Saturday, December 02, 2006

That's not me!!!

I finally figured out how to post a sound recording, after a bit of internet searching :). It doesn't sound like me! It's always weird to hear my voice, but Mother Dear claims it sounds like me, so I'll take her word for it :). Now I expect all my blogging friends to reciprocate and post clips on their blogs. (That's my attempt at a guilt trip.) Anyway, here I am.


Anonymous said...

How fun!!
And it does sound like you, though I completely understand what you mean about it not sounding like "you" to you. I never think I sound right when I hear myself on our answering machine if I've called while I'm at work!
But it is you, and I've never thought you had a low voice. Only compared to some.
I got the 144 part, but why the letter "F"? Where's that coming from?
: ) That was fun. Glad you did it!
I'll be trying it out soon!!

ashley said...

Your mom's right, it *does* sound like you. :-) Hehe I enjoyed that. Next time I come over, I'll have to borrow your microphone and record my voice too. (There that gets me out of posting my voice for now.)

Lydia H. said...

Oh this was great! I was just talking to Natalie on the phone this evening and telling her about the site I found to record my voice. She suggested using a microphone with the open source "Audacity" program instead. I may give that a try but I shall need the assistance of our in-house tech support, a.k.a. Joshua.

This was super neat, Susan. And I agree that recording a passage from a book would have sounded too much like reading. Your voice is not exactly what I thought it would sound like, but I guess it does closely match the description I gave. I thought maybe a bit deeper but I wasn't entirely off. My mom said that you have "a very pleasant voice," Susan. I think it sounds very pleasant also. :)

Thanks for taking the time to do this. And yes, I will record my voice as well, but it may not be until Monday since we are having company on Sunday. It's good to know that it must be pretty close since your friends and family in person could recognize it and affirm that it was "you."

Ho-boy! Now I am more nervous about recording mine. I don't know what to say. Maybe I will read one of my shorter blog posts. Did you use a mic or the phone to record your voice, Susan? I would think that a mic would be more realistic. We shall see...

Can we hear Hannah's voice too? Pleeease? por favor?

John Dekker said...

The number 144? How gross!

I must say, Susan, it's not how I expected you to sound. I really can't put my finger on it, but this sounded to my uncultured ear like a normal American voice.

Anyway, I love the last page of Anne of Avonlea as well.

Anonymous said...

Hm, you didn't mention my opinions at all! It sounds like you, but then it doesn't. That's your voice, but that's not the way you talk or converse. It sounds like when you explain math problems or something. You sounded pretty boring. You can get pretty animated in conversation.
And my brilliant idea was that I pick some random questions to ask Susan and then she would respond to them. That would make it more natural sounding! Plus a little more interesting. Hmph.
And no one wants to hear my voice, believe me. It sounds gummy.
So, John, just out of curiosity, does an American accent sound good/cool/neat/fun to you? Of course, English and Australian accents to us sound really cool and also kind of funny, so I was just wondering...

Miriam N. said...

You don't sound quite like I expected, but I like it.

Anna and I will have to see if we can do that (horrors!).
That's pretty neat.

Missy said...

Susan,you didn't sound how I expected.
I like how you talk,very pleasant! :)

John Dekker said...

does an American accent sound good/cool/neat/fun to you

A little bit. But perhaps it isn't as novel as an Aussie accent would sound to you, since an American accent to us is essentially a TV voice...

Susan said...

*Clarification* I said "S", not "F", for all those confused. Of course the reason I said 144 is, I trust, obvious :).

You're not off the hook, Ashley! Gabcast works by phone, not microphone :). You set up an account, register a "channel," and then call on your phone with the channel number and password, and speak directly into the phone. I'm glad several of you are thinking about trying it out :).

I must admit that I thought my voice was deeper, but as Mother Dear and Hannah pointed out, my voice really varies as I talk, and the longer I get into a conversation, the lower it gets. Hehe. So if I had recorded myself after 4 straight hours of tutoring, perhaps it would have sounded a little lower.

I'll have to see if Hannah can be coerced into recording her voice, Lydia. I don't think she'll oblige, though. She freaked out last time she heard it, and she claims it sounds "gummy," as she said in her comment - whatever that means :). Feel free to badger her, though :-D. I like her voice!

And thank you, Lydia (and your mom), for the compliment on my voice. And thank you to everyone else as well. I, of course, have little control over what my voice sounds like ;). And Hannah is right that I sound a little different in conversation. Sometimes I get talking fast and my words get all jumbled. Hehe. Y'all really all just need to come visit to *really* know what I sound like :-D. Any takers?

ashley said...

*raises hand* I'll come! :-)

I like Hannah's voice, too! We'll have to get her secretly.

I doubt people really want to hear my voice since I know in person most of my blog readers. :-) By the way, Susan, I was listening to your thing again and I realized that there are some words where you have a slight Southern accent. Hehe :-) I've never noticed that before, and perhaps I am mistaken.

Susan said...

Oh, goodie. I have one taker :). We'll have to find sometime that will work out for you to make the trek. How about 1:00 some night? We could go star-gazing! ;)

Say it ain't so, Ashley! I do not have a Southern accent! I've spent 22 years trying to resist it! I refused to say "y'all" until I was about 15, in fact. *frightened look* We'll go with very slight. . .

