Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Boy!

That's right. Brother Dear's birthday is today! This makes him 2 dozen years old :).

Twenty-four is a neat age for him, because it is 4 times his birth date (the 6th), it is 4 factorial (4x3x2x1), and also his birthdate times 24 equals the greatest integer of all time: 144! Yep, 6 x 24 = 144. And the fact that 6 is a perfect number makes it even more fun. Oh, oh, and the two digits of 24 (2 and 4) add up to his birthdate: 6. This is too fun. Oh, and I just thought of another one. His birthdate is 12/6 (December 6th), and both 12 and 6 are factors of 24. Hehe.

Brother Dear and I are only 16 months apart (minus one day), and consequently were sometimes mistaken for (obviously fraternal, I hope!) twins when we were young. We still have some similar features, most notably our ghostly pale complexions. . . And that hair color that seems to run in the family :). But really, I love Ben very, very much. He moved on Georgia Tech's campus when he was 17, so we haven't seen as much of him since :(, and now he lives in Seattle of all places!!! But we get to see him next week for two whole weeks! So that's happy.

Probably one of the things I most admire about Ben is his (sometimes painful) ability to speak plainly to me. He doesn't do it often, but usually when he does I remember it and take it to heart, even if I don't acknowledge it at the time. I specifically remember one instance in 4th grade that Boy has probably long-forgotten. I was, um, how shall I put this? . . *extremely* prideful as a child, though often well-hidden to most people. Brother Dear and I had Sunday School together when we were in 5th and 4th grades, respectively, and we had weekly memory verses and catechism questions. We were some of the few in the class who actually did our memory work every week, and I was rather proud of it, whereas Ben shyed away from mentioning his accomplishments. One time when I was proudly rattling off catechism questions or something of that sort (for no reason, at home, I believe), Ben just calmly looked at me and asked me why I did that so often, and then told me that it came across as boastful. I gave him this weird look and acted like he was imagining things, but believe me, it stuck with me! And I was definitely more conscious of my pride thereafter, though I continued to struggle with it!

Moral of the story: Honest brothers are wonderful, and people may heed your advice even when they don't appear to care :).

Happy Birthday, Ben!!!


Ashley said...

Happy birthday, Ben!

(That means 20 days until I'm 24! hooray! ;-))

Anonymous said...

I love my brother too!

Adrian C. Keister said...

Happy Birthday, young 'un.

In Christ.

Anna Naomi said...

Happy birthday! Brothers are the best. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!

zan said...

Happy Birthday!

Brothers are nice, however, I really wouldn't know since I don't have any. I guess I will take Susan's word for it.

Ben Garrison said...

That was very gracious of you, Susan. I'm sure the thousands of times I meanly chastised you for things more than made up for the few times I may have genuinely spoke my mind out of love. =P But we both have a long time to live, so hopefully we can balance that out a bit more. :-)

I humbly accept your birthday wishes. Yet another revolution around the gravitational well of boiling fire that traps our helpless planet. Will we ever break free?

Mrs.B. said...

Hi Susan,

I haven't been here for awhile but I had to let you know how FUN it was to here your voice!

I might have to try it if I can figure out how.....LOL except I have terrible grammar and diction. (o:


Susan said...

That's too bad you didn't have brothers, Zan, but sisters are good too :). We have close friends that have 5 girls in their family, and they always wanted a brother! Now they have a brother-in-law, which thrills them :).

I hope the earth won't break free, Boy! I'm waiting for the New Earth, not just a new orbit :). And we're not trying to balance our bad works with our good, are we, Brother Dear??? Hehe, that's what it sounded like. And I guess I've mainly forgotten the non-helpful chastisements :).

That would be so fun if you did post your voice, Mrs. B! It's been interesting to hear voice clips this week :).

Mrs.B. said...

Oooops, that should read 'hear', not 'here'. I need to slow down when I type. (o;

Lydia said...

Ben, happy b-day to a fellow 24 year old! Not sure if I like the age yet. It seems too close to the...gulp.... mid-twenties. Hehe!

What a neat write-up about your brother, Susan. I agree that brothers are great since I have three myself. I think it would be neat to have an older brother. I often think of Caleb as my older brother even though I am older by one year and 365 days (minus one leap year day). I bet you really look forward to seeing Ben again. I sure missed C.S. when he was in SA, Tex for over a year. The household completely changed! We didn't have as many witty remarks to laugh at.

God bless your time together.

Adrian C. Keister said...

So, Susan, your birthday is April 5th, assuming my calculations are correct?

In Christ.

Susan said...

Very good, Adrian :). You can do math! :-D

zan said...

Hmm. One month before my b-day of May 5. I'm going to be 26 this b-day. I really don't know how I feel about this. I guess I still feel young, especially when I compare it to my husband's age.

Yay. We had our first snowfall. High time.

Susan said...

Aw, 26 isn't old, Zan! You're still a spring chicken :). I don't anticipate a snowfall in Georgia anytime soon! When there are even rumors of flurries, the bread and milk shelves empty. It's sort of pathetic. Hehe.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your brother :) My sons are 16 months apart too, and they are *constantly* mistaken for twins. In fact, it's the first question people always ask about our children. I had to chuckle when I read that you and your brother are the same distance apart and were mistaken for twins too :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you appreciate your brother's corrections, Susan. I can't say I feel the same way about my brothers' tips on living!