairly terse, as things go. It doesn't always work, but I try.

However, marriage is an institution which dates a few weeks (ask Adrian about Dr. McIntyre...) before Christ came to earth, and it was never regarded as worship previous to His advent. It is certainly a religious action. It is even a worshipful event. But it is more a celebration than worship. Everything you do should be done to the glory of God - including being married. That makes your whole life an act of worship. Stated worship is separate though, and while conflating the two is common, it is not excusable.

I'm glad you won't be having communion as a couple or as a "congregation" though... but the next step is to become a persuader of others to not do so as well. ;-)

Susan said...

I'm glad to know I may "still be okay". ;-)

Right, I admit I inferred you only meant Lord's Day worship, but I see you meant any regularly scheduled worship service.

Glad you agree with point 2. I'm not afraid of long comments, by the way, though I appreciate the thought :-). My record comment to Adrian's blog, during one rather vigorous debate, was 41 paragraphs, so I simply would have no room calling anyone else's comments long.

Interesting thoughts on worship. I'll have to think on that :-).

Kacie said...

Hey Susan! I definitely recommend seeing your groom before the service. This is what Shane and I did, at the suggestion of my grandma (but he didn't see me until I was all dolled up). He got to be the first to see me like that, except for my bridesmaids and mom, and I think that's a cool thing.

We had a photo shoot in the sanctuary, and then we had maybe an hour or so after portraits before the ceremony, so it was nice to relax.

Here's a link to a picture of us relaxing (I hope the link works) and if you can see the expression on my face, you can tell my stomach is all over the place, haha. But it was great having him there with me.

Susan said...

That sounds like a good idea, Kacie. I agree that it will be nice to have Adrian's support as we wait. . . and wait. . . and wait for the ceremony to start, and as my nerves are going haywire. Glad to hear that we're not the only "weird" people to do that! I'm glad your wedding went well!

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