Monday, December 04, 2006

Voices Around the Blogosphere!

This is so much fun! Thanks to Lydia for starting the idea, and the Girottis for inspiring her :).

Lydia posted her voice today, as did Jessie, and John directed us to a sermon he gave (though you have to get through the scripture reading by other people to hear him). And of course I posted my voice as well. Anyway else care to join in?

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Anonymous said...

I am Deepa.I see that u have used gabcast to host voicefiles.
How would you like to allows your readers to listen to your voice (any audio files) right at your blog itself..without having to move toanother page.
So why not try Icluding Audio and share with me what you felt like in using that.
ITs just plain HTML do-it-yourslf instruction.
If you think this is iapproprately posted comment kindly forgive me