Lydia H. said...

Ooooh, I absolutely refuse to say "y'all" too! I use a different contraction for "you all" that comes out more like Udall with out the "D." I also say "you guys" but Caleb says that is bad when referring to a group of women. I don't say it around everyone. Mostly just my family and close friends. My mother also has had to fight a southern accent for most of her life. Her parents were both born and raised in Oklahoma and they have somewhat southern accents although not as much as some I have heard. Fortunately, my mom married a Missourian (my father dear) so he doesn't have much of an accent. My youngest brother likes to talk with a southern accent and also likes bluegrass/country music! *shudder* Well, the bluegrass music is growing on me, but it has to be mild bluegrass music. More like American folk music with a slight sprinkling of country instrumentation. I am soooo picky when it comes to music. That "twang" in western/country singing just drives me crazy! I would make an absolutely dreadful cowgirl. Hehe!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been reading yours or other blogs very long but your voice was a little different than I thought it might sound like from the pictures I have seen.Your voice does seem to match with your profile picture (wearing the hat).It was interesting to hear your voices.

zan said...

You have a great voice. You sound so intelligent and superior. You sound just like a friend of mine. It was better than I expected and not very nasaly at all. Actually, it didn't sound nerdy at all!

I have a horried voice. I sound like a man with a cold. Eee.

Susan said...

I say "you guys" too, Lydia, and it drives me nuts, but I have a hard time not saying it. Ahhh! I like bluegrass music if it's well-done. Unfortunately a lot of bluegrass is poor-quality, but I love good bluegrass :). Nathan and I need to bring you around, Lydia :).

I don't sound as intelligent in everyday conversation, I can assure you, Zan. Then I'm a bit freer in speech and trip over words and such :). Thank you for the compliment, and I want to hear your voice!!!

Welcome to my blog, Robert :).

Anonymous said...

Now it's my turn:
EEEWWW- I hate saying "you guys!" It sounds so- I don't know- UNsouthern!! =D
I say y'all all the time. And I even pluralize y'all. As in all y'all.

"Hey, y'all," "Bye, y'all," "Thanks, y'all," "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

See here for my backup in my adherence to "y'all"- especially this part: "In the Southern US states, however, it would be downright unneighborly to invite your friend over without inviting the whole family-even suggestive if your are a male inviting a female. 'You (singular) come some time' would be culturally very unsouthern, so even when talking to one person, a Southerner will say "Yall come." (It is not because they don't know the difference between singular and plural.)" Very true. When you're talking to one person, and inviting him to something and letting him know that you mean him and whoever he wants to bring (after all, we're so hospitable!), you refer to him as "y'all." When you're talking to a group and inviting them all, you say "All y'all are welcome to come." That's just the way it is! *shrugs* : )

Southern etiquette tip #147.

And by the way, all y'all are welcome to visit my blog.

deb said...

Hi Susan, We played your voice clip this afternoon, but I'm just now getting back here to post a comment. I think your voice sounds like YOU - very math-y and educated.

And as for the number at the end (144) I told everyone when we heard you sign off, "That's a math number, right?" (Math whiz I'm not. LOL!)

Thanks for the fun, Susan. All of us here at Mountain Musings are going to try it, too, in the next several days if we can get it to work and if we don't panic in front of the mike--a typical problem I have. :)

Adrian C. Keister said...

My two bits:

1. I like your voice very much. It does sound educated, though I think on your recording it sounds like an answering machine message (like someone who leaves such a message). ;-)]

2. I don't think you have any accent at all. Your voice doesn't have any of those annoying things like A. ditzy sound, B. extremely pronounced 's', or C. talking so fast you can't understand it.

3. Oh, and I like your new profile picture better as well.

In Christ.

zan said...

Ugh. I HATE it when girls pronounce their "s" like snakes. Sssso lame.

You also have zero "ditziness" in your voice. So, not all blonds are ditzy.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Zan, and don't you forget it- all ditzes are blonde, but not all blondes are ditzes!!

zan said...

I know that, Jessie.

I am blond, btw. Not as blond as Susan, though.

Susan said...

I laughed at your explanation of "all y'all", Jessie! I've always wondered the origin of that! *stubbornly trying to remain a Yankee* And we won't mention the score I just got on the test on your site!!!

I hope you do post all the Girotti voices, Deb! That would be so fun :).

Hehe, Adrian, you must have missed one of my comments above. When I get going, I am liable to talk rather fast and get words jumbled :). My speech teacher in college always gave me great marks on everything but speed :). Slow Down, Susan was written on *every* grade sheet. But it all depends on the conversation and how tired (or hyper) I am. And Hannah still insists the recording wasn't a good indicator of my voice. I vary my tone, pitch, and speed too much for a short recording to give a full picture. *shrugs* Thank you for the compliment on my profile picture :).

I like, *so* appreciate the like *smacks tongues* votes by like, all y'all, that like, my voice is not like, ditzy. Hehe.

Becky Miller said...

I was expecting much more of a Southern accent!

You actually sound a lot like me, I think.